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J; justin beiber,U,usher S;skipper K;kowalski R;rico P;private

while the boys were sleeping they hear a bang on the roof of the HQ

S; what in the name of mike is going on up there
K; i guess that we have two new penguins
S;pushes kowalski out of the way, your right and the girls প্রণয় them
S; i know that kid, i know him
P; who is i---
S; নমস্কার Justin, Justin
J;!:o Skipper
S yep thats me
J; it has been a long time since we talked
R grgyrhrge ( what are আপনি talking about skipper)
J; what did he just say skip
S; uhh nothing *nuges rico*
U; uhh justin what are আপনি doing down here
S; who is he
J; he is usher
U; the rapper not the person that get আপনি smoothies and stuff
S; ya ya ya i know
J; really!
S; *whispers* no i didn't know who he was in the first place
J; oh ok
U; আপনি need to get up there now justin now
J; ok ok ok ok i get it
S; ya i think আপনি should go up there now
J;*wispers* don't get him mad

To be continued
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Hence the শিরোনাম :)
the penguins of madagascar