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posted by Ashurii24
Hi everyone
Ready for the পরবর্তি splatfest where আপনি can dance again on the nice music?
আপনি can choose your side
Do আপনি prefer the delicious eating অথবা আপনি want to sleep in your comfy বিছানা
it begins on 18 july 7pm and ends on 19 july 7 pm
normally আপনি get আরো উপদেশ from the ''squid sisters'' (callie and marie)in the news
Who do আপনি choose?
Do আপনি want your team to win?
Do আপনি want to splat them all?
dont miss the splatfest
cuz its only 24 hours a month
its a time আপনি will never forget

have a nice time and
good luck guys!!