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I woke up in the moring and the're all ready filming a mail time with smosh not cool they could have woke me up and tolld me to wake up but no they just keep fliming but then again it looks like they just started so it ok I guess


ok grummpy Ian says and turn the camera off I guess we flim later he adds

umm I need to use the restroom bye I say

when I come out Im still half asleep

আপনি know what I need Shampoo Body wash A Brush and clothes yup thats all I need so can we get that I say really fast

Oh good but first can we clen the mail up then shopping with a girl can...
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 this is what she looks like Willow
this is what she looks like Willow
Anthony should be back some time tonight Ian ব্যক্ত throwing his keys on the table.

Ok I say

I thought this would have been harder Ian ব্যক্ত awkwardly

Well why would I fight Im a orphon it's just like apotion nothing big and this life will be better I know that I ব্যক্ত twice as awkwardly then him

YEA IT WILL Anthony yells from the গ্যারেজ then he walks in

wow its Angelina Joile Anthony

Im not her everyone says that I look like her I cant seeit my self but thats what everyone says I say blushing

you think that আপনি dont look like her আপনি got to be kidding me Anthony ব্যক্ত confused

Im not I say still blushing...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Walkin' down the রাস্তা and everybody's starin'
Just jealous of what I'm wearin'
That's right it's a fanny pack,BITCHES!
Hot পরাকাষ্ঠা and matches my britches

You're thinking,"That guys insane!"
"Damn what's his name?What's wrong with his brain?"
I'm perfectly sane,just hear what I say
Everything I need's just one zip away

My fanny pack,my fanny pack is all I need
It's on my waist while I ঝরনা and while I pee
It holds my হেয়ারস্প্রে so I look good every day
It holds me tight and keeps the Boogie Man away

You can't mess with my fanny pack,I'm a maniac
It's a fact,you better watch your back
Packs আরো than a back...
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once we were done with lunch I went to Ians car nd got my stuff and put them on the cocth and put them in pilse

Were should I put them I ask

In Ians room Anthony say right atfer I ask didnt even let Ian say anything

ok so I walk down the hall an put me stuff in Ians dresser and find his boxsers one pair were পরাকাষ্ঠা and ব্যক্ত aeropastle so I grabbed them brang them out


Anthony starts laughing

It firetruck dont say FUCK I'm your dad and আপনি do what I say Ian says

Thens whos my mom it better not be Anthony other wise he kissed his own dauter and ব্যক্ত that she was his girlfriend I say fast

well then he just a pedaflelie(sp?) Ian says

why did আপনি do this kiddanp me I ask after a awkward sinlice

he didnt awnser
posted by XxLovaticXx
There was this one time not too long ago
I saw this one girl that made my হৃদয় explode
She wasn't like the rest, no, she wasn't a ho
If I made her my girl, my life would be whole

I've never spoken to her, not even a word
I know that you're thinking that sounds absurd
But believe me I've tried, but to no avail
When I flirt with girls, I always fail

Boxman, Boxman, Boxman can't get a girlfriend
He's trying, real hard, but he can't get a girlfriend

It's about time that I face my fears
Or I'll regret this for years and years
Man, I'm so nervous, I think I might hurl...
Hey there Boxman, my name is pretty girl...
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it started all when Ithe summer I turned 14 was walking down the st. I allready got stopped 4 times because I look a lot like Angelina Jolie this fifth time is was changed my life to hell to heaven আপনি should know why it was Hell to Heaven one reson I was a orphon I thought is was just some dumb guy that wanted a autograugh well I was wrong the guy had sun glasses and a hoody on once I stopped he gapped me and me in his car went started to drove off

be quite he ব্যক্ত

why should I I say

because Anthony would kill me if I got arrested he ব্যক্ত

and why would I care if your perv. friend killed you...
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After they were done whing Ian got up and Anthony came out they got there camera out got in the car and went to the closest T.J Max Ian turn on the camera and handed to Anthoy

Hey guys welcome to Ian Is Bord and who are আপনি and what the hell were in a clothing store Ian ব্যক্ত

Im Willow I say

why are we in a store Anthony asks behind the camera

because Ive moved into to your guys house and I dont have any other close because আপনি guys took me in off the রাস্তা and I was homeless duh!! I say like he was stuipped

oh yeaa!! ian said

you know আপনি have to get a lot of পরাকাষ্ঠা things dont আপনি Ian ব্যক্ত as Anthony...
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