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So I decided to write down a তালিকা of my পছন্দ songs/albums from the 90s. Since then a lot of new সঙ্গীত came out that I listen to but I always get back to these after some time.

1.// link
Album: Violator (1990)

2.// link
Album: Trimmed and Burnin' & Slow Burn (1990)

3.// link
Album: Sin Disease (1990)

4.// link
Album: Chagall Guevara (1991)

5.// link
Album: Ten (1991)

6.// link
Album: Civil Rites (1991)

7.// link
Album: Unplugged (1992)

8.// link
Album: Squint (1993)

9.// link
Album: The Last Temptation (1994)

10.// link
Album: Dogman (1994)

11.// link
Album: Grace Shaker (1994)

12.// link
Album: Lonely House...
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posted by ইওর্কসায়ের রোজ
আপনি Will Need ☃️

Bag of marshmallows (large)
Bag of marshmallows (small)
ককটেল sticks/tooth picks
Liquorice strips any flavour
খাবার colouring for piping
Edible piping glue
Pkt ফলমূল pastels


Skew together two large marshmallows for head and body অথবা one large for body and one small for the head with ককটেল sticks.Skew the arms in the same way then add to the body.

Pipe on face with খাবার colouring.
Glue on liquorice strip for a scarf.
Glue on ফলমূল pastel for the hat.

Leave to set.

আপনি can give him a ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট cane if আপনি wish ☃️
posted by GDragon612
In everything what they say, there's something to everything they say,
No matter who comes, no matter who goes, no matter, it doesn't matter
I believe in nothing, I believe in you, do আপনি believe in me, I believe I do too
I ask myself, I ask you, but I don't ask: "Do আপনি ask yourself too?"

I am, আপনি are, we are losing ourselves
Am I, are you, are we losing ourselves?
I am, আপনি are, we are losing ourselves
Am I, are you, are we losing ourselves?

It might be easier than easy, easier than the things that might have been
Easier than easy, it's not far from here to the things that have not yet been
Do আপনি look for me, than I look for you, is the temptation big enough?
I'll allow this, come, allow it, come, let's do it one আরো time
I don't give up, would আপনি go with me, would আপনি go with me to us?
Does nothing come to your mind? Come, don't hang up, come, fluster and calm down.
posted by ইওর্কসায়ের রোজ
1/2 cup vanilla frosting, divided
36 miniature semisweet চকোলেট chips
12 large marshmallows
1 drop each green, red and yellow খাবার coloring, optional
1/4 cup sweetened shredded coconut
12 চকোলেট wafers
12 miniature চিনাবাদাম মাখন cups
12 দুধ চকোলেট kisses

For the face of each witch, place a dab of frosting on the bottom of three চকোলেট chips; press two for eyes and one for nose onto each marshmallow.
For hair, combine green খাবার colouring and a drop of water in a small resealable plastic bag; add coconut and shake well. Spread a small amount of frosting on sides of marshmallows;...
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Tools Needed:
Large bowl অথবা cauldron
Wisk অথবা stir stick
Decorative container (optional)

Witch’s Brew Party Punch:
1 (12 FL OZ) can of ফ্রোজেন limeade concentrate
2 Litres of 7Up
12 Gummy worms
1.4 Litre carton of চুন sherbet
Green খাবার dye

Make some Witch’s Brew Party মুষ্ট্যাঘাত দ্বারা following these 10 easy steps.
Thaw limeade
Add can of liquid limeade concentrate to large bowl
Add green খাবার colouring until desired colour is achieved (vibrant green)
Pour in entire 2 litre bottle of 7up
Stir until well mixed
Scoop in entire carton of চুন sherbet into mixture
Stir until well mixed
(if desired) transfer to decorative bowls
Line the rim of the bowl অথবা decorative container with gummy worms
There are lots of ব্যাটম্যান films out there. Some people don't even know about the existence of some of them. This তালিকা is for the ব্যাটম্যান films, excluding Justice League films.

1. Batman: The Movie (1966)

2. ব্যাটম্যান (1989)

3. ব্যাটম্যান Returns (1992)

4. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

5. ব্যাটম্যান Forever (1995)

6. ব্যাটম্যান and Robin (1997)

7. ব্যাটম্যান & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (1998)

8. ব্যাটম্যান Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)

9. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)

10. ব্যাটম্যান Begins (2005)

11. The ব্যাটম্যান vs. Dracula (2005)

12. Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

13. The Dark Knight (2008)

14. Superman/Batman: Public...
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