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Take a voyage into the weird and strange world of Ripley’s Believe It অথবা Not. Get all 24 original theatrical shorts hosted দ্বারা Mr. Ripley now on DVD at: link
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Hello, I'm Wednesday Reaper and I am going to write about perfection. People always say "I'm too fat," অথবা "I'm ugly," অথবা something of that sort. People shouldn't worry about how good they look and they don't have to be perfect. Be honest, we have all ব্যক্ত stuff like that before. I'm not saying it's wrong i'm just saying we need to be thankful about how we are. People all over the world have disfuctions that we might not have so like i ব্যক্ত we need to be thankful. For instance, Ripley's is completely full of differant and cool things so some thigs are kind of disturbing such as the elephant...
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The company my dad works for is called Office Pride, and Believe it অথবা Not, we actually Office Pride (OP) has actually made somewhat of a "record".

Around the summer of 2005, Office Pride had their annual convention in Tampa Bay, Florida. While there, OP went to Ripley's Believe it অথবা Not muesum. And they were alone.

Office Pride was the first company ever to have the entire Ripleys building closed down for a personal party.

Yeah, that's about it. We had a great time there, and was amazed at some of the displays there. While having a good time. (we had unlimited amount of passes).

Also I have a Ripley's Believe it অথবা Not comic book from August of 1970. Telling of 4 believe it অথবা not ghost stories.
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This video gives আপনি a tour of the Ripley Museum It has some pretty cool stuff