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Watch Jersey কূল Season 3 Episode 9: স্নেহ চুম্বন Cousins. Sammi and also Ronnie continue to cause problems in the house. Ronnie confronts Henry about Holland which finally ends up into a orthopedic argument in your kitchen. JWOWW goes on a তারিখ with Roger and yet keeps getting disrupted দ্বারা their own friends. After that, the girls win over Sammi to go out in the open and have a break from the pressure between your ex and Ronnie but since Ronnie finds out your dog gets mad and actually starts to wreck most of the room plus throwing Sammi’s important things onto the veranda, including the your...
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posted by Bielebergurlz
I think snooki is like the leader of those girls.....shes a good leader if she is one. her বন্ধু stick up for her and hse sticks up for them.

deena i think can get carried away with emotions but she can control it and she..i think shes truly a good person inside!

jwow is wOw! she is her own person she has her own rules...if people dont like her then who cares. She is a true leader and role model...spite her party mode! :D

sam i think is arrogant and foolish. she thinks shes the only person in the house and that she deserves to be treated like a princess. she just needs to get over herself অথবা get off the show! i dont like her at all!

its funnt cuz i think deena,nicole,and jwow want to be sams friedn but sams so arrogant its hard to be. they want to be there for her but sams just not good at all! gotta go!