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I know these are all quotes/moments from the first few books, but those are the only ones I've read so far. Here are my favorites:

She’d have him, even if it killed her. If it killed both of them, she’d have him.


Damn Stefan Salvatore. So cold and controlled even while saving her life. Damn him for his politeness, and for his gallantry, and for the walls around him that seemed thicker and higher than ever.


And then she saw it, the anguish shattering his gaze, as if he simply couldn`t fight any longer. The defeat as the walls finally crumbled and she saw what was underneath.


Elena felt Stefan`s...
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I decided to post this প্রবন্ধ so that I can just clear something up that has been literally bothering me for quite some time. I have seen many Delena অনুরাগী going around on all of the social sites, and ফোরাম and they have managed to label their ship "Twin Flames". Now, I admit, every time I see such a thing, I really get annoyed because it couldn't be farther from the truth. And also, many Delena অনুরাগী like to call Stelena just "soulmates". Well, I'm here to tell আপনি that it's not as simple as it sounds in regards to Stelena. And Stelena are not just "soulmates". In fact, Stefan and Elena are...
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I wanna share this প্রবন্ধ with আপনি guys. I don't own this. I just saw it on Tumblr.

Here is why আপনি should ship Stelena and not Delena:

1. Stefans প্রণয় for her is pure (Damon says she wants a প্রণয় that consumes her but that’s not entirely true)

2.Stefan knows what’s right for her, Damon tries to control her every move

3. Damon is a boy who doesn’t know how to slow down and contain himself when he’s angry.

4. Damon is agressive and pushy, Stefan is soft and uncontrolling

5. Through everything Stelena never stopped loving eachother

6. Stefan knows what’s right for, Damon wants to believe...
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