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দ্বারা Ruth Kinane April 23, 2019 @EW

It’s been a crazy couple of months down in Roswell, New Mexico, and all that tension (sexual and otherwise) came to a crackling conclusion in Tuesday night’s season 1 finale.

You have been severely warned that this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS from the episode, so ABSOLUTELY STOP পাঠ করা NOW if আপনি haven’t yet seen it — in fact, go find a pod to hibernate in where আপনি can’t see অথবা hear anything going on until it’s time to watch.

With the penultimate episode in the season revealing Isobel’s (Lily Cowles) husband, Noah (Karan Oberoi), to be the alien...
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দ্বারা Andy সত্বর / April 23 2019 @ tv line

TVLINE | Let’s start with that Dido cover. I feel like আপনি can only use that song once in the series, so what about this moment made it the perfect time?

This was the plan from the very beginning. When the প্রদর্শনী got announced, the first thing people started tweeting at me was “I’m not watching this unless আপনি use Dido.” I don’t have enough time to have a theme song on the show. I don’t want to have a minute-long credit sequence, because that মিনিট is so precious to me. There are episodes where I would have killed for 15 আরো seconds. For this...
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