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This one is for mary007! ^_^ Changed the banner because I was bored, and if any one ever needs stuff made for them just let me know!

*Edward's POV*

I started পাঠ করা Romeo & Juliet again as I wished time would somehow go faster. It was a rare sunny দিন in Forks, which meant I would be spending time away from my love. She was at school and I was stuck in my room reading. . . without her.
I groaned and tossed the book aside.
"Man this sucks!" Emmett complained as he walked right in my room uninvited and sat down on the floor.
"What is it Emmett?" I asked in exasperation, not even bothering to...
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Thanks for everyone's comments! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

Weeks have went দ্বারা since Edward almost invaded my mind and uncovered all of my deep, dark secrets. . . But he's never brought it up অথবা discussed it with anyone. Thankfully.
All of the guys went out in the yard one দিন after they all met Flicka and started building a sort of furnished horse stable so Flicka could stay there since I spend most of my time here with the Cullens.
The living room window was open so Flicka could peek her head through and যোগদান the family as we were all sitting in the living room, sitting beside our beloved's.
"Jasper, bring...
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I'm so sorry it's been months since I last updated The Fallen!!! A lot has happened and I've been working on several other books, completing them, and also studying for my GED, so sorry that this came out late....:(


Angel was there, sitting on the পালঙ্ক waiting patiently. When she saw me, she smiled and I returned it.
"Hi," she ব্যক্ত in her bright voice.
"Hey," I said, walking up to her and holding out my hand for her to take.
She took it, sending the most delightful feelings through me, and I helped her up.
"Would আপনি like a tour of the house?"
"Sure," she said, stunning me with her angelic...
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So sorry I haven't been on to chat with anyone here lately... I've been SUPER busy, but hopefully that will end soon... Hope আপনি guys enjoy this! ^_^

Amaranth was a pretty likable person . . . But why did she seem so . . . familiar to me? She told me she had moved here from Minnesota, so there's no way I know her . . .
We were in fact opposites, but that's probably why we get along so well together. Opposites do attract they say . . .
"So I heard আপনি have a baby," she ব্যক্ত as we walked to the cafeteria, no doubt Edward and Alice are waiting up for us in there.
"Uh . . . yeah, but she's not mine....
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HELLO PEOPLE!!! I'm back, and back to লেখা my stories!!! Thank আপনি so much to everyone who forgave and are still gonna keep পাঠ করা my stories... I প্রণয় all of ya'll's মতামত দ্বারা the way and from now on I will start thanking one person per chapter who comments!:D And right now I really want to honor and thank MadisonAmpt for her unbelievably inspiring মতামত on the last chapter of DNE... This goes to আপনি hon!!! ^_^

*Alice's POV*

It was fun watching Emmett and Jasper trying to catch Bella. And they never once got close.
Carlisle's cell phone went off and he answered it.
"Hello?" I heard him...
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[b]Guys, I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!! I know it's been forever since I've been on so I think আপনি deserve what all's happened.......

Okay, first, the computer went down for a while. Then, my stupid e-mail address মেয়াদ সমাপ্ত (though I have no idea why), I'm homeschooled and thought I wouldn't go to prom but turns out a bunch of other homeschooling kids got together and decided to throw a big prom and we only got a two weeks notice.... NOTE: Prom is STRESSFULL!!!
So, I've been real busy with prom and my own writing, I even think I might have found a literary agent! So, HOPEFULLY I'll get my বই out there...
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WOW! I almost have 200 fans!!!:D And yesterday was my B*Day so I thought I'd give ya'll another chapter of The Fallen!


Poor Angel, it must be awful not remembering anything . . .
She wanted to watch me cook, and so I let her. We were all desperate to help her remember . . . even though we haven't known her for very long. There was just something about her, something pure, that called out to us . . .
She watched my every সরানো as I began cooking and everyone else sat around the dining room টেবিল chatting.
"Do আপনি want to help me take everyone's plates to them?" I asked her with a soft smile....
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So sorry that this came out later than expected, but good news! We're getting DSL, which is high-speed internet so hopefully I'll be able to write আরো for আপনি guys soon!!! ^_^

*Jasper's POV* >>>Woohoo, Jasper! LOL<<<

"C'mon Bells! Please?" Emmett was trying to plead with Bella. We were প্রথমপাতা now, and walking into the living room.
"Why do আপনি want me to teach আপনি how to fight? Don't আপনি already know how?" Bella asked, her mood was radiant.
"Yes, but, well, Jasper and I were wondering if আপনি could প্রদর্শনী us some of your moves," Emmett ব্যক্ত as Alice danced gracefully over to me.
I smiled...
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I wanna thank ashesandwine for the lovely banner she made!!! Your AMAZING hon!!! And to everyone whose reading, this is for আপনি because I প্রণয় your comments!!!


Yes! FINALLY someone new! অ্যাঞ্জেল was very pretty and shy, but I just knew that we would get along just great!
Plus, I'm kind of hatching a plan to bring অ্যাঞ্জেল and stubborn-as-a-mule Blake together. Just the way they look at each other gives me thrills, they were starstruck lovers! I mean, c'mon! Anyone could tell it was প্রণয় at first sight, that they were totally meant to be with each other!
"How about we get আপনি out of those clothes...
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Okay, so this is just for fun that I wanted to post for everyone! আপনি know how আপনি can chat with people in a chat room? Well, this is that, just Twilight version:P Takes place while Bella is still human, I'll let আপনি know when that changes! ^_^

clumsybrowneyes ~ Bella
protector - Edward
shopaholic ~ Alice
calmemotions - Jasper
beautyqueen ~ Rosalie
bigteddybear - Emmett
peacedoctor - Carlisle
kindandgentle ~ Esme

Will be আরো later on.......

clumsybrowneyes has logged on.
shopaholic has logged on.

clumsybrowneyes: আপনি know, this IM was a great idea Alice.

shopaholic: I know, right? I can't believe I never...
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Okay so this kinda starts everything for Starlight, you'll know what I mean later on! ^_^

"And you're sure আপনি don't mind?" I asked Esme, who was smiling down at Alana in her arms.
"No, not at all, I promise to take excellent care of her." Esme promised.
I was standing in the Cullen house, a half ঘন্টা before school starts. When Esme and Rose found out that I took Alana to a daycare while I was in school, they volunteered to take care of her, free of charge. So I gave in, because they so clearly wanted to take care of her so badly.
"C'mon! Time for school!" Alice yelled excitingly, taking my hand...
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This is for Alex_XcullenX! Enjoy! ^_^

Previously on Ch.10:

"No, আপনি need to hunt. I'll be fine," I said. "See আপনি tomorrow?"
"Yes," he said, clearly happy about that fact, and I had to admit, I was too.
He gave me a soft, quick goodbye চুম্বন and I got in.
He watched me as I drove away, and into the memorable night.

Now, Ch.11:

When I got home, Charlie was already asleep and I quietly got me and Alana dressed for bed.
I snuggled up to my little অ্যাঞ্জেল and let sleep have me.
It wasn't long till I started dreaming. Again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was vividly real, and it was my...
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Sorry for the wait, here is the পরবর্তি chapter! Enjoy! ^_^


I had fallen asleep while gazing at her face, and it was the most peaceful sleep I have ever had.
I woke up at the sound of a gasp. The morning sun's rays hit me from the large window, Brianna usually draws back the curtains at the first sight of light . . .
I wrenched my eyes from the morning light and to the girl who I had fallen asleep gazing at.
With a surprised gasp I realized she was awake, sitting up with her silver hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders. She was staring - no, it seemed আরো like marveling - up at our...
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Here's to 2010!!!:D

Previously on Ch.47:

I gently pulled her chin so she would face me. She took in a deep breath before gazing into my eyes.
Something happened because they grew impossibly softer to where it actually seemed as if they were sparkly.
"I প্রণয় আপনি Edward."

Now, Ch.48:

I প্রণয় আপনি Edward, I প্রণয় আপনি Edward, I প্রণয় আপনি Edward. . . I recited in my mind over and over.
Did she really just say that?
I was momentarily shocked দ্বারা her confession so she continued.
"See, I've always had this feeling when I'm around you. . . but I didn't know what it was, because I've never experienced anything like...
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