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mmmm... i dont want to incomode skandar !!!
well mmmm... i think that skandar is so handsome !!!
my dream is to meet him !!! skandar begin to like me when i saw cronicas of narnia prince caspian i was so emotionated to saw him because well in the movie of cronicas of narnia the the lion......i doestn like him haha but wen i saw him i became automaticly the অনুরাগী number 1 haha i saw all the চলচ্ছবি of him an in universal studios i bought an autograph of him !!!! well im different like the others অনুরাগী well i want to meet আপনি but i dont want to incomodate আপনি haha well i hope আপনি read this ok my msn is well only if আপনি want to answer me !!!
and if আপনি desnt wanna answer me it doesnt matter ok well i have to go bye!!