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As many of আপনি know, We have just হারিয়ে গেছে another supporting cast of the 2005 movie: "Charlie and the চকোলেট Factory". British actor Christopher Lee (who plays Willy Wonka's father and dentist: Dr. Wilbur Wonka) passed away today. He was at age 93. Christopher Lee has also appeared in চলচ্চিত্র such as the তারকা Wars series, The Lord of the Rings series, And many. And we are all saddened today as the Wonka চকোলেট factory mourns the loss of Dr. Wilbur Wonka. I know Dr. Wilbur Wonka is in heaven with Grandpa Joe Bucket. We প্রণয় আপনি Christopher Lee, and We will miss আপনি so much. May god bless you, Christopher Lee. :'(
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For those of আপনি who don't know this but "The Willy Wonka's চকোলেট Factory Welcome Song" is a spoof of this song: "It's a Small World After All!" Originally from the 1964 New York's World Fair. I প্রণয় Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
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Source: Warner Bros., Entertainment Inc. (Gene Wilder), and The Walt ডিজনি Company (Johnny Depp).
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The 10th anniversary of "Charlie and the চকোলেট Factory" goes to a catastrophe. Actor Johnny Depp (aka Willy Wonka) is faces charges for bringing his সারমেয় to prison. He may spend 10 years in prison and/or $340,000 fine. This is not cool And I have been a big অনুরাগী of Johnny Depp. This was the best Johnny Depp movie of all time. And there is no doubt about. Charlie and the চকোলেট Factory is my পছন্দ Tim burton movie. Johnny Depp was also in Ed Wood, and many other Tim burton movies. And this maybe upsetting Tim Burton. And in words to Chris Crocker: "LEAVE JOHNNY DEPP ALONE!!! He suffered enough!" Johnny Depp is not well right now and how (bleeping) dare anybody make fun of Johnny after all he has been to.
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Mike Teavee played this game on his Sony প্লে-ষ্টেশন 2 in the movie, Charlie and the চকোলেট Factory (2005). The game was made দ্বারা a Canadian game company called UBI Soft Entertainment. And was created দ্বারা Tom Clancy.