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I'd like to dedicate this chapter to both mcs50 and jacobswife1! প্রণয় আপনি guys!:D

*Bella's POV

After Alice's little outburst, she started ordering stuff online to "re-make" my old white cloak. I was excited about it, but the white outfit that I once wore was one of a kind. I was প্রদত্ত it দ্বারা the Confessors. . .
"So you're in প্রণয় with him?" Tanya asked, it was just me and the rest of the Denali's now. We were all outside because Alice ruthlessly demanded everyone to get out of the house while she set everything up. The rest of the Cullen's ventured off. . . some going to the store to get something...
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 Dawn of a New Era
Dawn of a New Era
Yay! I'm finally at chapter 10!!! Hope আপনি guys like this, and a big thanks for supporting me so far. . . Hope আপনি all enjoy this! ^_^

Previously on Ch.9:

I shook my head as the cursed prophecy entered my thoughts - which I quickly banished away from my mind.
"Flicka. . ." I mumbled, standing up, my back to her. How would I do this? How could I do this? But she needed to be safe. "I must leave this place."

Now Ch.10:

I came back to the present as I finished my drawing of her. . .
There was so much turmoil within me as I remembered those very last moments with her.
I told her that I had to leave, that...
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Here is the big chapter everyone has been waiting for!!^_^ Enjoy!

*Edward's POV*

"Edward! No fair!" Emmett yelled at me as I stepped away from his pounce. Naturally, I got a warning from his thoughts.
"You shouldn't be shouting that you're about to attack my 'unprotected' back in your thoughts. Mind-reader, remember?" I said, tapping my head.
He growled, slipping into a crouch.
"C'mon, Eddie. Just turn it off for once and we can have a fair game."
I grimaced.
"Believe me Emmett, I wish I could. . ." I murmured, thinking about the time Bella had made it to where I couldn't hear anyone's thoughts. ....
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Get to see certain scenes, how they did it and all!:)
This officially begins Part II of Dawn of a New Era! ^_^ So there is still lots আরো to come!!! And I wanna thank EVERYONE whose পাঠ করা this!!! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

A couple of months have passed and my life with the Cullens could not be greater. Carlisle and Esme were practically my mom and dad now, which I absolutely adored the fact. Jasper and Emmett were my two loveable brothers who have claimed me as their 'little' sister since physically I'm seventeen and physically they're older than that. Alice and Rosalie are pretty much my sisters, Alice seems like a blood sister to me now and Rosalie...
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I don't know when I'll be able to post another chapter of Undying প্রণয় because I'm working on a project... But I just couldn't leave আপনি guys hangin', so here's part 2!

*Edward's POV*

"Do আপনি smell it?" Carlisle asked me as we ran through the forest.
I sniffed the air - finding Bella's scent mixed in with a putrid, ashy scent that seemed very wrong to me.
"Yes, they're just up ahead," I answered, and we all stopped short at what we all saw next.
There was a beautiful woman with long dark mahogany hair, snow white flawless skin with piercing চকোলেট brown eyes that seemed impossible in their depths....
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