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Renesmee's POV

"I cant believe আপনি have four kids now"Lizzy states,Lizzy&Ryan and there son Vince who's also 16 and a little to comfy with Jazmin if আপনি know what I mean are here visiting.

"I know,we haven't seen আপনি guys in forever,I think the last time is when we went to the water park"I ব্যক্ত were sitting in the living room right now while all the kids are in the kitchen

"Emmet and Rose have told us that আপনি have had alot of trouble with the Volturi"Ryan says,I sigh Alot....Alot....Um no,more like scared me to death and tried to kill my Eric and Jazmin

"Yeah we have"Jake...
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Note-when the kids get older they look 2 years older than supposed too.
Renesmee's POV

1 বছর later...

"Muma Iam glad আপনি had two আরো babies"Jazmin ব্যক্ত looking at Josh and Erin in there cribs sleeping

"Me too,mommy"Eric said,looking at his new brother and sister

"Is there going to be anyone?"Mags ব্যক্ত giggling over on the rocking chair in the new born twins room

"Uh..."I ব্যক্ত looking at her,she was smiling at me

"Ya muma are আপনি going to have anymore babies?"Jazmin asked with a hopeful expression,Mags smirked at me

"Not any time soon"I ব্যক্ত Mags laughed really load,I was about to yell at her to...
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posted by renesmeegirl
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen!” I heard my Aunt Alice scream from down stairs. “If আপনি are not down here in three মিনিট I am coming up there to get you!” I took Alice’s warning আরো seriously than a normal person would have. I klutzily jumped from my bed, somehow managing not to fall on my face, and then I ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, and groaned. My hair was flailing in every direction possible and my lips looked puffy. My brown usually bright spunky eyes were now a tired looking brown. I tried to figure out the mess in my hair, and then I heard a gasp coming from the...
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posted by bamagirl5899
okay i wrote this then it got deleted but im trying to re write it it was pretty good.

Lexi's pov

Okay what just happened?The imprinting thing was getting to me could I handle something like that someone allways loving me that i didnt like. Oh well at least im giving him a chance. I thought as I parked my car Edward was still standing where I jumped the fence either he's totally mental অথবা he has ADHD. Seth gave me time to change then we went for a walk but we ran into Scott exactly where we broke up "Speak of the..." Seth grabed my hand and started walking off. "I just want to talk to her for...
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 Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter
*Two of these children are not really actresses, but most are so that's why the শিরোনাম has the name it has*

Okay, there has been a lot of debates and ideas on who should play Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn. Most people are just going to wait, a lot আরো are settling on one actress. Others just have no clue! I, on the other hand, see almost any little girl suggested as Renesmee. But there are four who appeal to me thoe most, and here they are;

1. Bella Thorne (11 years old)
Bella has the same বিবরণ as Renesmee; the bronze, curly hair...the চকোলেট brown eyes....looking so adorable. She...
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 ছবি belongs to Sesame Ellis/Rachel Devine
Photo belongs to Sesame Ellis/Rachel Devine
Mackenzie Foy[Rumored Renesmee Carlie Cullen] Information Article: www.fanpop.com/spots/twilight-series/articles/77060/ti...len

Name: Gemma Reed Devine
Nicname: Gem
Age: 5
Currently Living: Australia
Hair: Bronze/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: Little Brother and Sister, Kieran and Clover.

Gemma's mother is a photographer, this is how everyone got to using her pictures as Nessie, heres her flickr: link

Breaking Dawn came out merely two years পূর্বে but from the very beginning we were seeing pictures of Gemma everywhere as the Renesmee, Edward and Bella Cullen's half human/half vampire daughter.

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posted by courtneykutie
Heyy-sorry it took me so long,My computer at প্রথমপাতা got a dumb virus and we got to go pay someone to take it off,so i have to wait to go to my grama's to write then i get the freakin 24 ঘন্টা Flu!!!!

Chapter 5
Renesmee Pov

When we told Uncle Em and Aunt Rose about what's about to happen in 3 weeks from now,They started to train with everyone.In the begining Daddy and Uncle Jazz thought I didnt need to learn but Mom and Aunt Alice talked them in to it.

When I watched them Fight it was Funny,Mom bet dad alot আরো than he bet her

"Im letting her win"He says

"Sure If it Makes আপনি feel better আপনি can say...
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CHAPTER 3: jacob

When i was sure those "people" were gone i started having a panic attack.

"Carlisle, they want jacob," I cried.

"I know, Alice, can আপনি find out where they are," Carlisle asked.

"I'll do my best," she ব্যক্ত as she danced into the kitchen.

Then i sat on the পালঙ্ক and cried my eyes out. And was greatful when jasper tried to make me feel better.

"Thanks jasper," I sniffed.

"Anytime ness," he replied.

When alice came out of the রান্নাঘর i was releived to see that she didnt have a frown on her face. I sat there waiting for her to start talking.

"They dont know where he is but there going to...
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posted by SarahAllieG
Harmony should play Renesmee! I mean, people who THINK they can be Renesmee always have to be teenagers, die their hair, blah de blah de blah... but I imagined Renesmee to have BROWN hair not RED! And Harmony looks exactly like Renesmee. Her hair is brown, her eyes are warm, just like Bella's. Her গান গাওয়া is beautiful! So many reasons...
Now no mean মতামত because this is for Harmony, the ultimate Renesmee!

To the mommy:

I know how to find the real auditions! I'll help you.

Harmony, I wish we can meet some day!
Hello! Lately I've been লেখা my very first Twilight অনুরাগী fiction named Moonlit Darkness, and I would প্রণয় to share it with all of you! :D It is ALL in Renesmee's point of view six and a half years after Braking Dawn ended.
I hope আপনি enjoy! Tell me what আপনি think!

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My প্রণয় as deep; the আরো I give to thee,

The আরো I have, for both are infinite.

- Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II

Chapter 1 – Midnight Hunt

    Tomorrow was my birthday.
    I was turning eighteen, according to Grandpa Carlisle. It was the age that marked...
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Well...Im in a rush trying to finish up my fanfiction though I have ALOT আরো :)
Im trying my best to make it exiting for আপনি guys :)
P.S Now Im reducing the length of how much I am লেখা right now.
:) but it still is exciting to read don't worry x}


-Chapter 6-
Bella P.O.V

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

The voice who spoke was clearly the voice of an Alpha.
No life was brought up in his voice...It was empty...Blank.
He turned his head to assure everything...
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 Image From: The Renesmee Carlie Cullen Fanclub.
Image From: The Renesmee Carlie Cullen Fanclub.
Info from: link

[Basic Info]

Name: Mackenzie Christine Foy
Nicknames: Kenzie অথবা Kenz [NOT MACK]
Age: 9 years old
Birthday: November 10th, 2000
Country: USA
Haircolor: Light Brown
EyeColor: Blue/Green
Height: 51.5 inches [ 4 ft 4 in]
Regular Size: 7-8
Shoesize: 2

[Fun Facts]

Mackenzie has take ballet, jazz, and tap.
She is also a Blue বেল্ট in Taekwondoe.
Likes Ballet best.
Sometimes gets little present from the company she মডেল সমাহার for.
Loves both অভিনয় and modeling.
Mackenzie is homeschooled.
Loves Giraffes.
Loves ঘোড়া বিষয়ক and Fairies.
Has 2 dogs, Windy and Dusty and a cat called Luna.

[Has Worked...
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*Jacob tripped over one of Renesmee's stuffed bunny's. Bella comes running in.*
Bella: Stalker!Stalker!Oh it's just Jacob.
*Alice comes running in with pepper spray.*
Alice: Die!
*Sprays Jacobs eyes*
Bella: It's just Jacob.
Alice: Oh.
*Jasper runs in and attacks Jacob.Bella and Alice pull him off.*
Bella: Are আপনি all right?
Jasper: I didn't bite him.
*Rosalie and Emmet run in.*
Emmet:What happened?
Bella: It's just Jacob.
*Esme and Carlisle run in.*
Esme: What's going on?
Bella: Jacob's a stalker.
*Edward runs in with a gun and shoots Jacob*
Bella: Edward!
Bella:Why do আপনি have a gun?
Edward:I'm not putting my teeth on that thing.
Bella: So আপনি knew it was Jacob?
Edward: No.
*They all stare at him for a minute.*
Edward: Maybe.
Bella: Edward!
Edward: Yes.

Now a word from Edward.

Edward:Remember kids বন্দুক are fun.
posted by sami1002
one আরো after this one plz leave a মতামত on what আপনি think I should name the squil

Renesemee's pov

I saw a brown haired vampire leaning over uncle Jasper's neck I jumped at her and pinned her on the ground.Are আপনি sure Renesmee আপনি want to do that I heared a vocie hiss"Nessie don't look away from her"Adam yelled to me.I kept my eyes on her .I felt a cold hand Grab my shoulder and pull me away ."Get away from her" dad ব্যক্ত I looked up at him,he looked different.His golden eyes were an emereald green and his puipils were hazle.I looked over at her again I didn't see a differentsI looked over...
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posted by RenesmeeCarlieC
I loved her. I loved the woman, Bella, if thats her name, carrying me, in her womb. I was trying to stay still, but my movements, my toddler posture, it was to big for her stomach. I couldn't get enough air from all this heat. The blood went down again, and I heard this Bella, Momma, say, "Rose'll catch me if I trip over my feet."
Bounce. How many times was this going to happen?
Then, I heard the sound of something tipping over. I couldn't take it--the heat, my big body--for normal human babies, aren't আপনি supposed to breathe? I know I can get out. There is a way, right? A nice way to crash through...
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posted by courtneykutie
Hey,here's another chapter hope আপনি like it!!It আরো on how Alec and Maggie got to যোগদান the cullens!!
Maggie's Pov

It has been 4 months since I Have seen the Cullens,when we went there to save young
Renesmee against the Volturi.

When I seen this boy with brown hair and bright red eyes,I felt a really heavy pull but Bella was Helping me from running to him when she put up her force field,and I stayed with my Family.

I watched him the hole time,he glanced at me a couple of times,and if i could blush i would have,He was so Gorgeous but why did he have to be on the bad side?the first time i found...
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posted by LoveTwilight_xx
“Sweetie are আপনি okay? Mum asked.
“Yeah, why?” I questioned her
“Your very quiet today” Daddy answered.
“That’s a first” I laughed.
We arrived at the Cullen’s house, and were greeted with a big hug from Alice.
“Lets go hunting.” She ব্যক্ত in her high soprano voice, dragging dad to the door.
“Can I come?” I asked in a small voice.
She looked at dad, probably sharing her thoughts. He turned to me, “If আপনি wish”
“Come on lets go. I saw some mountain lions in the area and I am sure আপনি want to get them before they leave.” Alice ব্যক্ত to dad. He smiled my mum’s favourite...
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posted by marvel517639
K so i was thinking that it's 13 years later and all the নেকড়ে have imprinted except for seth. Jake and Nessie. Quil and Clarie. Sam and Emily and have one boy Alex Uley. Paul and Rachel. My friend Karen is a Shapeshifter Werewolf Eri Raeka and Brady. My friend sharon a hybrid and Collin. Jared and Kim. Leah and nahuel. My friend Natalia a hybrid and embry. Edward and Bella. Emmett and Rosalie. Alice and Jasper. Esme and Carlisle.Lydia is a vampire Hope Collins and micheal a human. They live in fork washington still. Nessie, natalia, Sharon, Eri, Clarie. Lydia and micheal are in their last...
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posted by sami1002
As i walk down the hall to cach up with Jacob I get stoped দ্বারা another anoying , despiete guy trying to go to the prom with me." N-n-Nessie w-w-will y-y-you g-g-go to p-p-prom w-w-with..." "No" I ansered befor he was done studering though asked me "o-o-okay I'll l-l-leave" he replided disappointed , and walked away with his head down. " নমস্কার Nessie what up " Jacob asked as I caught up with him "not much people keep asking me to prom ,well every one except you" I told him as we walked down the hall ."oh yeah , I was ganna ask আপনি later but , আপনি don't hav-.." " YES YES , A MILLION TIMES YES I...
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posted by floydieface
Truth Be Told

Jacob has allowed me to draw his blood on the সৈকত before driving me home. We ব্যক্ত nothing to each other on the way. When we pulled up to the house I was my dad waiting for me on the porch. As I got out of the car, Jacob took off letting the car door hang open as he pulled away. I climbed the steps slowly trying to keep my cool and empty my head, but it was already too late. My father knew what I was hiding.
“Nessie, I know what আপনি have been up to. I guess I can’t blame your…curiosity.”
“So that’s why আপনি allowed me to go to Boston U. That’s why আপনি allowed...
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