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নমস্কার guys! here's another part of me book! hope u enjoy!
this is when sonic confronts eggman.
sonic:where r my বন্ধু and family Eggman?
eggman:what friends? ooo, the ones আপনি lied to. the ones who trusted u and u lie to them.
sonic: shut up!!!!
eggman: everybody hates u. Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, and... even Amy... *he smirks*
amy and others r in a one way room where they can see and hear everyone except for the people outside can't hear অথবা see them.
amy: sonic! don't believe him! *tears filled her eyes
sonia: sonic! don't listen!
sonic falls to his knees. You're lying!
eggman:am i? how come they...
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this takes place awhile after the end of sonic underground. sonic has already met his বন্ধু for a long time now. before sonia and manic প্রদর্শনী up, amy and sonic share their first kiss. then everything is destroyed. none of sonic's বন্ধু know that sonic has a brother and sister. and they didn't know he was a prince either. then manic accidently lets it slip and all of sonic's বন্ধু stare at him in shock. sonic then is ashamed of not telling his বন্ধু all his past. then sonic goes,"don't look at me, knuckles knew too!" amy then goes,"wait! let me get this straight, u r a prince and u hav...
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