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posted by SelenaBaby17
Sister;You Know When আপনি Talk আপনি Freakin Annoying.

Me;Tahaa',Your Sure Bout That.?

Sister;Yes!&&' Dude আপনি &&' Rico Make The Cute &&' Swaggest Couple Ever.

Me;Aw,Thanks Sis :D♥

Sister;Plus He Lucky To Have You

Me;Why Sissy.?

Sister;Aye Well Your Fuckin Gorgeous &&' Amazing!♥

Me;Aye Sister Thank You!,Buh আপনি Should Tell Rico That!

Sister;Umm....Buh iM Shy Hoe, Jkay Sis আপনি Not Uh Hoe

Me;Girl আপনি Better Be Playing.

Sister;What iF iM Not.?!

Me;Then iWill Beat আপনি Up &&' Tickle You!♥ ;D

Sister;Do iT!!!,Then iLl Tell Rico That আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি Wanna Fuck Him Just To Have Babies,

Me;Shhhh! Stupid হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ Buh No iWill Tell Him,Plus iHave Been Told Him,Dumb Ass!

Sister;iM Not Dumb, Nor An Ass, Lmfao ;D! Burn!...iThink.?

Me;Omge! Your Crazy Sis,Buh iAlways Will প্রণয় You!♥

Sister;Me Too, Bitch, Well GorGeous Bitch!

Me;Thanks Hoe! ;D
Sister;Aye Welcome &&' Thank আপনি ;D♥
(Ah, Gotta প্রণয় Her দুশ্চরিত্রা Ass!]♥
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