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“Happy Birthday, Soda.” আপনি smile as আপনি walk in the room.

His jaw drops at the sight of you, in your black lacy bra and panties just for this occasion.

“Wow.” He whispers.

You walk over to where he was sitting on the chair and straddle him. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” আপনি whisper seductively in his ear. আপনি start স্নেহ চুম্বন him, tongues battling, then আপনি pull away.

“Lets go into the kitchen.” আপনি say.

On the রান্নাঘর টেবিল was a cake. আপনি turned around to see Soda, শার্ট and pants already off. আপনি smile seductively, and take a handful of the cake, and rub it on your stomach....
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First off, if আপনি don't like sad things then don't read this. Ok if আপনি are still পাঠ করা this then আপনি might cry. I'm warning you. I did. Ok here it goes. I was looking at things in the official website for the book and movie of The Outsiders,, and I decided to go on the FAQ's. So I went to the সাধারণ প্রশ্নাবলী about the book and each of the questions. There were only three. When I got to the last question, I couldn't believe it. Here is exactly what it said: In a special feature on the DVD The Outsiders: The Complete Novel, Rob Lowe reveals that S. E. Hinton told him that...
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আপনি were sitting in your shared apartment with Sodapop. আপনি two have been together for two years now. আপনি met in school a long time পূর্বে but didn't notice each other that much. আপনি decided to go to his brothers house to see everyone. The whole gang loved আপনি so much. আপনি saw them there. আপনি knew Soda was going to be there cause he told before work. আপনি hugged and চুম্বন each other. He was অভিনয় weird the past couple of days. Everyone was talking and laughing. "Hey Soda are আপনি going to ask her?" আপনি looked at Steve who was looking at Soda. "Yeah I just don't know" he said. "We'll do it fast"...
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আপনি walked into the Curtis house and আপনি saw Ponyboy sitting there পাঠ করা his book. "Hey Pony, are আপনি ready to read 'Gone with the wind?' " "Yeah hang on, নমস্কার Soda, can আপনি come here for a minute." আপনি and Ponyboy have been বন্ধু for a couple days now and he promised he would প্রদর্শনী আপনি his পছন্দ book, and আপনি never knew he had a brother. "Hey Pony--" Soda walked in with no শার্ট on, only a towel. His jaw dropped and he blushed. "Hi, I'm Sodapop," "I'm Alex," আপনি couldn't stop looking into his beautiful eyes. "Well Alex, how about I take আপনি to the dingo for a coke?" আপনি nod but then remember that আপনি were really there to get that book. "Oh, pony, I'm sorry, can I please go?" "I ain't your parent, sure আপনি can go and here take the book, আপনি can read it to Soda." Soda took your hand and began leading আপনি out the door. "Hey sodapop!" টাট্টু yelled, "you know আপনি only got a towel on?" Soda blushed and gave আপনি a quick চুম্বন then ran to go get cloths.
“Can I come in now?” আপনি hear Soda whisper from the hallway. It sounded like he was sniffling a little.

“Are আপনি crying?” আপনি ask as he walks in.

“No.” He mutters, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

“Yes আপনি are, আপনি big softie,” Ponyboy grins.

“Is she all ok?” Soda asks, still sniffling.

“Yes, she’s in perfect condition.” The doctor grins. ” 6 pounds, 9 ounces. আপনি want to hold her?” He asks Soda.

Soda just nods his head. The doctor hands him the baby.


Soda just smiles.

“Hey, Grace.” He says softly. “Hey.”

“She looks like you.” Ponyboy says to আপনি as he looks over Soda’s shoulder at his niece.

“Pretty, just like her mom.” Soda glances at you.
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I woke in in the night from the sound of a pebble, knocking on my window. I got up swiftly to see what it was, and there, in the glow of the moonlight stood Sodapop Curtis, my secret greaser boyfriend. "You ready?" He called. "Always" I replied. I yanked off my night gown, and underneath was a cute greaser girl outfit I had bought to impress Soda. I was Soc, but I wanted to impress him, I don't want to be soc. I ran down the stairs quietly, and slipped out of the front door. I ran over to the চেরি বৃক্ষ where soda waits for me, and saw he big blue eyes staring at me. "What are আপনি wearing?"...
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“Could আপনি be any আরো immature?” আপনি laugh as your boyfriend plays with the bubbles.

He shoots আপনি a look. “Yes, yes i could. আপনি have no idea what I’m capable of.” He grins.

You laugh.

“Come on, you’re having fun. Tell me you’re having fun.”

“I’m having the time of my life.” আপনি roll your eyes.

“You’re having fun. Say it with me. Ha-ving fun.”

You went into the bathroom to take a shower, but somehow had winded up in the bathtub with your completely immature boyfriend.

“Ha-ving fun.” আপনি sigh, giving up.

“I know আপনি would.” He grins as he leans over to...
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