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posted by theanimemaster
Okay, i know this is old, but the save danny phantom প্রবন্ধ {which i just read} had a gud idea. If any of u did this then saving danny phantom was an almost great sucess. turns out tht in 2008 {or mabe rly early 2009} ther were a FEW new danny phantom episodes. sadly, they were shown on nicktoons, where all the dead but জনপ্রিয় shows go. because of that, if u noticed, nick started to প্রদর্শনী danny phantom on nickelodean again. but the sad thing is tht i only saw 1 of them, wich is a total fail. but the gud news {and my point} is tht we kinda did save the show.

But now its already almost 2011, and its like the awsome ghost boy never existed. Now all we can do is guess and make our own danny phantom stuff {like danny and sam dating}. I say that we should be happy that danny phantom was ever created. any1 agree? any1 shocked? any1 M A D?!
আপনি have a chance to save danny phantom a beloved TV প্রদর্শনী that got cancled অথবা will be cancled until the অনুরাগী think of a plan
AND GUESS WHAT... we did...
we have a plan to Save DANNY PHANTOM
the plan is pretty simple the plan is to have all the অনুরাগী send the nick company a thermis (to symbol the fenton thermis)with a letter inside saying how much আপনি want and maybe why আপনি want danny phantom back ok yea আপনি will have to spend a little money (maybe 6$ অথবা 7$)on the thermis and shipping but wouldnt it be worth it and if আপনি cant spend money ( i mean absolutly cant)then tell me (my যন্ত্রপত্র is below)...
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posted by roseee1
People! My name is Rose. I have written a petition with the help of several people. If sent to Nick (with enough names) this petition COULD get DP back on Nickelodeon with new episodes in Season 4 and possibly a movie. BUT, in order to send this to Nick, I need names. I need আপনি to যন্ত্রপত্র me with your names and I will send the petition to Nick. I need emails NOW people. I can't get through to Nick without PLENTY of names. If আপনি want DP back, send in your name to DP is coming back. I know it is!