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Cosmo : ROUGE!!! GET UP!!!

Wave : Were gonna get breakfeast now!

Cream : pancake!

Rouge : *Wakes up* Okay! Lemme get dressed so we can go!

Cosmo : We'll wait outside for ya!

Cream : pancake!

Wave : আপনি can have one when we get there!

Cream : YAY!


Rouge : *Gets dressed* There wego! Better not keep em' waitin' any longer!*starts to get out but stops and checks shadow out (LOL)*

Shadow : Look Jet I don't have time for your foolishness.

Jet : Wadda ya talkin' about? আপনি do so like her!

Shadow : I told আপনি I don't!

Jet : Whatever...*Leaves on gear*

Shadow : *Sigh* He almost got me...*Leaves*

Rouge : (What...
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Accidentally In Love
Shadouge Story

Chapter One

'I wonder where that little bat went,' Shadow thought to himself. He was standing at the edge of a corner of an alley. He sighed. He held his pistol in his hands. The Sonic gang was still there. He and Rouge needed to destroy them NOW. Where was she? Shadow perked his ears. What the hell?

He saw white figure appear out of no where. The white figure was Rouge! Shadow leaped in the battle. Rouge had kicked Amy Rose in the face. Shadow tackled Sonic. The two hedgehogs rolled on the alley's ground. Water puddles splashed on their faces. Shadow had accidentally...
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