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posted by ProfSnape
I believe the time has come that we need to set up some ground rules. Because I know most of আপনি have the attention span of rodents, I'll make this short:

1) No nudity. I don't care if they cropped it our so no one can see any of the "stuff." It's a step too close to porn, which I don't appreciate.

2) No cursing. To be আরো relaxed, mild curse words are alright, but I'd rather them be cut off completely. As a general rule, if they bleep a word out on Comedy Central, it's too much to say here.

3) Don't be rude to others. We need to be polite to everyone and... WAIT, I'M DISCIPLING ALL OF YOU. I'm not being MEAN. Being your professor, I belive I can use any sort of punishment I need to get my point across, got that? Good.

That's all. আপনি may be excused. Except all of আপনি that talked during this article. You'll stay behind for detention during the Quidditch match...
posted by Bluekait
I thought about it alot. What can we do to stop this voice and his evil plans to take over Hogwarts? There is no way it is Voldemort (I know what y'all are thinking, it's not) because he is dead. We all saw it happen. Alec been missing for weeks; I miss him. When I walked into my Charms class, I saw a tiger lily (my fave flower) at my আসন with a note attached. I read. "You figured out the first clue, my love. But I am watching আপনি from above. We will have to talk soon, in a abandon claasroom." Who is this? Darkness fell. Night. I turned invisible (my mom was a super hero. Surprised?) and I...
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posted by Bluekait
Since Snape did it and ব্যক্ত that we could do it too, I guess I can confess on a few things. I won't say anything obvious though. Here they are.

- I round up finding out about চলচ্চিত্র way, way before word gets out. It is sort of a habit, as আপনি would say.

- I am a psychic ..... sorta. I would do it without knowing. But at times it would come to be a handy tool when I am playing card/board games.

- Speaking of movies, I প্রণয় bad guys. Is that stupid of me? My sister makes fun of me for it and I feel bad :( It ain't my fault that...
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posted by thejokersgirl13
1) Seamus Finnegan is not after me lucky charms
2) I will not sing "we're off to see the wizard" when sent to the Headmaster's office.
3) I will not bring a Magic Eight Ball to Divination class
4) I will not, under any circumstances, ask Harry Potter who died and made him boss
5) Professor Flitwick's first name is not Yoda
6) Remus Lupin does not want a flea collar
7) First years are not allowed to be fed to Fluffy
8) I will not make any jokes about Lupin and his "time of the month"
9) I will not give Hagrid পোকেমন cards and convince him they're real animals
10) I will not sing the ব্যাজার Song during...
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posted by Bluekait
নমস্কার guys! Sorry if I haven't keeping আপনি guys updating. So much is going on right now.

I actually started another fanfic but it is based on one of my পছন্দ 80's movies. I পোষ্ট হয়েছে the first chapter here but all 7 is on my self-club. It's called New Girl In Town. I am also working on continuing Jaitlyn.

Secondly, I am working at Legends of the Fog. Today is the final day. It is awesome because all the staff, including actors, are volunteers. I learnt so much দ্বারা doing this. I'll post a link to the website on here if আপনি don't know about LotF. I am in the graveyard, which is in the Haunted Hayride.

Sorry again for not keeping আপনি updated!
Remember my প্রবন্ধ about me retiring from লেখা অনুরাগী fiction? Yep, going to miss those days. But that's not what I am লেখা this one about. This time is what I have found when I went back to my অনুরাগী Fiction account. Shown in the screenshot below, I have all those অনুরাগী fictions I have either never got around to finish them nor abandoned them completely. I completely forget about them. I only went to read other people's beautiful work. Insane, right? Today, I went to see if I have to clear out any of my work for my retirement and I wanted to প্রদর্শনী them to you. 3 out of 4 of these are actually...
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posted by Bluekait
Dear SFAF,

I am retiring from writing. It has been fun and আপনি guys enjoyed what I write, but my imagination seems to run low. I have no আরো ideas to put into stories. Another reason I have to stop is because I am soon to get a job (it's my first job) and I am waiting to get a call back. Soon as I get it, I'd be working on the weekends and I wouldn't have the time to write.

I enjoyed লেখা for আপনি guys and I প্রণয় hearing what আপনি guys say about them. It breaks my হৃদয় to tell আপনি this. But it has been ব্যক্ত and done. I am keeping my পূর্ববর্তি stories up so আপনি guys can still enjoy them because...
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    Hello, guys!
    Wow. Can I please tell আপনি guys how absolute slow this site has been lately? It’s driving me crazy. You’re all awesome peeps, but… I just have to make a minor confession…
    I’m really, really not that much of a Potterhead as I used to be. Honestly, I still প্রণয় Snape, but lately I’ve been পাঠ করা all this classical literature and… HP doesn’t seem as great as it used to be. Sorry. Yes, I feel awful, but it’s difficult finding motivation to post something Potter related when you’re not as into...
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posted by Bluekait
This is for Emzy, as a motivational story for her new অনুরাগী fiction series.



Running is all on Amy's mind right now. She seen the most terrifying thing in her life; a pair of red eyes. A silhouette of a man with glowing red eyes and snarling sharp teeth, just outside her window. She ran all the way to her boyfriend's house. Steven answered the door, "Amy, it's 1 in the morning. What's wrong?" Amy, out of breath, answered, "Steven, I just saw a man outside my window. He had these glowing red eyes and these sharp teeth. I was scared." Steven...
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posted by Bluekait
I am not sure about this. It seems SFAF wanted আরো fanfics and I got nothing else to do so I am going to post this and see what আপনি guys think. I'll use names from stars, planets, Gods etc. etc.


It was first দিন back to Hogwarts. It was Kaitlyn's 6th বছর there and she was honored as a Perfect. On the train, she sat with the other Perfects. Kaitlyn sat পরবর্তি to a fellow Hufflepuff, a tall Asian boy named Rigel Procyon.

"Hey, Rigel? Who's in the compartment পরবর্তি to ours?" she asked.

"Oh. That's James Potter and his family. আপনি know, the kids of the famous...
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posted by ProfSnape
    “I don’t know why someone didn’t rescue আপনি from the Quidditch match. It looks like someone was screwing around with your broom. It’s easy to counter silly spells like that.”
    Harry thought a moment. “But why would someone mess up my broom…?”
    “You’ve obviously made an enemy out of someone.” Severus shrugged.
    “…maybe it was Draco.”
    “Perhaps. In any case, I’m glad you’re dead. I’ve never had a friend before.”
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posted by Bluekait
This is for Snape96 who picked scary legends. I made this one as a poem.

If আপনি pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If আপনি haven't, here's a link:



Nieghbors heard a scream
From Mary's house,
Which has always been quiet
Since she came.

They called the police
And they searched.
They found Mary,
Who was hung দ্বারা a frame.

Mary got killed.
She knew who did it.
Came back as a demon.
Haunted this man's dreams.

He woke up every night,
With her at the end of the bed.
Warned him to stop
His nasty deeds.

He would have deep scratches
On his back.
Horrid things came to his mind.
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posted by ProfSnape
    It was a perfectly ordinary day, and to make it আরো perfectly regular, two boys were trying to make mischief.
    “They’ll freak out! The whole staff… they’ll freak out!”
    “Calm down, Harry!” But Severus himself had a wide smile, “We just lead them into the hallways… and into the dining hall. It’s breakfast now, isn’t it? Perfect way to start the day! Have them meet death in the eyes!”
    Harry pat the thestral on the bony snout. “How come they can see us?”
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posted by Bluekait
 I will get Snape96's story পোষ্ট হয়েছে soon.
I will get Snape96's story posted soon.
Sorry if I haven't পোষ্ট হয়েছে any horror stories in a while. I just have a bad winter break and I needed to take a break from the stories. And since only 5 people (plus me, which is 6) did the মতামত and মতামত প্রদত্ত on it which story they want, not that many people really wants a horror story. I did same on the True Writers spot. But honestly, I got one story to do and I am usually good at লেখা if I am stressed. I will get Snape96's story পোষ্ট হয়েছে soon. I am trying, but once I get an idea for the story.

If আপনি want a story, please vote and মতামত here; If আপনি are one of the 5 that already picked, please মতামত here:


Sorry if this sounds desperate, but I would like to do আরো stories. But if আপনি guys are bored with the horror stories, মতামত below on which kind of story আপনি prefer.
 Fanfictions, anyone?
Fanfictions, anyone?
posted by Bluekait
This for Snape's alternatives who pick phobias and wanted a psychological thriller.

If আপনি pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If আপনি haven't, here's a link:



"They are everywhere, I tell you! EVERYWHERE!!!" he screamed as he was dragged to the mental hospital. He caught sight of his friends. His eyes locked on Amy.
"You believe me, honey? Come on, babe! Tell them আপনি saw them too! I know আপনি did, tell them I am not crazy!"
Amy slowly shook her head and waved as they threw her boyfriend...
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posted by ProfSnape
    Harry opened his eyes. A young boy was looking him over. They were sitting in the hallway, dark and cold. The boy, a little older than Harry, smiled gently. “Hello.” His voice was calm and soothing.
    “Hello.” Harry himself felt oddly at peace. “I’m Harry. Who are you?”
    “…What are we doing here? Aren’t we supposed to be in our common rooms?”
    “It’s fine. They won’t find us, anyway.”
    “McGonagall is really strict…”...
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posted by Bluekait
This is for Emzy. She picked three since she like them all: scary legends, ghosts, blood and gore.

If আপনি pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If আপনি haven't, here's a link:


Avery ran into the woods. Without looking back, she knew she was being chased দ্বারা an un-natural force. She ran to the hut and locked the door behind her. Avery heard a loud thud. "Phew," she sighed. She climbed into বিছানা and slept. The পরবর্তি morning, she was found dead at a gruesome sight.
Her head was found outside and the rest of Avery Wilson was nowhere to be found.
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posted by ProfSnape
80 Years Later
    Sirius and Lily Black looked down at the tombstones. “Very funny how life works, guys.” He said, smiling a little. “Hated each other, worst enemies… what made আপনি change?”
    Lily sighed. “You were good men. No, great.”
    Sirius looked her over, and then hugged her. “I can still hear আপনি two, coming over at our ডিনার table… bickering a little, yeah, but mostly talking and having fun.”
    Lily bowed her head. “They both loved me, didn’t they?”
    A little farther away Henry, Thomas, Jacob and Rose were playing together. The Blacks loved their grandchildren with all their heart, and loved their merry feet as they zigzagged across the tombstones, racing.
    The leap of faith was over for them.
    All was well at last.
posted by Bluekait
This is one I pick about ghosts.

If আপনি pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If আপনি haven't, here's a link:



The camp counsler gathered the kids around the fire. "Let me tell আপনি a ghost story.

I found a diary entry. I found it দ্বারা a burnt chruch. আপনি want to hear it? Well, I will read it.

Dear Journal,

I went mad. I didn't mean too. I burn down the church. I...I...I killed and I made my sins. Wait! There's scratching at my door! No! No! N---

The rest was torn. I went inside the church and I almost vomited. There was the remains of the saint...
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posted by Bluekait
This is for Perry! She picked scary legends.

If আপনি picked a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If আপনি haven't, here's a link:



"It has been a long time," Alice said. "But now আপনি know my deed, I must kill you."

Just as Jon begged, she took her blade and chopped her boyfriend's head off. Jon was killed for cheating on Alice দ্বারা loving 12 other girls. Alice was furious. She ended him for good. Alice looked at him, "You loved me and those sluts long enough, Jon. আপনি didn't have to sleep with those ladies. Didn't I প্রণয় আপনি enough?" She kicked his...
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