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Okay, so since I'm real busy with school work and Christmas, I haven't gotten around to write the পরবর্তি chapters of Undying প্রণয় and Starlight. So how about another Dawn of a New Era? Hope আপনি like it!

*Bella's POV*

I was instantly there, behind the big ol' teddy bear.
"Hey Emmett!" I shouted and he jumped a good five feet in the air.
Em actually shrieked, cursed (no surprise there), stumbled, and fell down while I burst out laughing at him. I had to মোড়ানো my arms around my stomach, holding my insides as I laughed আরো than I ever have.
Jasper, who had watched it all from a distance, came over to...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Sorry this is short, but the পরবর্তি one will be way longer!

"Why can't আপনি believe me Bella?" he asked me softly.
"Because . . . Because what আপনি told me in the forest that দিন Edward . . . Was all true about us. I'm not good for you, I'm not enough for you."
"Yes. You. Are." His eyes were black আগুন as they gazed determiningly into mine.
I looked away, wishing with all my might that I was good enough for him and all of his perfection. But I wasn't.
"Please Bella, how can I make আপনি see? Will আপনি let me attempt to explain what আপনি mean to me?" he pleaded with me until I finally met his gaze.
When he...
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This is possibly one of my পছন্দ chapters!

*Brook's POV*

I got out of বিছানা early the পরবর্তি morning feeling so excited for the দিন to come. I had plenty of sleep despite the dreams that always had one person in it. . . Karim. There was just something that always draws me to him. . . I had connected with him unlike any other.
I wonder why?
I fixed my hair down, plain, boring, and wavy. I put on a touch of lipstick and decided to dress up, well, just a little bit. I put on a spaghetti-strap dress that was a purple color with designs all over it and my old জ্যাকেট with a নেকলেস that Linda got for...
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Enjoy! This one is for you, ashes and TwilightSagaLdy! ^_^

Previously on Ch.39:

His eyes were wide with fright as he stared back at me. দ্বারা this time, every vampire in the room was on alert. One was even trying to use their ability against me because I felt an awful stabbing pain against my shield, but nothing could penetrate its defenses now.
"You. . ." Aro gasped out, and the entire vampire guard fell into a crouch as if to attack me.

Now, Ch.40:

"STAND DOWN NOW!" Aro ordered severely, and দ্বারা the stunned expressions of his guard, Aro clearly never raised his voice. Until now.
He stared back at me...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
So sorry this came out late, my computer froze up yesterday! Okay, so some of this I totally made up and then some of it I didn't, so I hope আপনি all still প্রণয় it! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

I was sitting there holding Lala in my arms talking with Alice over why they were here when we heard a knock on the door.
"Come in," Alice spoke brightly to whoever it was, and the door silently opened and my breath caught in my throat.
There, standing right before me, was him. Time did not mend his perfection. His too pale skin faintly glowed in the soft glow of the bedside lamp, the muscles in his chest seeming more...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
This one is a long one, so enjoy! ^_^

I was sitting on a boulder in between the two distinct bonfires I had created. One was for the vampire mates I'd destroyed, purple smoke danced its way into the sky while the awful stench of burning, rotting flesh filled the air from the other pile of fire.
I decided - long পূর্বে - to burn the bodies of the poor mortals who had their lives literally sucked away from them.
I controlled the আগুন from spreading, it would be raining soon, and that would wash away the আগুন and scents all together.
Then I sensed two ভ্যাম্পায়ার coming my way, and I braced myself. Well,...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550

Previously on Ch.6:

"Alice?" I gasped, sure I was still dreaming, but my dreams rarely included Alice, who had been like the sister I never had.
"Surprise, surprise!" she grinned her familiar grin at me while I stared at her in shock, wondering if this was really real অথবা not.

Now, Ch.7:

She took and hugged me fiercely, which I returned after a few সেকেন্ড of my momentary shock.
"Oh, Bella! I missed আপনি so much! I'm so happy to see আপনি again after all this time!" she rambled on and on, and if ভ্যাম্পায়ার could cry, she would have probably already soaked the শার্ট I was wearing....
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Here's Undying Love! Yay!!! ^_^

*Karim's POV*

"Gosh you're such a spoiled vampire," Al complained as he held out Alexi's drink out to her.
Alexis smiled, pleased, and sipped up the মুষ্ট্যাঘাত through the চুন green straw. Since we scared her half to death, she first chased us but then decided instead of slapping us, she would enslave us.
And so now, for the rest of the afternoon today, we were her personal slaves.
"I'm only spoiled when I want to be," she ব্যক্ত calmly with amusement coloring her tone.
"Oh, your greatness, how else may we please you?" I asked, giving her the vampire bow of one knee down...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Not really much to say..... So I hope আপনি all enjoy this! ^_^

Previously on Ch.37:

"The Volturi?" I asked in disbelief as I drifted closer to the image that captured them. . . the ancients of the vampire world. . . so entirely.
"Yes, do আপনি know them?" Carlisle inquired, all of them joining me.
"Yes. . . they fear me." I stated before I could stop myself.

Now, Ch.38:

Carlisle was appalled.
"The Volturi fear no one," he said, and I just gazed into his wise eyes.
"Yes. . . until they met me that is," I ব্যক্ত in a grave voice, then, away from him. "Rosalie? Emmett? Jasper? Would আপনি like to যোগদান us as...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Interesting শিরোনাম name don't ya think? Lol, I hope আপনি all enjoy this! ^_^

*Edward's POV*

My entire attention was focused on Bella that I barely heard Emmett gasp, but his thoughts I did hear.
What the HELL? Were আপনি two just about to. . . kiss? No freaking way! Emmett was thinking, and about to tell it to the whole world, and I had to stop him.
"Emmett," I warned him with a growl, but I couldn't bring myself to break eye contact with Bella.
Hey! Don't আপনি dare growl at me little brother, unless আপনি plan on backing it up! "What? আপনি two were so having a moment together!" Emmett shouted.
Bella blushed...
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added by Sacred_Love1550
সঙ্গীত video
নিউ মুন
One of my fav singers who is so awesome and really pretty! I প্রণয় her songs, so later I might put up some আরো of her সঙ্গীত video's. ^_^
সঙ্গীত video
ক্যাথরিন ম্যাক্‌ফি
I hope আপনি like this, this chapter was emotional for me!

*Brook's POV*

I was missing him already, being away from him made my হৃদয় ache. I missed his unique, shining hair. . . his brooding sky blue eyes that could see straight through me. . . all of his impossibly beautiful complexions and especially his smile that always stops me mid-thought.
I groaned and sat up from my small, cozy bed. Well thinking about him isn't going to help anything!
I decided to head out of my room and যোগদান Aunt Linda in the kitchen.
"Hi Aunt Linda!" I ব্যক্ত in my best cheerful voice as I entered the রান্নাঘর and saw her...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Here we go, Ch5!!! ^_^

Previously on Ch.4:

I didn't say one word, I just shot out the door and into the forest.
"Come on!" I heard Alice shout, and then I could hear my family's footsteps coming from behind me.

Now, Ch.5:

I ran as fast as I possibly could to her. When I was near, I smelled the air.
Her scent of fressia and lavender wrapped around me like a rope, pulling me in . . . Ah, how I missed this scent, her scent.
Then I could hear her হৃদয় beat as I neared. And it was beating much too fast - and I flew to her.
And just like in Alice's vision, she was there, lying unconscious on the ground....
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I decided to put in an Alice POV too, I hope I make আপনি guys proud! ^_^

*Edward's POV*

Esme went to Bella and they shared a moment together.
Edward, there is still very much we need to learn about Bella. But I'm not going to force her into telling us, I'd prefer her to do that on her own time, allow her to trust us more. Carlisle thought, and I nodded.
You want her to stay. He confirmed, not asking it as a প্রশ্ন because he already knew the truth. Yes, I want Bella to stay. Here, with me.
Esme walked with Bella over to where we all stood.
"I have to say that আপনি kicked some গাধা out there!" Emmett...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550

*Bella's POV*

It was warmer today than any other দিন so I decided to take Alana out.
I put the old stroller from my kiddie days unto the back of my truck and put Lala into her car seat.
I drove to the nearest park, all the while listening to Lala's giggles and normal baby sounds.
I was going to meet Jake later on today and then come back and get ready for school the পরবর্তি day.
"Come on Lala . . ." I cooed as I got her out of the পরাকাষ্ঠা car আসন and into the old stroller.
I gave her her bottle and strolled along the sidewalk that really made a big loop into the forest, and then back again.
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Here we go, this is for all Bella and Edward lovers! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

I finished all of my enemies off effortlessly, not even getting the beautiful white dress dirty - which I'm guessing Alice dressed me in while I was unconscious. I faced the Cullen's.
They all stood there wide-eyed and their mouths hanging open, they all stared at me like I was the most dangerous thing ever to walk the earth, when in truth, I probably was.
I waited until they all re-gained their composure.
"Oh Bella!" Esme ব্যক্ত tearfully, running up to me and throwing her arms around me like she had হারিয়ে গেছে me and I came back. "Are...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Here is the পরবর্তি chapter... Plz read and comment!
Enjoy! ^_^

*2 weeks later. . .

*Alice's POV*

I was out hunting with Jasper in Alaska near the house that the Denali's were letting us stay in.
Edward left as soon as we arrived, and I was the only one who knew that he was in South America . . . dwiddling away in an old attic.
He made me promise him that I wouldn't keep tabs on Bella, and so far I've honored that promise.
But I cannot control what I see.

I had just drained a large elk when it suddenly came to me. A vision. And it was one about Bella - the first one in months.
I saw her and she looked...
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YAY! I don't know why, but I really liked this chapter so I hope আপনি guys do too! ^_^

*Brook's POV*

We walked hand-in-hand down the blissful streets of sunny Piedmont. We talked about everything, from our likes to dislikes, to his most পছন্দ siblings and his vampire mother.
"Karim. . . how can আপনি be out in sunlight? I thought ভ্যাম্পায়ার burn up in the sun." I said, he always fell into pace with me, though I knew I must be slowing him down.
He gazed into my eyes, his blue eyes piercing and his precious smile elated. "You are not the first person to ask this. Many of our kind প্রশ্ন our logics...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
A long one for আপনি guys, let's find out who the monsters are shall we? ^_^

Previously on Ch.33:

"There really is no need to wash these Alice," she said, looking at the door.
"Why?" I asked, both alarmed and confused দ্বারা her posture.
"Because they're about to be coated in a lot আরো blood."

Now, Ch.34:

"Wha -" I was about to ask, but then Bella was gone.
My family and I rushed out, and found her in our large front lawn, crouched low to the ground. Her hand was flat on the surface of the ground as if she were feeling the earth. . .
"Gargoyles are coming, seven of them to be precise. I suggest আপনি all...
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