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Chapter 4~ I have good News
[Two years have passed since Sasuke’s and Sakura’s wedding].

Sasuke had been away for seven months on business. But he was coming back tonight. Sakura smiled at the thought.
She was dressed in the baby blue Chinese dress; Sasuke had gifted her last বছর on their anniversary. She looked as beautiful as she had back then, even more, actually – her face had a proud and happy glow and her pink-hair was pulled back in a loose bun – so as to let her curls fall around and frame her face.
Sakura looked at her reflection and smiled. She looked at her visibly swollen...
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Author's Note: I don't own any of the characters in the show, they've been created দ্বারা Kishimoto Masashi. Also, its a work of fiction (lol) and it bears no resemblance to anything that is happening on the প্রদর্শনী for real.
Also, this is my first attempt at লেখা mush, so please don't be too harsh with the review?
Thank আপনি for reading. Fanfic below:-

Chapter 1:The Wedding.

Sakura Haruno looked up the aisleway and the words from Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years' floated into her head as she walked up the aisle to stand before Sasuke Uchicha her husband to be.
"Standing infront of me;Every...
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There he was.The new student.In the middle of the training grounds the school provided for us.Sasuke Uchiha.His deep dark onyx eyes focused on training.I hided behind the old tree.Accidently,I stepped on a twig.Yikes!"Who's there?" surprisingly asked Sasuke."Uhhh...Hey." I smiled weakly."Hnn".he groaned."Uhh my name is..Sakura Haruno."I said."Good to know..."he replied."What class are আপনি in"?I asked."B-c".he replied."Cool.Me too!":)"Who else is in our class?" he asked.Let me get out our list.

Sakura Haruno
Sasuke Uchiha
নারুত Uzumaki
Hinata Hyuga
সিকামারু Naara
Ino Yamanaka
Neji Hyuga
"Well those are the people".:)i said.
"Hnn.."he once ব্যক্ত again.
"Do you---"
"Ring!Ring!The ঘণ্টা made.
"Tell me later Sasuke.We gotta get to class!
As they walked together they bumped into someone.
RING!RING!"Ughh"I moaned.Last দিন I'll be there.I took a cold shower,got dressed in a casual পরাকাষ্ঠা outfit ,and tied my hair with a পরাকাষ্ঠা ribbon.I got on my backpack and drove to school in my new বিএমডবলু car.Turns out when i went to school,ALL the boys gathered to my car except for Sasuke.I pushed the guys away looking at the school because this was the last দিন I'll be here.Then i saw a poster,of SASUKE & KARIN?!I guess it was true.He cheated on me.I felt like crying but held on to it.As what i would always do,hang with my বন্ধু ,but I walk passed them.I sat in the cafeteria alone.All around...
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Sakura lay awake on the bed, her head against Sasuke's bare chest. She could feel rhythmic heartbeat beside her as the night inched slowly closer to dawn.
She lay thinking about how lucky she was... Yesterday, she married the only man she had ever loved. So may times, she thought she had হারিয়ে গেছে him forever. When he was away in the war... When there was a bombing near the Konohagakura army... And in a very distant past, when he was with Naruto's cousin Karin.
I'm so lucky to have him forever, she thought. She propped herself on one arm and looked at sleeping Sasuke. Then she put her head down on...
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Sasuke arrived at the park."I'll just wait for sakura." he thought."Hey!" I shouted.I sat পরবর্তি to him."So what are আপনি up to?" I asked."Nothing"he replied."Did আপনি hear about the dance"?I asked."Yeah.."he said."So what did আপনি want to ask me?" i asked."Well..-scratching back- to the dance with me?" he asked nervously."Sure" i ব্যক্ত happily.Out of nowhere,Karin came out."Sasuke,will আপনি go to the dance with me?"she asked."No" he said.She stared at me and sasuke's hand.We were holding hands."Wow! I can't beleive it!He is actually holding hands with me!"I thought in my head.She...
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Author's Note: Sorry for such a late update! I've been busy..Nyway, here's the 3rd chapter!


Sasuke opened his eyes to find himself wrapped in Sakura's arms. He smiled at yesterday....
...He had married, Sakura... And the night that followed. He had remembered the fear of the unknown in Sakura's eyes and how he kissed them shut. “Trust me “he’d said.” I won't hurt you."
He could still hear Sakura's moans and he could still remember the way she had entangled her fingers on his hair. “I প্রণয় you, Sasuke," she'd told him.
His smile deepened at the memory. Sakura was still sleeping-...
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Author's note: Gomen, minna! ^^"... I forgot to update.... Here's the fifth instalment..

“You look worried, Sakura,” Sasuke points out to her, as they lie on the couch.
“Morning has come too early,” she says. “You’ll leave and I won’t see until evening— I hardly see you.”
Sasuke slings his free arm – the one not entangled with Sakura’s – around her shoulder.
“I’m sorry about that,” he whispers.
“Then stay at প্রথমপাতা today.”
Sakura sighs. “But what? We can think up names—it’s not just my kid, it’s yours too.”
Sasuke tightened his grip...
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"Ugh watch where your going"Sasuke and Sakura ব্যক্ত at the same time."They slowly raised their head and saw karin."Ugh not you"said sakura.""Ahem,in case আপনি didn't notice,he is my man so get away from him."said karin."Really?Does that explain when me and sasuke kissed?"asked sakura in a sassy way.Karin couldn't talk.Her mouth was wide open.We quickly made a run for it."Great acting".said sasuke blushing."Thanks" I ব্যক্ত smiling."We quickly made it to class.Actually,we were the first ones there!"Welcome,you may choose your seats!"said কাকাসি sensei."you know that we are the only ones here,right?"i...
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I was amazed."Wow".Gold silk curtains hanged loosely on the windows.There were 5 rooms,2 bathrooms,and a big living room followed দ্বারা a enormous kitchen."Well?"asked Sasuke."Oh,uhh,I'll make dinner."I went to the রান্নাঘর and put the pot on the stove.I added salmon,carrots,and rice.I didn't add peas because I knew Sasuke didn't like them.He prepared my room and I was cleaning and cooking.I put the plates on the table,and put a candle in the center."Sasuke!Dinner is ready!"I yelled."Coming!"I heard the footsteps coming from the stairs.I sat down with him.
*I'm just gonna skip the eating part
"I'm gonna go sleep""Me too"I went upstairs and slept.I twisted all around.I couldn't sleep.I got up and went to Sasuke's room.I slowly opened the door."Sakura?" " Uh...yeah I couldn't sleep."Me either.I sat near him on the bed.10 mins later....
They slept together,Sasuke's arm holding her.The bright moonlight flashed on us.they slept peacefully.
posted by kotetsuhimimaru
One sunny morning in konoha there stood a walking couple.... err #cough#soon to be couple#cough#.Their names were Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno .
Sasuke's p.o.v.
"blah..blah,blah" she keeps on talking this is so annoying"blah blah..blah blah" ugh can't she shut up? "blah blah blah blah" ugh this is the last straw! "You know what!? your really annoying aren't you???" i ব্যক্ত to sakura "sasuke-...kun??" she ব্যক্ত "ehhh?" OH NO!! SHE'S HANGING HER HEAD LOW IN SADNESS WHAT DO I DO AND.. wait a মিনিট why am i panicking and i just notice she's following me...not..talking "UGH আপনি KNOW WHAT YOUR SO ANNOYING WHEN..y-you're not talking t-t-to m-me o-of course /blush\" why am i stuttering !? uchiha's don't stutter and blush! "sasuke-kun??" she ব্যক্ত "sasuke-kuuuun,!!!!!" great.. she's talking আরো but he didn't notice that he was blushing so much that can put a টমেটো to shame
I stayed home.Doors locked,curtains closed.He was THE one.But after what happened....I sat on the পালঙ্ক with চা in my hands,blanket over me,and a বালিশ beside me."I guess I'll be alone." I thought.Just then someone knocked on the door."What???" I ব্যক্ত loudly so the person could hear me."Sakura,just let me exp-" "I know already আপনি picked Karin,I'm out of your life Happy?I cutted him off."Saku-" "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"I yelled.I heard the footsteps go away.I felt like someone tore me apart.Just then an envelope slid under my door.I reached to get it."Hmmmm.. my school" i thought.I opened ব্যক্ত i haven't been to school for a week."I guess I'll go tomorrow and transfer schools."I said.

*I'll try to make one everyday for আপনি guys ;]
posted by celia-chan
"Aren't আপনি a little old for action figures, Sasuke-chan?" Mikoto asked as she looked over her son's shoulder to see what he was doing. "You're almost eight now."

"Pew, pew!" he said, making sounds with his mouth and waving his toys around in both hands. "You can never be too old for action figures, kaa-san. Are আপনি tired of tou-san, yet?"

Mikoto blushed, saying, "That's different, Sasuke-chan. Daddy isn't a toy."

Sasuke pouted. "Sometimes I hear আপনি calling him a toy."

Mikoto blushed even harder and patted Sasuke on the shoulder. "Keep playing, Sasuke-chan. I'll call আপনি down for lunch soon, okay?"...
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Weeks later after the prom,Sasuke called Sakura."Hey,meet me at the park in 5 minutes.""Okay i replied."I went to the park less than আপনি can count in 5 minutes.But Sasuke was already there.With Karin.Kissing."Sasuke"I broke into tears.He looked up.But before that i dropped the rose i brang and ran home."Sakura" sasuke ব্যক্ত whispering."Babe,you don't need that slut u got me right?"asked Karin."Karin...YOUR GONNA DIE FOR THIS !!"said Sasuke ferociously.

*Hey guys,I'm, running out of ideas so that is probably why I'm going slow on the stories.Please give me ideas !:]
RING!RING!"Sasuke,wake up,last দিন for school!"I screeched."Okay,I'm getting up."I took a ঝরনা while he waited,I almost took all the hot water,got dressed while Sasuke was taking a shower.When he came out he was shivering like crazy."Oops"I said.He got dressed,and we went to his black Lamborghini.Everyone watched our way when we were parking.Fan girls surrounded us.W got through them and headed to নারুত & Hinata,Ino & Sai,and Neji & Tenten.Sasuke put his arm around me."Hey,what are আপনি gonna do for vacation?""We never planned to do anything."We replied."Well,what are আপনি planning...
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"TEME!".-_-"Dobe what do আপনি want?"Hinata came out."We wanted to give আপনি a present!!!!""Shhhhhh,don't tell Sakura it is our anniversary."When are আপনি gonna throw the party""You know""OK....""And save the present for the party""OK..Bye teme!"He closed the door and headed to Sakura."Oh I have something to give you"I said."Go get it"I went upstairs and got the স্বর্ণ wrapped present.The স্বর্ণ was velvet and and it had a dandelion color bow.I went back down and gave it to him.He gave me a hard but warm kiss."Thanks babe.""No prob."He opened it and it was....

Cliffy! ;D Stay tuned
posted by Princess_Devil
-During the ঘণ্টা test, when Sakura fainted from seeing his head above ground, and the rest below, Sasuke waited for her to wake up, even though he probably knows he's wasting time.

-When they were escorting Tazuna to the Wave Country, Sasuke rushed in front of Sakura to protect her and Tazuna, even though কাকাসি would have come (of course, he didn't know that but still)

-When Sasuke and নারুত were fighting Haku, Zabuza went to attack Tazuna but কাকাসি protected him and Sakura screamed. When she did, আপনি could hear worry in Sasuke's voice when they heard her.

-During the Chuunin Exams, The...
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Weeks later,the dance was here."Well,I guess I'll just get ready." I said.I took a warm shower.I wrapped a পরাকাষ্ঠা towel around me.I did my make-up.It was smoky bold eyes with long eyelashes.I put on a black dress with black high heels.I added a black ribbon.I wore simple black high heels.
To sasuke
"Well,I'm gonna get ready".he said. He took a cold shower,wrapped a blue towel with uchiha prints around him and put gel in his hair.He wore a black suit and a rose in his pocket."I'll give this to Sakura."he smiled.

To Prom
All the boys came first.
Sasuke,Neji,Naruto,Suigetsu,Sai,Shikamaru,and the others....
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"I'm not transferring"!I squeaked."Great!"They screeched."And me & Sasuke are back together!!"Just then,Sasuke arrived."Babe,half-day is over ,we can go now.""Okay."I took his hand and he led me to somewhere."Where are we going"?I asked."You'll see"he replied.When we came,I saw thousands of চেরি blossomes but I saw the most tallest one in the middle.I sat there with Sasuke."Its so beautiful"I commented.Out of nowhere,Karin just came up,trying to push me away from Sasuke."WTF"?!I asked."I wanna fight for Sasuke.Winner gets him."she stated.I looked puzzled."What scared?"she laughed."Ready"?...
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Hi !
So I've been building this website which is essentially a লাইব্রেরি for সাসুসাকু fics. I've seen ফোরাম and fansites but I haven't really seen a লাইব্রেরি that স্যুইটস্‌ my personal needs (I'm hoping a couple of others too.) so I decided to create one myself. Basically its a site with a whoooole lot of fanfiction recommendations categorised and listed [ Canon, non-canon, AU, complete, WIP, rating,(with the summary ! It's so much easier than clicking every single link on a rec তালিকা to find out what it's about!.) etc ]. Of course there are also ফোরাম and sections where fanart/videos can be posted....
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