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Source: not drawn দ্বারা me recolored দ্বারা me!
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What is a recolorer? A recolorer is a person who takes a picture from a Sonic the Hedgehog game অথবা টেলিভিশন প্রদর্শনী and makes it into their own boring অনুরাগী character. A অনুরাগী character, দ্বারা the way, is a character made দ্বারা a fan, both the original artists and recolorers. The fact of the matter is recolorers are lame, uncreative art thieves that have no business on the internet at all. Or, at least, that is what I thought. The real truth is that recolorers, for lack of a better term, are harmless, very creative, and probably one of the most misunderstood art forms in the world. I intend to prove...
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posted by Light-Of-Days
(I found these in my English Notebook, so I took all the Sonic Related ones and posting it here. I wrote each short story to a song until it finished. So they're mostly random.)

DRABBLE ONE- Victory Cake.
Song- ব্রেভ Boy-Jubyphonic

Licking the frosted ছুরি as it parted from the cake, Donny stood in the রান্নাঘর preparing a cake. Conner Would be প্রথমপাতা in a few minutes, so he thought he'd make the rabbit a cake for staying up late to study for his math test the পরবর্তি day. Looking into the fridge, he glanced at the leftovers from the night before. There always seemed to be so much leftovers, seeing...
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আপনি MUST have the গুগুল Chrome web browser in order to install these themes. Copy and paste the link into your গুগুল Chrome address/search bar to get to the theme download section.


Red Burst

Cyan Laser

Pink Spikes

Purple Frenzy

Blue Cube

Violet Void

Yellow Drill

Orange Rocket

Green Hover



Tropical Resort

Sweet Mountain

Starlight Carnival

Planet Wisp

Aquarium Park

Asteroid Coaster

Terminal Velocity

Sonic Simulator

Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park

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posted by NoctusLynx
My name is Levi Purus. Just now, I came back from my first দিন of school. I don't know why, but everyone, including my teacher were afraid of me. I didn't want to go back, but mom and dad told me I had to.

Some years later...

Today, I was pummeled again দ্বারা the local bullies. I can't tell why, but they seemed to be hurting themselves আরো than they were hurting me. I guess that they act tough, but aren't.

Some days later...

I was in the principal's office for breaking a kid's arm while in wrestling class. It's not my fault they didn't tap out earlier. Is it?

Several years later...

I'm 15 now, and...
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Hey,It is I,Mapware3640(Please call me Matt) and today we are yet again talking about the MTL's different this time around আপনি may ask?Well I am here to answer your questions:


-Q:WHOA!WHOA!WHOA!what is with the darker atmosphere here?I mean the original MTL series MTL was created in a floating মহাকাশ base,but in this he's created in a dome দ্বারা near dead survivors...WHERE IS THE HUMOR!?
-A:Easy there,The MTL reboot is giving the MTL series a আরো of an epic story.Yeah,there will be a lot of dark and twisted moments here and there,but there will be comical relief...
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Chapter Six
(September 29th)

Monday; the first দিন of school each week. For many people it is a difficult day. Granted it can start out well enough. Two and a half days of working on school projects and homework is very helpful for being prepared for when returning work, but then the new work comes in. The procrastination of two free days without school adds to laziness of the mind for most, and thusly one’s mind is not prepared for such a task as algebra, geometry, biology, ect.

Unfortunately the school itself had possibly আরো stress during the break. Due to the school’s সাম্প্রতিক attack, and...
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posted by SierraDawnV2
Yxari Acid Facts

The blood is about 75% percent acid, the rest mortal blood, however, if Yxari is injured, the acid acts as a healing agent, but only if it's fatal, such as impalement. 
 The acid tries to fully take over the blood stream, which is what the medication is for. If it does manage to seize control and hit the heart, Yxari would lose her 'humanity' for an indefinite amount of time. She would become a heartless savage unless some form of the medication was injected into the bloodstream. 
 This very same acid helps fight off disease and infection, making acid monsters the healthiest...
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AN: NOT A COUPLE STORY. This story is about the rogue man who finally got caught... Then meets one of the female guards. They become fast friends... 

 The black নেকড়ে was very, very pissed off. He allowed himself to be captured দ্বারা the cops. He then realized how smart they had gotten. He couldn't snap the handcuff like he normally could. 'Well... That's new,' he thought to himself. He tried to struggle his way out of the cuffs, yet nothing happened. He was sitting in a cold metal chair, alone in the interrogation room. He groaned. 
 The door opened slowly, revealing the man in white. He was...
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posted by TenanahBluefern
AN: I guess I must continue this story, on request of MephilesTheDark. Now I must continue in the first-person because I myself am Tenanah. Now let's pick up where we left off--

 "Y-you don't KNOW?" Shane asked me. 
 "Hey hey. I don't know everything!" I said, holding my hands up in surrender.
 "But you're--"
 "Yeah, maybe I am the Voodoo Queen, but I don't know EVERYTHING! The only way to know how to remove the spell is to know who sent it! I don't know who! It was just a treat letter that arrived in the mailbox!"
 Shane sighed. "Well... What should we do now? That 'letter' ব্যক্ত to be prepared."...
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posted by bustacap96
Kaliso, Anya
Date of Birth: January 4, 1989
Height: 3"6
Weight: XX
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Everyone’s got to serve frontline now - even Anya. The former “Control” dispatchers is now a fighting Freelancer, as skilled with a বন্দুক blaster as the men. A couple of years of fighting the Dragon Code and Rapid 99 and defending the beleaguered remnant of the Mobians and Humans of Maige has forged Anya into a tough, confident fighter ready to tackle anything - just like her parents before her.

Early in her life, Anya often felt overshadowed and in awe of her mother. Although very beautiful,...
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posted by marksmen456
A male and female hedgehog was running down an allyway,on a cold stormy night,the two heard a familiar laugh,and then wlking down the allyway,Dark Typhoon was heading towards the two,they ran away,but they soon were cornered.

There was a flash,and the male hedgehog was dead,while Dark Typhoon was choking the female,he ব্যক্ত in her ear,"The Innocent will live,The guilty shall die..." then her mute screams were permenantly gone.

Then the flash was gone,and he woke up,strapped up on a metal table,and a lamp hovered above his head,he turned to his left,and,what appeared to be,doctors,were grabbing...
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posted by BeccaDaHedgehog
Lucifer the Dark

Nickname: Luck.
Species; Genetically altered Mobian African pygmy hedgehog-demon.
Name deprived from; link, god of hell, demon, Satan, devil, light-bearer, morning star, fallen angel.
Age: Unknown, ageless. Probably about 10 in the current timeline.

Theme Song: link

Lucifer was created as a back-up for the link, in case the original failed. In a way, আপনি could say that this made Lucifer and Solaris ‘cousins’. Nicknamed ‘Project Lucifer’ after the Aztec Sun God. What the scientist’s didn’t count on, however, was for the Original link to end up killing majority of them....
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posted by NickleBackFan
Bullet couldn't help but feel like a father to P-Do. Even though he shouldn't. P-Do calls Nay-Nay 'Mommy' which means Ghost is the dad whether he liked it অথবা not. 'Why couldn't P-Do call someone i might marry mommy?' Bullet thought. But then he thought again. Who would he marry? Dark Fire? EWWWWW! Maiyumi? Even if he wanted to she would never marry him. চেরি Blossom? hmm maybe. Before he thought of the পরবর্তি one he shook his and dismissed thoose thoughts. Why should he decide now. He is only 14. Then another thought ocurred Nay-Nay gets called 'mommy' দ্বারা P-Do be he never called Ghost daddy...
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posted by NoctusLynx
"I am not going back in there," Noctus protested.

It had been two weeks since Menae had her pelvic bone corrected. Now, she was on the বিছানা of her form, crying out in pain, in labor.

"Please, Noctus, আপনি know I can't do this. If I do, you'll have to go in there either way since I'll probably break something, and I might kill অথবা baby," Cooro said. "Have a heart, Noctus. What if this were your daughter, Yami?"

Menae continued to cry out in pain. The labor came as sudden as a হৃদয় attack. Her water hadn't even broken until about thirty সেকেন্ড after undergoing labor.

"Yami is not my daughter, and...
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In the বছর of 3242 on the Prime Zone of Mobius, a paradox was created. A hand of evil used the power of seven different-colored chaos emeralds to attempt to reshape the Prime Zone in his image. A conflict arose between the evil, and good, resulting in the planet mutating into a different history and people completely.

Briefly before these events took place, a scientist called “Dr. Finitevus” had fastened a protective bunker that would shield him from the affects for a time. When the paradox-era began, he was caught in dead space, and discovered entirely new alien-like worlds...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Bean: I went to bar at Eg-
Amelia: When did আপনি go to a bar?
Bean: SHUT UP! Let me Finnish! I went to the bar at Eggman conference. Where all the people that have worked for Eggman can g-
Amelia: When did আপনি work for Eggman?
Bean: SHU-
Amelia: NO! আপনি are going to sit in the naughty corner Mr!

I hope আপনি like the sneak peek.
posted by CosmoLuvsTails
"This is Alex Louans reporting live from the houses of parliament in London. As আপনি will probably know, Earth has declared total war. I'm here to see what the Prime Minister has to say on the situation:"
"These aliens will not win this war. Britain's armies are prepared for any enemy attack on the world. This is where we say to ourselves; do we really want these creatures living in control of us, the human race decreed slaves? That is why we shall not rest until every alien is down and dead."
"So, as the PM says, we'll win this war, at any cost. Now let's go back to Dion in the studio"

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posted by TakTheFox
This is a suggestion sheet. Here I will তালিকা off rules that are part of the club currently and will not be changed, as well as suggestions for rules, and leave the মতামত for what আপনি want as rules.

Solid Rules (unchangeable Rules basically)

~No sexuality: No over-showing of cleavage অথবা sexual body parts, no sexual gestures, no blatant porn, no Yuri অথবা Yao, in roleplays, stories, অথবা pictures. This club has already gone through a মাস of porn pictures being flashed on it and we don’t want that to start up again. It doesn’t matter if characters are married, in love, অথবা if it’s just TOUCHING...
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