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'Vampire Diaries': Paul Wesley on Stefan's 'incredibly hostile' episode

When we talked to Paul Wesley about this Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries – the one in which Stefan mentions turning Elena (Nina Dobrev) into a vampire, bites his wrist, and may force her to drink his blood in a speeding vehicle – he hadn’t seen it. He had, however, received a call from TVD exec producer Julie Plec to tell him the intense moments between Stefan and Elena were some of her পছন্দ scenes. “He’s essentially kidnapping her,” Wesley says. “There’s layers of humanity, regret, and sadness...
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posted by dacastinson
…does NOT deserve all this pain! It’s not fair.

I was happy when he হারিয়ে গেছে his memory because all he had in life so far was pain. That speech he gave Jessie made me cry. It’s the truth about his life, and it hurts so damn much! Why would anyone want to remember that and how could anyone live with that? And even without his memories he still cries because of this girl he ‘just met’.

I’m so pissed that Elena managed to hurt him once again.. প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে him how they met, telling him how it was for them when they were together, taking him to all those places that meant so much to him once,...
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Exclusive Interview: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
তারকা Paul Wesley has a bite

For the first two seasons of CW’s big hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Thursdays at 8 PM), it was easy to tell the two vampire Salvatore brothers apart. Stefan, played দ্বারা Paul Wesley, was the good one who never wanted to kill humans, and Damon, played দ্বারা Ian Somerhalder, was the bad one, who killed whoever and whenever he wanted. In Season Three, the tables are turned. Stefan has let his inner Ripper emerge, and Damon, along with Stefan’s human girlfriend Elena (Nina Dobrev) are desperately trying to restore Stefan to his old self....
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I felt pain and weakness when Damon crashed me down again. The darkness covered me and I didn’t feel anything. After a while I was just feeling freezing and that woke me up out my unconsciousness. I opened my eyes but I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t feel my body it was so weak. What happened to me? The mind was blurry and I didn’t remember anything. after I moved my hands I realized, that I was standing in the water and it reached my neck. I tried to make a step, but I felt some rocks around me. Everywhere around me. Only water and some closed space. Where am I? What happened? I felt...
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There is something so special about Stefan and Elena that it's hard to imagine another couple like them in existence. Some of us were immediately taken with the loner vampire guy and the জনপ্রিয় girl tinged with sadness as soon as they popped up on our screens. Others of us needed a little time to see their relationship hit a few road blocks but still flourish. I'd say, for most of us, we প্রণয় the fact that Stefan is a good guy with a caring হৃদয় even if his lust for blood turns him into a monster once in a while. Elena is the girl that understands him, that stands দ্বারা him, that loves him no...
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posted by MerlinLemon
Stefan Salvatore
Played by link
Starring: Season 1–

Stefan is a vampire who was turned দ্বারা Katherine in 1864, along with his brother Damon; because of this, they share a mutual hatred of one another. Returning to Mystic Falls, he discovers Elena, who is the spitting image of Katherine. Over time he forms a relationship with her because she looks like Katherine, though he soon discovers while she may look like Katherine, she is nothing like her and falls in প্রণয় with her for it. He eventually reveals that he saved her from the car accident which killed her parents. He survives mainly on animal...
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 the প্রদর্শনী with Caroline they are super cute when are together, they would make a cute a fantastic couple,
the show with Caroline they are super cute when are together, they would make a cute a fantastic couple,
Ok so here it is ! welcome to the 1st Interview with Inés [who won অনুরাগী of the মাস for June.]

1. Introduce yourself .
Well my name is Inés
I’m from Venezuela, I have 18 years old , I প্রণয় vampire diaries♥, (books and show)
Of course I প্রণয় Stefan♥♥, প্রণয় Damon, Katherine, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt and Klaus (In the show), I প্রণয় Bamon they are my OTPღ .
I’m in the law school, I'm obsessed with the horoscope
I was operated on two occasions for a problem in my leg.

In my dreams I am Damon’s girlfriend, Tyler’s wife, Mason Widow and “Stefan’s lover”♥
I consider myself a good...
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posted by MerlinLemon

1. He’s a hot, brooding vampire. nuff ব্যক্ত ;)
2. The forbidden love, the painful memories and the way Stefan hates himself makes us go “aaaaawww, poor Stefan.”
3. His flipping good looks, his gorgeous personality and his eyes…. *sigh*
4. He needs a hug. raise your hand if you’re game….
5. His brother pisses him off, but he still had enough kindness in his হৃদয় to not kill him.
6. He’s kind, generous, loveable, sexy, sweet, cute, a gentleman – and did I mention sexy? ;)
7. He has a great chest :9
8. He doesn’t eat humans, which makes him perfect boyfriend material :9
9. Although he’s serious a lot of the time, he can be really sweet and charming
10. He’s Stefan… duh
 Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries begins on September 15th on the CW 8/7c(8:00pm Eastern Time and 7:00pm Central Time USA).
Hello fellow TVD fans!We are less than a week away from episode 3x01 titled "The Birthday"and I know that the excitement is too much to handle.Lets recap a little bit ,shall we?

Waaaaaay back in May "As I Lay Dying"was one of the most anticipated episodes of season 2 and there is a reason why!Actually scrap that...There were many reasons!
1.The Ripaaaaah! - Stefan was responsible for Damon becoming a vampire in 1864 so when he found out that his brother was bitten দ্বারা a werewolf he felt obligated to find a cure.Even if [To quote Katherine Pierce in 2x22]he had to sacrifice everything including...
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