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posted by Bluefire7777
 Me in my পছন্দ spot to let my troubles go away
Me in my favorite spot to let my troubles go away
Long পূর্বে when I first was born... Ahh I remember it like yesturday when I first open my eyes and saw the world of light and life that engulfed me. As I felt the warm moss that srounded me I looked up at my mother, her warm gaze made me smile as I tried to stand. Well, that didn't work as well as I thought. I fell down a couple times only to me picked up দ্বারা my mother, but my brother had some problem's as well.
Soon our mother took my brother and I to a group of cats. Not long after she ব্যক্ত that she had to leave.
Moons Later, after my mother had left me and my brother decided to go out and...
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I opened my eyes. It was blurry for a second, but my eyes soon went in focus. I looked around and saw that I was in a শিয়াল den. I stood up, and shook myself. I licked my light silver with darker gray stiped fur. My first instinct was to find StormClan. Was to find Stormstar.

I ran. I ran as fast as my young legs could carry me, and I stopped dead. I yowled in triumph. It was the forest! Hundreds of thousands of trees lined up in messy rows; some crooked and some straight. "Now, all I have to do is find StormClan," I ব্যক্ত to myself, "but how?" I beared my teeth in annoyance, I always was short~tempered....
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posted by Moonstorm100
 Wind, mother of Stormstar and littermates
Wind, mother of Stormstar and littermates
"Gather around" Wavestorm call's, "Anyone who wants to hear about our past, gather around!" Wavestorm, calls from the elders den. Stormstar sits beside her as clan members begin pouring from the warriors গর্ত to hear about her past.
Spottedshadow and Bloodpool appear from the nursery, followed দ্বারা Thistlekit, Moonkit, and Nightkit. Then Stormstar spots Featherpaw and Daisypaw come out of the apprentaces den. There sister Fernpaw, then appears from the med. cat গর্ত followed দ্বারা Lilypaw. The warriors Mistyflower, Nightstalker, Spruceleaf, and Dawnsky sit near the back row to give everyone else...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Finchfang padded through the forest, a chill rippled through his gray fur, reminding him that leaf-bare was about to return.
Finchfang shivered, and sniffed the air. "Not one sniff o'mouse around here" Finchfang sighed.
Finchfang was about to সরানো on when he heard a rustling of bushes, not far off. An intruder, Finchfang wondered? Imediatly his claws slide out, পশম bristled, and eyes turned from curious to catious. Finchfang gave the air another sniff but relaxed as he reconized the scent of StormClan, a couple heartbeats later, a dark lean-shape leaped from tree-to-tree, landing a mouse-length...
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posted by Moonstorm100
Stormstar walked through the misty forest, her paws skimmed the moss covered ground. She could smell the camp, she knew that most of the clan was grooming and sharing toungs. In her mouth dangled a kit, although the kit seemed old enough to be an apprentace.
As Stormstar entered the camp with the kit hanging from her moth, the clan stopped what they were doing to stair at the strange kit. Stormstar ignored the confused glares from her clanmates as she passed by. She knew that the glares were not for her but for the kit. The gray kit had two different colored eyes and to most মার্জার that was...
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posted by plumsplash
It was the coldest leaf-bare many মার্জার could remember. The lake turned to ice, trapping frosted reeds and cutting of Lakeclan warriors from the মাছ and the water voles. Prey on land was very scarce. With New-leaf came the relentless drip-drip of melting ice. মার্জার grumbled about soggy ground and puddle in camp. But the worst was yet to come. A young warrior Sweetshine, her round belly swollen with her unborn kits, was on night watch. She listened to the roar of the river on the other side of the border. It had been louder than usual for three days. The sun would be rising soon, and then she...
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I ran, my breath coming in fast gulps as I raced through the forest.
Horror flashed through in my eyes as I remembered what had occured only moments before. I had returned প্রথমপাতা after seeing Nightstar, only to find my father waiting for me. I had realzied for the first time, that I was expecting kits, and now my father Ozone, was heading strait for my mate, Nightstar!
I have to save him, I thought desperatly, but how can I? The forest seemed to engulf me, dark shadows seemed to creep beside me as I ran.
Then I herd a shriek, my ears prickled up and my eyes widend with fear, as I reconized...
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Tomorrow is a new day, to bad. Why? I have no freaking idea; Just ask these crazy evil people who think they are helping me. Everyone thinks they know what I’m going through অথবা that they can help me.
Let me start over, My name is Claira Hale. I’m a special “person”, I have long brown hair green eyes. Oh… and I’m a werewolf. Yea. See my life is complicated, not only am I the Chief’s ONLY Daughter, I’m the “Silver one” whatever that is, see only a week পূর্বে I was the most Normal person ever nothing special about me. I went to school, had my friends, my family was normal or...
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posted by brownstar
Ok since আপনি people wanted to ignore me in the ফোরাম i'll post it here. i have decided to leave this clan, for the leader stormstar rarely comes on to help her clan অথবা stop them from fights. she only comes on to me when she makes warriors, apprentices, etc. i have gotten tired of the way she leads, no one ever get's in trouble here when they should because it teaches them about respect and shows them how they need to behave so they don't get in trouble again. i also feel like sometimes it isn't a clan because of the যেভাবে খুশী things that go on, this clan sometimes acts like it's a twoleg group,...
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"Fernpaw and Blackpaw, it is time আপনি both recieved your warrior names! Fernpaw, from this দিন অগ্রবর্তী আপনি shall be known as Fernflight! for your loyalty and dedication! And Blackpaw, from this দিন অগ্রবর্তী আপনি shall be called Blackclaw! For your loyalty and willingness to defend Stormclan with your life! We welcome আপনি both as full warriors of Stormclan!"

*clan cheers*

"Everyone, I have somthing else! I am on my ninth life! And I will not be coming on Stormclan as Stormstar anymore! So in my last moments here, I pronounce the new warrior Fernflight, to be your new leader! Reject her, as I expected, not that you've ever respected any of my descisions, but remember, she is the leader that I have chosen!"
Chapter 2    
Clover-blaze heard the stick splinter as the pain coursed through her body, a small mew came from behind her. “A she-cat!” Moth-paw placed a russet she-cat with a black tail beside her. The kit began to suckle hungrily Clover-blaze looked at the kit and realized her eyes were already open, she gazed into the kits golden eyes purring in joy. She heard Fox-hear hiss at Light-pelt as she worked her way around him. “Fox-heart, could আপনি go and fetch me some water?” Clover-blaze spit between her clenched teeth. She felt the pressure of his claws retract from...
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Here I'll tell আপনি ALL of the FIRST and LAST parts of the warrior names A-Z. Theres a lot of them! Here they are:


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posted by Ninano1998
sharpclaw~ warrior
claw~ apprentice
no scratch~ elder
healer~ medicine cat
leader~ flashstar

*in this "tribe" there is no names such as flare"KIT" and flare"PAW" this tribet takes care of one a nother but has different rules then most clans. here there are no borders and no dupty.*
members of the tribe:
leader: flashstar
healer: echo( sharpclaw)

~ krestalclaw,dark grey tom with black stripes and black paws
~ nightdust, a beautiful dark ginger she cat with sprinkled yelowish spots and tail striped with white
~ lillydraft, a white she cat with dark brown spots
~ scareleaf, a grey tom...
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"Father, wait up!" i called out, struggling to keep up because of the snow. It was the middle of leaf-bare, and prey was hard to find. Because of that, our family moved often to get আরো prey. The past times we moved weren't very good. 2 times we ran into other clans, and the most সাম্প্রতিক move, there were নেকড়ে near us. Pain ripped through me as i remembered what happened to Bravespark. Three নেকড়ে had cornered Thinfrost and i, baring their fangs. I could see the flashing white teeth threatening to rip into us. Sharp claws tore at the ground below us. Burning amber eyes burned into our souls....
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posted by plumsplash
Chapter 1    

Clover walked through the forest with two kits dangling from her jaws, a tabby tom followed her with two আরো and a white she-cat with one. Clover came to a stop and placed her kits between her paws. “Thank-you for helping me Tiger,” she nodded at the tom, then briefly touched noses with him “And Snow, I’ll never forget your help.” The other two মার্জার set down their bundles and touched noses with Clover, Tiger lingered a সেকেন্ড longer “I প্রণয় আপনি Clover I always have, but our kits belong with আপনি and আপনি have chosen to go somewhere else.” He said...
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~ chapter 2 ~

"your mentor will be stripemoon!" flame put on paw out and tapped flashstars shoulder. along with বিছুটি and leaf, she and তারকা were now claws! she shook with happiness and let the thought that flashstar would not let her become a claw drift away. তারকা nudged her and smiled, clearly thinking that this was the best thing ever. as the tribe finished cheering flame saw তারকা being pulled aside দ্বারা his mentor, hissclaw and found herself left in the clearing along with leaf. she glanced at leaf, but the she cat didn't not seem in the mood to talk and walked away to her mentor. suddenly...
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I wanted আপনি to know that I প্রণয় the way আপনি laugh
I wanna hold আপনি high and steal your pain away
And I keep your photograph, I know it serves me well
I wanna hold আপনি high and steal your pain

Because I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away
You've gone away, আপনি don't feel me here anymore

The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold আপনি high, আপনি steal my pain away
There's so much left to learn and no one left to fight
I wanna hold আপনি high and steal your pain

Because I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
Because I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

Because I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away
You've gone away, আপনি don't feel me here anymore
There seemed to be peace in the StormClan camp. Everyone was নিরাপদ and everything was sound. And then the peace was disrupted.

In came Foxpelt. She was followed দ্বারা Krakentail, Burntface, Orangepelt and Fleecefang. Trailing behind them was Foxstar of HeatherClan, Lynxstar of LavaClan, and Scarletstar of ColdClan. The leaders did not look happy.

Stormstar approached angrily. "What is going on here?" she demanded. "Why is my camp being invaded দ্বারা enemy leaders?!"

Scarletstar unsheathed her claws and lashed her tail, about to respond when Foxstar put her tail over Scarletstar's shoulder's to calm her...
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posted by TeamPeeta649
I lived in another clan before StormClan. That was a long time ago. I only lived there for one day. Then there was a fire. It drove me from my family. From my friends.


"Mommy! Daddy!" ,Nightkit looked around with scared eyes as the আগুন blazed through the camp. Boulderpelt, her father, picked her up দ্বারা the scruff, "I got you!" He turned to Shadowfoot, "We have to সরানো fast!"
Thornkit squrimed in his mother's jaws, "But I want to walk!" ,he wailed. "Thornkit please stop!" ,Shadowfoot looked around for a way out. "This way!" ,Boulderpelt ran for a hole in the camp wall. Shadowfoot squeezed...
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posted by Moonstorm100
 Im not sayin প্রণয় is a bad thing but kits should really wait until they grow n2 senior apprentaces অথবা warriors b4 they start develoin real hormonal emotion!
Im not sayin love is a bad thing but kits should really wait until they grow n2 senior apprentaces or warriors b4 they start develoin real hormonal emotion!
Im not gona talk as Stormstar, Im talkin as MoonStorm! Over the last couple of weeks, the drama n StormClans just been filling up, all the way until now!
StormClan wasnt always like this, believe it অথবা not, there was a time when StormClan ddnt hav much drama, we were just a happy clan of close friends! We ddnt like creatin drama cause it disrupted the balance of the clan! If we dd hav drama, it waz not often, we mainly just play-fought, made new warriors অথবা apprentaces, fell in love, competed n made-up games, অথবা even fought n battles! Im sick of u pple makin up so much drama, so caria1 u...
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