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posted by Ieva0311
Seungri Big Bang / V.I. (Lee Seung Hyun) profile:

Birth name: Lee Seung-hyun
Nickname: V.I
Born: December 12, 1990 Gwangju, South Korea
Origin: Gwangju, South Korea
Genres: Hip hop, K-pop, dance-pop, pop
Occupations: singer, dancer, actor, composer, lyricist, record producer, model
Years active: 2006–present
Labels: YG Entertainment
Associated acts: Big Bang

Seungri Big Bang / V.I. (Lee Seung Hyun) facts:

Common nicknames are (Seungri / Victory) .
Seungri first realized that Seungri wants to be a singer when Seungri was young, and watching Britney Spears and N Sync...
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- Romanized -

Na oneul geudae ege halmari
neomuna manhayo
budi nae yaegil deureo jul su itnayo
geudae hogshi itnayo
naega deureogal su itneun gos itnayo
ojig geudaewa na danduriseoman
duriseoman duriseoman naega
neo hanteman hago shipeun mal
mal geu mal uri jigeum nanwo bwayo

Na jigeum halmal isseoyo
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
na jigeum halmal isseoyo
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin I’m
Hustlin Hustlin
na jigeum halmal isseoyo

Jeo paran haneul boda pureun
nundong jareul bwayo
budi naege angyeojul su itnayo
geudae hogshi anayo
igeon geu nugudo moreujyo
anayo ojig geudaewa na...
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Big Bang member Seungri will make a surprise appearance on SBS Inkigayo ahead of his solo comeback.

According to the production team, Seungri, who was just in Japan, quickly returned to Korea to make an appearance on Inkigayo today, August 18th.

It has been আরো than 2 years since Seungri last released a solo album, so অনুরাগী are very curious to see what kind of image he will present during his comeback. His album "Let's Talk about Love" will be released online on the 19th and will be available in shelves starting on the 20th.

Today's Inkigayo will air at 3:30PM. আপনি can tune in live via online streaming here: 1 অথবা 2.

Source: Osen
পোষ্ট হয়েছে দ্বারা vic on August 18, 2013