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posted by vargyvarg
To all those who are অনুরাগী of SYTYCD and all those behind the seens, to the judges and of course to the dancers.
In Glendale, Az. I was priviliged to meet the dancers of SYTYCD season 4 when they were all signing autographs. I must tell আপনি that each and everyone of them is a class act. They work hard pushing their bodies to the limit. Their skill is what we admire them for but they should be admired for their down to earth personalities and their class. They actually take the time to sign for every অনুরাগী and talk to them taking pictures with them. Gev and Twitch stood out among the guys as Jessica...
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Am I the only one who sees that this year's প্রদর্শনী is fixed? Throughout the early weeks I really didn't want to believe it, but tonight, when both Gev and Mark হারিয়ে গেছে out to Twitch, a one-act clown প্রদর্শনী with phony spectacles, to boot -- well, all was clear.

Gev and Mark, along with Joshua are the Show's most focused and versatile dancers; who delivered every step that was demanded of them like pros, and without excuses from the judges for being out of their element. This is supposed to be a "dance competition", not a clown show, অথবা a body-building competition -- they're simply required to bring...
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Bottom three:

Courtney G. and Gev

Comfort and Thayne

Kourtni L. and Matt


Kourtni L.


Compared to last week's show, Wednesday's episode was only satisfactory for me. Who knows? Maybe it was because they were trying to cram all 14 dances into one show, resulting in rushed introductions, less practices per dance between couples and other effects that came into play. Or, maybe the only problem is me. Maybe I'm just too picky with shows like this, and I want them to be "perfect" and "just right". Whatever the cause, most of the dances in episode 12 did not capture my attention,...
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posted by memyselfi
I can NOT possibly be the only one that finds this "person" almost too irritating to watch, and this is a really good program.
She looks like আগুন Marshall Bill, (done দ্বারা Jim Kerry on In Living Color), she sits there with her lips pulled back in a snarl like a hyena. I'd like to see one of her teeth right in front fall out right on TV.
That's not the worst, her voice is দ্বারা far THE most irritating sound on earth and when she starts her screaming, and false cetto rampage, it reminds me of the loudest, most irritating, ছুরি in the brain, migraine starting, baby, on an airplane অথবা grocery store.
All contestants performing have to hear her
"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" Please gag me with a very large something.

GET HER OFF THE SHOW! She ruins it.

Hollywood, CA, August 25, 2009— As a performer, recording artist, dancer and choreographer for আরো than twenty years, অ্যাঞ্জেল Ferreira has grown up in the সঙ্গীত business. He’s performed with everyone from ম্যাডোনা to Vanessa Williams. After a strong career as a dance artist, অ্যাঞ্জেল adopted a new style and became a bandleader, fronting the Afro-Cuban soul band অ্যাঞ্জেল and the Mambokats. He’s recently seen one of the tracks from his self-produced and released album Horizontal Mambo break...
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Is it just me, অথবা is Dominic a little fixated on Cat? He takes any opportunity to grab her in a big hug and does NOT let go! She seems to be squirming and trying to get away. She's probably glad he got voted off last night..
Before “Dancing with the Stars”, “America’s Best Dance Crew” and “So আপনি Think আপনি Can Dance” there was Astaire-Rogers. ফ্রেড Astaire and Ginger Rogers are among the most successful and well-known dancers in American history. Together, this dancing and অভিনয় duo made ten films. To this day, "Fred and Ginger" remains an almost automatic reference for any successful dance partnership. Many classical dancers and choreographers acknowledge their importance and influence on dance today. Now, আপনি can see what they were all about – Comcast has ten films featuring Astaire and Rogers available now including, Shall We Dance, দোল Time and শীর্ষ Hat. So check out the pair that has inspired the dance craze of today On Demand in the “Movies & Events” folder under “Movie Collections.”