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posted by dao
"Hey Guys , want to come with me to a nightclub?" Horo ব্যক্ত in a very excited tone.

"I will go , it was long time since I went to a nightclub." Yoh ব্যক্ত smiling in excitement .

"I will too , Oni-Chan." Pirika ব্যক্ত , jumping up and down.

"I'll go too." Ren ব্যক্ত in an emotionless voice.

"M-Me t-too." Tamao ব্যক্ত , looking at her feet.

"Don't be shy Tam." Horo ব্যক্ত , putting an arm around her shoulders , which made Tamao blush.

"I w-will tr-try." She stuttered , still blushing at Horo's arm around her shoulders.

"'Kay , anyone else?" Horo said, looking at them .

"I'll go too." Hao said, standing up and...
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posted by dao
 lyserg diethel
lyserg diethel
Lyserg Diethel
Lyserg Diethel(リゼルグ・ダイゼル, Rizerugu Daizeru) is a fictional character from the জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা and জীবন্ত series of Shaman King. He is orphaned from a young age, when Asakura Hao killed his parents for refusing to যোগদান him. This makes him seeks revenge, and eventually made him participate in the Shaman Fights to kill Hao. He would eventually যোগদান the extremist group known as the X-Laws, believing they would help him gain his revenge.Lyserg has a very adrogynous appearance, at first meeting being mistaken for a girl দ্বারা Umemiya Ryunosuke. He has light green hair and green...
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