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KatieK102 posted on Sep 12, 2015 at 03:22AM
Falconstar-(KatieK102) - handsome black tom with dark gray chest and dark green eyes (Mate: Sweetbriar)

Wrenflight (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown tom with a golden chest and underbelly with amber eyes (Mate: Shiverwind)

Medicine Cats:
Slightfeather (KatieK102) - dark gray tom with darker patches and green eyes (Temporary mentor) (Mate: Creedstorm)
Swamppaw (Tanglebelly) - black and orange tom with a white freckled face and gold eyes
Pebblepaw (KatieK102) - tan and white tom with blue eyes

Creedstorm (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown she-cat with patchy black stripes all over, a white chin and seafoam green eyes (Mate: Slightfeather)
Redshadow (TeamPeeta649) - massive reddish-brown tabby tom with black stripes, paws, ears and muzzle and lavender eyes (Mate: Mistybreeze)
Duskstorm (KatieK102) - large, creamy-colored tabby tom with a white chest, underbelly, two white paws, and dark blue eyes (Mate: Frecklenose) (Apprentice: Buckpaw)
Berryfrost (KatieK102) - ginger she-cat with white nose and pretty green eyes, and a large scar across her shoulder (Mate: Strongbreeze) (Apprentice: Driftpaw)
Sunheart (Tanglebelly) - orange tom with white flecks and green eyes
Darkmist (TeamPeeta649) - white and black tom with gold eyes
Shiverwind (KatieK102)- pretty white she-cat with pale gray patches and frosty blue eyes (Mate: Wrenflight)
Strongbreeze (Tanglebelly) - black tom with white paws and tail tip, and amber eyes (Mate: Berryfrost) (Apprentice: Badgerpaw)
Sweetbriar (TeamPeeta649) - white she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes (Mate: Falconstar) (Apprentice: Flamepaw)
Frecklenose (TeamPeeta649) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat with a black freckled nose with brown eyes (Mate: Duskstorm)
Flintstripe (tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with a large fluffy white chest and underbelly and white toes with brown eyes (Mate: Treetail)
Treetail (TeamPeeta649) - brown tom with large black stripes, long legs and blue eyes (Mate: Flintstripe) (Apprentice: Cloudpaw)
Foxclaw (Tanglebelly) - ginger tom with a white muzzle and pale green eyes (Mate: Bloodmoon)
Ambershade (KatieK102) - golden tabby she-cat with white on her muzzle, chest and paws, green eyes
Tanglewhisker (Tanglebelly)-black tom with golden tabby stripes, green eyes, and a single white paw (Apprentice: Ivorypaw)
Bloodmoon (TeamPeeta694) - dark brown she-cat with reddish paws and muzzle and green eyes (Mate: Foxclaw)
Dewspots - pure white she-cat with pale blue eyes
Thundersky (KatieK102) - muscular stone grey tabby she-cat with tan stripes and paws, and piercing hazel eyes
Blacksun (TeamPeeta694) - orange tom with black legs and green eyes
Sunflowernose (TeamPeeta694) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat and a white mask and green eyes
Pantherleap (TeamPeeta649) - grey, white and tan calico she-cat with hazel eyes

Buckpaw (Tanglebelly) - dark brown tom with grey stripes and blue eyes
Badgerpaw (TeamPeeta694) - grey and tan tom with a long tail and hazel eyes
Driftpaw(Tanglebelly) - white and brown tom with a light grey freckled muzzle and green eyes
Cloudpaw (KatieK101) - fluffy white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Flamepaw (Tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with blue eyes
Ivorypaw (TeamPeeta694) - creamy white tom with brown eyes



Scorchgaze (TeamPeeta649) - large, muscular orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Hushpool (TeamPeeta649) - muscular light tan she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes (Mate: Skyheart)
Skyheart (Tanglebelly) - lean grey tom with blue eyes (Mate: Hushpool)
Featherwing (TeamPeeta649) - light grey tom with white stripes, a long fluffy tail, and icy blue eyes (Mate: Crowtail)
Crowtail (Tanglebelly) - muscular jet black tom with blue eyes (Mate: Featherwing)
Mistybreeze (KatieK102) - slender gray tabby she-cat with one white paw, tail tip and blue eyes (Mate: Redshadow) retired early


Current Season: New-Leaf
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বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Soooo what you're saying is you've never thought much about mating before and now you are and it's got you all bothered. *glances at Sunflowerpaw, feeling suspicious* Any certain cat you're picturing yourself with? ~ Cloudpaw

*moans and grinds in motion with Hushpool, shivering each time their cores brush* S-so my first orgagsm wasn't even real fun? ~ Mistybreeze

*purrs* Will do. *circles her nest before laying down, making room for Strongbreeze* ~ Berryfrost
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Nope. I swore I would never let anyone pull my focus from my ultimate goal and I'm sticking to that. There's plenty of time for all that other junk when I'm a warrior. -Pantherpaw

You know it's okay to have a little crush, Pantherpaw. Or at least be attracted to someone. -Sunflowerpaw

Not as much fun as this. *pushes their hips flush, moaning clearly for the first time as their core grind* Stars, you feel good! -Hushpool
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বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
I mean, it's okay, but I agree with you Pantherpaw, you really shouldn't let someone pull your focus. I would bet a moon of dawn patrols that's exactly why certain apprentices weren't chosen for the advanced assesment. ~ Cloudpaw

*whines and jerks her hips, kneeding Hushpool's chest* M-mine is already building again! ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
*nods* Exactly. Ambershade is really helping me work to become a warrior early, Falconstar was impressed by my sparring. I just need to keep those pesky hormones in check. When do she-cats usually go into heat for the first time? I want to avoid that as long as possible. -Pantherpaw

I have no idea. I hope not anytime soon. I couldn't imagine dealing with that in this small den. *shuffles her paws* -Sunflowerpaw

So is mine. *leans down and kisses her deeply as she continues to rub their cores together* Ready to have our mates watch us cum all over each other? -Hushpool
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*clears her throat* Yeah, that would be awful. How do you... how do you think she-cats get through that? Doesn't it only lessen if you, you know... take care of it? ~ Cloudpaw

Ahh, they're so lucky. *snakes her tongue around Hushpool's, clenching her shoulders* Oh Hushpool, Hushpool! ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Well most of the she-cats in camp have mates, so I'd imagine that's the biggest help. For those that don't...I guess they just push through. -Sunflowerpaw

Or they take care of it themselves. *bites her lip slightly* I guess you do what you have to do in order to get your head clear and your body back to normal. -Pantherpaw

Come on, Mistybreeze. Cum for me. *bucks against her hips faster, thrusting her tail into her core* -Hushpool
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Or maybe they have someone they trust do them, what, like a favor? *buries her face in her paws, refusing to look at Sunflowerpaw* Pantherpaw, you're the only one of us with a female mentor. You have to ask Ambershade about it. ~ Cloudpaw

*at the last moment, makes sure to completely expose herself so that the toms have a very clear view as she orgasms, moaning Hushpool's name desprately* ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Yeah I'll ask her tomorrow. She's always honest with the stuff I ask and she's single so I'm sure she's been through this. Had to deal with this stuff...and I know she hasn't been with any toms from camp...*quickly curls up into a tight ball* I'm going to sleep! -Pantherpaw

It is getting late. *stretches out with a sigh* If Ambershade doesn't give an answer I'm sure I can ask my mom or my aunt. -Sunflowerpaw

*pants against her neck as she continues to rock against her, her orgasm following quickly after* Stars that felt good. *straights out her legs and turns around, still saying over top of her* I'll clean you up, you clean me. *laps at her core and thighs, grooming her damp fur* -Hushpool

You two really know how to put on a show. *watches them intently* -Redshadow
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
We could always get brave and ask Thundersky since she was made a warrior late, I'm sure she had to go through it. *thinks* Hey Blackpaw, think she would tell you if you asked? Since you're snuggle buddies now? ~ Cloudpaw

Only the best for our mates, *sighs, still riding her high* *eagerly starts rasping her tongue across Hushpool's core and thighs* ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
*raises a brow at her as he turns over in his nest* You could offer to take all my dawn patrols for the rest of time and I would still not agree to ask Thundersky about her heat. Do you want me to get killed? -Blackpaw

Bloodmoon used to make out with Foxclaw and Tanglewhisker when she was an apprentice, but never went past mating. *offers* I'm sure after make out sessions she had tensions to release. -Pantherpaw

I have to say, I wasn't sure about watching someone else touch you at first, but if you two want to do this again all you have to do is say the word. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. -Redshadow

*hums against her before straightening up and licking her lips* If we do this again I'm definitely going to need more of this. Your tongue feels amazing. -Hushpool
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Well she would take it the best from you, so that rules the rest of us out, *huffs* At least Bloodmoon is an option if Ambershade is lame, or something. ~ Cloudpaw

*smirks and nibbles slightly on Hushpool's core, teasing* I think you'll be hearing the word very soon, handsome. ~ Mistybreeze

time skip soon? I was mostly just waiting for Hush/Misty to finish
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
I'm good with a time skip? Should we just go to the next day or give it a few more?

*shoots her a look* Ambershade is the best mentor anyone could hope to have. Even if she can't give me a direct answer she'll do her best to get us help somehow. -Pantherpaw

*shudders over her with a gasp**turns and nips lightly at her neck* Careful, cutie. Turn me on like that and I'll ride your face until you can barely breathe. -Hushpool
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
A few days?

বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Works for me!

*starts nosing cats from their nests, stopping beside his sister and Duskstorm* Rise and shine. I need you two on a border patrol. -Wrenflight

It's so early. *grumbles sleepily* -Frecklenose

Not my fault you two stay up so late. I gave you love birds the last couple days off. *flicks her tail playfully with his tail* Come on. Let's get a move on everyone. -Wrenflight

*waits outside the warriors den for her mentor* -Pantherpaw

*noses her mate* I've got some interesting news. -Creedstorm

*snuggles close to her mate* -Sweetbriar
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*yawns, wrapping a paw around Frecklenose and holding her close* Yeah, absolutely Wren. Gotta stay fair. We'll be right out. *doesn't move* ~ Duskstorm

*pads out of the den with and gives Pantherpaw a playful look* How did I know you would be waiting for me? ~ Ambershade

*pauses grooming his pelt* Oh yeah? What kind of news? ~ Slightfeather

*grooms the back of her neck lazily* ~ Falconstar
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Just give us a few minutes to wake up. *purrs as she nuzzles her head against his chest* -Frecklenose

*shakes his head* I swear you two better be out of this den by the time the rest of the patrol is ready. *exits the den and grabs a few black birds before heading into the elders den* Morning you two. -Wrenflight

Wren what a nice surprise. Not every day we get brought prey by a warrior. -Scorchgaze

I thought it was a better choice than scaring you again. Especially since I'm here to ask a favor of you. Can we go somewhere we can talk? -Pantherpaw

I was invited on a "she-cats day out". -Creedstorm

*pads over to Berryfrost and Strongbreeze's nest* Morning, love birds. I caught some prey on the dawn patrol and thought you two might want to share. *noses them a robin* I also wanted to run something by you, Berryfrost. -Darkmist

You know, I feel a little bad that I never get put on dawn patrols anymore. Just a little though. -Sweetbriar
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বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Just so we're clear, we're not joining that patrol, right? *runs a paw down her stomach* I think we've got some things to take care of this morning. ~ Duskstorm

By the deputy, noless. I was wondering when you would stop by. ~ Mistybreeze

*blinks, caught off guard* Of course we can. Follow me. *leads the way out of camp, veering off path* What's the favor? ~ Ambershade

What exactly does that entail? Besides gossiping of course. ~ Slightfeather

You caught me a fresh robin, Vanillamist, how could I refuse? *eagerly begins plucking it* ~ Berryfrost

You've got other duties now. Very important duties. *gives her scruff a playful tug* Let the common warriors wake up early and patrol. ~ Falconstar
বছরখানেক আগে tanglebelly said…
*Heads out of the apprentice den tiredly before stretching out looking around as he finishes*

*makes his way out of the den quickly*

*grumbles tiredly sitting up looking around half awake*

*makes his way out of the nursery quietly*

*looks up at his friend* Morning and thanks! *takes the robin and tears a small piece for himself*
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*pads out of the den right behind Buckpaw* Morning. ~ Cloudpaw

বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Mmhmm. *leans her head back to kiss along his jaw* We need to make this morning last us the rest of today because I've got a she-cats day to attend later. -Frecklenose

Deputy life is certainly busy, but I've had it on my mind to spend some time with my father and new mother in law. -Wrenflight

The girls and I were curious, when you go through your heat how do you handle it? -Pantherpaw

From what I was told some hunting, a swim at the lake and some sunning. -Creedstorm

How do you feel about a day full of fun, sun and nothing but a bunch of rambunctious she-cats? -Darkmist

Seems like I've got the most important duty of all. Keeping our mighty leader destressed *purrs and runs her tail over his flank* -Sweetbriar
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Hey! *hurries after Tanglewhisker* Tanglewhisker I'm sorry about the other day. I really didn't mean to upset you. -Bloodmoon

*follows his brother* Are you hungry? -Ivorykit
বছরখানেক আগে tanglebelly said…
*looks behind him* Morning sleep well?

*raises an eye hearing his idea*

*glances back at her* Its whatever. *says before hurrying to see if he could get on a patrol*

Oh you know it! I saw cats getting fresh prey so i hope some is left for us.
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
...I got put on a patrol if you're okay with joining one with me. -Bloodmoon

Better be! If not I'm sure papa will catch us one. -Ivorykit
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Fine. What about you? ~ Cloudpaw

*perks her ears* That sounds like a dream! Do I have that to look forward to? ~ Berryfrost

A she-cat day sounds infinately better than anything I've got planned today. Sneak me along? ~ Duskstorm

You know Wrenflight, I'm a bit disappointed you didn't ask my premission to make things offical with Shiverwind. She's the only daughter I have left. *stares at him* ~ Mistybreeze

Oh, wow, that is definitely not what I thought you would ask me. *sits down by the stream* Uhh let's see... I was still an apprentice when I got my first heat, and I remember it was fairly early on in my apprenticeship; I was younger than you are now, but she-cats get them at all different times. Mousepaw, my sister, never went into heat before she left the Clan and by that point she was a little older than you. As for how to handle it... *pauses* There are several ways. Obviously mating is what's going to feel the best, and I'm sure Frecklenose can attest to that. Then there's the oral stuff, which will give you an orgasm and still feel really good but it still requires a partner. The way most she-cats handle it, I think, is to touch themselves. But you kinda want to be careful with doing that because it can make your heat even worse. ~ Ambershade

Well, it's nice that you were invited. It's a good oppertunity for you to make some friends! ~ Slightfeather

Exactly. It's a very important duty, and not just anyone is up to the talk. *nibbles on her flank* I have a feeling that no one else would enjoy being dominiated as much as you do, Sweetness. ~ Falconstar
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বছরখানেক আগে tanglebelly said…
Slept great plans on going out with your new mentor today? Get some training in?

*stops and nods* Yeah that was what i was looking to join so works out.

Yeah they always do the best for us.

*makes his way to the apprentice den waiting for his apprentice*
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
You most certainly do. I was chatting with Sweetbriar the other day and she let it slip that you two had been thinking about it for a while, but then things got busy and it fell to the wayside. I took it upon myself to set it all up and all the she-cats on your list have been invited and agreed to spend the day out. I gotta tell you though, herding all you she-cats was harder than herding my kits. -Darkmist

As much as I'd love that I think it might get me disinvited from any future outings. *rolls over and wraps her paws around his neck* Promise I'll make your evening worth my absence though. *kisses him* -Frecklenose

My apologies Mistybreeze. My confession was a little spur of the moment. *dips his head to her* I do hope that we have your blessing. I love Shiverwind more than I could put into words. -Wrenflight

That's what we'd thought...*eyes her slowly* So touching yourself can work though? -Pantherpaw

Friends this, friends that. What about you? Where are all your friends? -Creedstorm

I told you for years we'd be a perfect match and you didn't want to believe me. I had a feeling that leader complex of yours would carry over into the nest and taking orders from you always got me all hot and bothered. *licks his ear* -Sweetbriar

Are you still mad at me? *goes to wait by the entrance* -Bloodmoon

Maybe we can learn some new curse words today. -Ivorykit

*pads out with a stretch* Good morning, Skyheart! Are we going to be training this morning? -Sunflowerpaw
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বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Yeah, that's the idea. How did you enjoy our she-cat talk the other night? ~ Cloudpaw

*sits up, a smile spreading across her face* Really? You went through all that hassle for me? *her eyes shined* ~ Berryfrost

*kisses her back, then sighs loudly* Whatever will I do without you though? I've clung to you like maple on bark for days. I don't even know how to be a proper warrior anymore. ~ Duskstorm

*suddenly breaks into a purr* I'm pulling your tail, Wren. You two have been so 'will they/won't they' for moons, I was starting to worry you'd never get together. ~ Mistybreeze

It works at first but in my experience, after you do it so many times it only makes it worse... you get too used to it, it starts to work against you and instead of relief, you just burn hotter. *noses Pantherpaw's neck, scenting her* Why do you ask? Do you feel like you're about to go into your first? ~ Ambershade

I have two boys that I'm mentoring, and they're delightful in their own ways. They keep me busy. But I think I get along well with everyone. ~ Slightfeather

I guess it did, didn't it? *gives her scruff another tug, less playful* Feeling hot and bothered now? ~ Falconstar
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Well you have been going out of your way to help me. I figured it was the very least I could do for such a good friend. *noses her shoulder* -Darkmist

Take your apprentice out. *nips his chin playfully* At this rate your brother is going to assign him to someone else. *purrs in amusement* When I get back tonight I'll be clinging to you plenty. A whole afternoon without my sexy tom around is like torture. But what fun would the girls have without me? -Frecklenose

I thought I was doing a good job as the noble tom here then you tell me it was all for nothing? *nudges her the prey with a purr* I figured it was about time I stop being stubborn and take the loss on our bet to gain the title as her mate. -Wrenflight

*clenches her jaw with a stiff shake of her head* No I'm fine. It was just something the girls and I got curious about last night. But if touching yourself makes it worse after a while have you ever gone to someone for help? -Pantherpaw

*huffs stubbornly* I don't think that counts. -Creedstorm

*hums and leans back into him* These days I'm always hot around you. Ever since our first time. But we'd have to make it a quick one. I'm part of a she-cat outing today. -Sweetbriar
বছরখানেক আগে tanglebelly said…
*sits down and scratches his ear* I did my best to avoid listening to it, you know after telling me not to listen in.

*follows her and waits at the entrance* What would make you think that? *gives her a look*

Oh we should find Shiverwind then!

Obviously otherwise i wouldn't be waiting here for you.
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Well you've been short with me ever since the other day. I really am sorry, I didn't want to upset you. -Bloodmoon

You could have been here just to take me on a patrol. -Sunflowerpaw

Do you think she's up yet? *gazes around camp* -Ivorykit
বছরখানেক আগে tanglebelly said…
If you didnt want to upset me Bloodmoon you wouldn't have kept picking on the one thing that bothers me.

Okay fair take. *cuffs her amused before heading towards the entrance* Come on.

*looks around with him and shakes his head* I dont see her.
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
*huffs* I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I realize that just because it was funny to me, doesn't mean that it was right. -Bloodmoon

*purrs as she follows after him* So I did well at the assessment? -Sunflowerpaw

I'm sure she'll be up soon. Come on, I'm hungry. *hurries to the pile* -Ivorykit
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
So then you didn’t hear anything. ~ Cloudpaw

*purrs loudly and without thinking, leans forward and kisses Darkmist on the cheek* I’ve got to go grab Sweet before Falconstar convinces her to ditch us! *trots out of the den* ~ Berryfrost

Parting is such sweet sorrow, *says with a sigh, but stand up and shakes out his pelt* But I suppose I ought to spend more time with my apprentice. ~ Duskstorm

*takes a bite and hums* Smart tom. No bet is worth not getting laid, right Scorchgaze? ~ Mistybreeze

I haven’t, no. At this point my heats are just really terrible and I suffer in silence. Going into heat obviously effects cats and makes their minds foggy. If you were to ask the wrong cat to help you out, and then they couldn’t stop themselves… anyway, I would never ask someone to help me unless I completely trusted that cat to not take advantage of me. And I guess I always could have asked Bloodmoon or Thundersky when we were apprentices but your sisters had their own ways of taking care of it. *leans against her* If I were you, I would ignore it for as long as you can bare and then once it becomes too much to handle, just take care of it yourself. No offense to your denmates but I don’t think I’d ask those toms for help. ~ Ambershade

Well part time medicine cat trumps former leader, and I say it counts. Now you better get a move on so you aren’t late for girls day, *teases* ~ Slightfeather

No one told me about a she-cat outing. What if I had plans for you? What if I didn’t plan on letting you leave this den all day? *huffs, frustrated* Do cats think they can just steal you whenever they want you? ~ Falconstar
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Don't tell him this was my doing! *calls after her* I'll be crow food. *watches her leave before snapping his attention back to Strongbreeze* Well, that just leaves us toms. I highly doubt you could convince your best friend the deputy to get us a tom day since patrols will already be slim pickings with so many she-cats gone. -Darkmist

Just try not to use taking your apprentice out training as an excuse to tail us. *purrs and nudges him as she stands* We'll be having all kinds of explicit female talks, comparing sex stories I'm sure. And we'll be going to the lake to get all soaking wet. Definitely not appropriate for a young apprentice to witness. -Frecklenose

*huffs* Is there no peace from this torture? -Scorchgaze

Don't worry, dad, I will definitely not be giving anyone, especially you, any details about my private life. I cannot say the same for Shiver, so if she comes in here, you're on your own. -Wrenflight

But you said that you could have asked my sisters so, theoretically, she-cats are an option for you. -Pantherpaw

*gives him a hard glare* I'll be sure to let all the she-cats know what a tyrant of a mate you are. *starts to pad away before pausing and quickly returning to lick his cheek before leaving with her chin held high* -Creedstorm

Oh please, I haven't left your side for more than a few minutes at a time for a moon. Or more like since we became mates. *noses him with a purr* Everyone complains that there's so few rabbits because I can rarely make it on a hunting patrol anymore. *pecks sweet kisses to his muzzle* If you can get all your leader duties done while I'm gone today, I would love to take you up on your offer to keep me in here all day tomorrow. -Sweetbriar
বছরখানেক আগে tanglebelly said…
Glad you realized that after and not before. So who else is on this patrol?

Obviously otherwise i would have made you do boring horrible chores for a moon. *purrs*

*follows quickly* What looks good?

Well if i did i sure wouldn't say what i heard. But yeah i heard nothing really, where is my lazy mentor..

*watches her go feeling a little uneasy about the kiss on the cheek she gave Darkmist and swallows the robin before looking at him* Uh yeah i doubt that basically half the clan is on that she cat day you got all planned up. *gets to his paws* But im sure he can get us something to do.
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
*flicks her tail with a frustrated huff before looking around* Your dad and Strongbreeze are over there. Let's see if they want to join. *joins the two toms* You guys want to join a border patrol? -Bloodmoon

I'm up for it. What do you say Strongbreeze? -Darkmist

Well thank Starclan I did well. Pantherpaw was really impressive. I know she and Ambershade and trying to get her made a warrior early. -Sunflowerpaw

Hmm everything! But I like sparrows. *tugs one from the pile* -Ivorykit
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*narrows her eyes slightly, then nods* Good. Well have fun tracking down your mentor. *turns and pads to the warriors den, waiting for Treetail* ~ Cloudpaw

*sighs loudly* I'm retiring as a mentor after Buckpaw becomes a warrior, I can't afford to miss girls' day. *noses her cheek* Have fun, though. Tell your sister I said hi. ~ Duskstorm

Sorry about that Scorchgaze, I guess I was always so open with her that it translated to her being very open herself. But I promise, she gets her mean streak from her father, not me. ~ Mistybreeze

A lot of things that aren't usually options become options when you go into heat, Pantherpaw, *laughs a little, but it's strained* She-cats are just the safest option if you're in heat and you don't have a mate, since they can't knock you up. I'm sure you've heard the rumors about Sweetbriar and Berryfrost, right? *shrugs, fighting her blush* It's like, she-cat solidary. ~ Ambershade

*purrs watching her leave then sets out for the medicine cat den* ~ Slightfeather

*frowns but relents* Fine, but I'm holding you to that. Now I believe your escort is here. ~ Falconstar

*sits outside the leader's den, waiting patiently* ~ Berryfrost

বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
*leaves the den with a yawn* Morning Cloudpaw. Ready to get started with some hunting training? -Treetail

Oh I will. She loves hearing from her favorite brother in law. *nuzzles him* Love you! *leaves the den and joins Berryfrost* Come on, Sweet! You keep us waiting out here just so you can get lucky, we'll never let you live it down. -Frecklenose

I promise you won't have to hold me to anything. I'm more than excited for my day in tomorrow. *rolls her eyes at her sister* The escort and the enforcer. *nuzzles him* I love you. *joins them outside of the den* We just need Creedstorm, Ambershade and Shiverwind now right? -Sweetbriar

That I can believe. -Scorchgaze

Well she definitely got her wonderful personality from you, Mistybreeze. I'm very lucky to have her. -Wrenflight

Ah. Well, that does all make sense. *nudges her lightly before quickly standing to her paws* Thanks for all your help, Ambershade. I'm sure this will help Cloudpaw and Sunflowerpaw too. I won't keep you any longer, I know you've got your big day out. And don't worry, I'll be working out while you're gone so I don't plan on slacking. -Pantherpaw
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বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*follows her out of the den and looks for Buckpaw* There you are. I've been looking for you all dawn! ~ Duskstorm

Ready as I'll ever be, *chirps, following* You don't know if we'll run into Skyheart and Sunflowerpaw, do you? ~ Cloudpaw

Just Creedstorm and Ambershade, now, *says, approching the she-cats looking somewhat cautious* Ambershade had to take Pantherpaw out real quick, though. I think Pantherpaw said she needed a favor. ~ Shiverwind

*purrs* Charming, aren't you? I can see why she finally fell for someone. ~ Mistybreeze

*purrs and licks her ear* Of course you won't take advantage of a day off. *pauses, thinking, then clears her throat* I'm serious about only partnering with a cat you can trust, Pantherpaw. So if your heat does roll around and you don't want to ask anyone for that kind of help - and knowing you, you won't - you can, um, always come to me if you need tips or anything. There's a techinique to getting yourself off and unfortunately for me, I've gotten good at it. ~ Ambershade
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
I'm sure we might be able to join for a while. I can imagine Skyheart will take her to the hollow for battle training. I take it you and Sunflowerpaw are close friends? *leads her out of camp* -Treetail

Just Ambershade. *joins them as well* I can't imagine they went far from camp. -Creedstorm

Well we can start heading out and meet her out there. *leads the way to the exit* -Frecklenose

*follows excitedly beside Berryfrost* So what should we do first? Darkmist thought all our ideas of hunting and swimming at the lake sounded good. And I know you love truth or dare, Berry. -Sweetbriar

To tell you the truth, she thinks I'm rather lame. Compliments work like a charm though and when you've got a mate that beautiful the compliments come easy. -Wrenflight

You can say that again. *pokes his head in the den* Morning, gorgeous. -Redshadow

*stares at her while her mind moves at a million miles an hour* I'll..definitely keep that in mind. *clears her throat as she hears the other she-cats making their way out of camp**shakes away the hot feeling under her fur and offers Ambershade a mischievous grin* I am pretty clueless about any of that stuff, so when I'm a warrior you may have to give me a one on one demonstration. *with that, hurries back to camp* -Pantherpaw
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
Yeah, we got pretty close pretty quickly, after her dad was exiled. I wish... I wish I wouldn't have been so standoffish to her for so long, but Buckpaw and I don't exactly have good history, and she was his little follower for a long time. ~ Cloudpaw

*laughs* I do love truth or dare, even though it never seems to end well. But I think we should start with hunting. ~ Berryfrost

*perks up when she sees Redshadow* Right back at you. *stands slowly to her paws, making sure everything feels right, before padding over and licking his cheek* ~ Mistybreeze

*freezes and stares after Pantherpaw as she races off, wanting to call her back and cuff her but unable to find her voice* *swallows thickly, suddenly uncomfortably hot* ~ Ambershade
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Well she definitely seems to be spreading her wings more now. Maybe she has you to thank for that. *nudges her shoulder lightly* -Treetail

Hunting it is! I think hunting, then swimming and we can play truth or dare while we sun. -Sweetbriar

*stops once they reach Ambershade* There you are. You okay? -Frecklenose

*glances at Shiverwind* Is this kind of thing new to you too? -Creedstorm

How did my beautiful mate sleep? I see that our son in law beat me to bringing you prey. -Redshadow
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*purrs lightly* I think she does. I'm the one who told her that she stays in Buckpaw's shadow too much. ~ Cloudpaw

*nearly jumps out of her fur at Frecklenose's voice, but forces her fur to lay flat as she turns around* Fine! Just... Pantherpaw is definitely her parents' kit, *laughs, a little uneasy* I'm sorry, you guys weren't waiting for me were you? ~ Ambershade

New to all of us. I don't remember the last time someone had a girls day. *eyes Ambershade* ~ Shiverwind

He did! You're going to have to start waking up earlier than the deputy if you want to bring my prey now. *noses his cheek* But I slept... better than normal, lately. ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Ah what a wise apprentice I have! *stops and scents the air* Well if you practice hard with this hunting then I'll find your bestie for you to train with. -Treetail

Nah we had to get Sweet out of her mate's paws and that took a while. *shoots her sister a grin before continuing on into the woods* -Frecklenose

Well should we hunt in teams or just everyone for themselves? -Sweetbriar

Definitely not something my warriors ever took part in. *eyes her as well* How is your apprentice doing, Ambershade? I remember she was very impressive the last time I watched her spar. -Creedstorm

I'm glad to hear that. Sorry deputy, I'm going to steal my mate so we can sit by the waterfall together. -Redshadow

Don't let me interrupt. *nods to them as he leaves the den* It was nice talking to you, Mistybreeze. -Wrenflight
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*purrs* Deal! *scents the air, recalling everything that Sunflowerpaw had shown her lately* *scents a mole and falls into her crouch, tracking the scent* ~ Cloudpaw

Her training is coming along really well, and she's certainly determined to become a warrior as soon as possible, but she's definitely a little bit, um, unpredictable. Always testing me when I least expect it, *laughs again, not fully able to look anyone in the eye as she tries to force their conversation out of her mind* ~ Ambershade

I think teams would be fun! Obviously Sweetbriar and I will team up. ~ Berryfrost

Dibs on Creedstorm, *says immediately* ~ Shiverwind

You too, Wrenflight. Stop by more often. *walks alongside Redshadow, leaning on him* So, what did you think of your show the other night? ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
*follows a bit behind her, watching her movements closely* -Treetail

I wouldn't expect any differently from a kit of Hushpool and Skyheart. *nods to Shiverwind* I'm good with that. -Creedstorm

*leans against Berryfrost* I hope the rest of you are ready to lose. *purrs in amusement* -Sweetbriar

Looks like you're stuck with me, Ambershade. *nudges her lightly* All right! Competition is judged by largest kill and cleanest kill. Cleanest kill will beat out largest in the end. Meet back here once you finish your hunt. *nudges Ambershade off* Okay girly, what's going on with you? Normally you're so energetic. -Frecklenose

I thought it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. *noses her ear, his voice a low rumble* You were so hot. -Redshadow
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*keeps her tail off the ground and stays mindful of her steps* *spots the mole right outside of it's hole, pauses, then leaps and lands squarely on it's back, killing it quickly* ~ Cloudpaw

Those two make some stubborn kits. Good thing they're done having them. *splits off and begins scenting the air* ~ Shiverwind

Your sister is really excited about today, *notes, as they head off* ~ Berryfrost

Fine by me, I didn't want to be paired with Creedstorm or Shiverwind anyway. *looks away from Frecklenose, scenting the air* It's nothing, just... Pantherpaw asked me about going into heat for the first time. I wasn't really prepared for it so I guess it caught me off guard, and now I'm thinking about it, and I feel like mine is about to start again. Just flustered, is all. ~ Ambershade

*purrs and licks his muzzle* I'm sorry Hushpool refused to share me all night. Maybe I could make it up to you now? *bumps their hips* I'm sure it's difficult to watch another cat dominiate your mate so thoroughly and the most you're allowed to do is watch. ~ Mistybreeze
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বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Wow, it seems like you don't even need me! Very well done. I thought my uncle was bombing your training? -Treetail

Are we sure about that? *grumbles as she follows after her* They seem to still have a very active private life. Unfortunately for everyone around them. -Creedstorm

I think it's a nice break for her. She gets to come out with the rest of us and not have to play the mommy and daddy role. Ever since Sunheart's exile she's been fussing over them twice as much as usual. -Sweetbriar

She must really feel comfortable around you if she went to you over her mother. *scents the air as well* Well we've got some nice toms around camp who I'm sure would be more than happy to help you. You went out with Darkmist the other day right? He's a real gentleman, so I'm sure he'd do whatever you asked him too. -Frecklenose

It took everything in my power not to pounce on you. I couldn't even get myself off because I absolutely did not want to risk Skyheart going for my dick. -Redshadow
বছরখানেক আগে KatieK102 said…
*rolls her eyes slightly* He was. Sunflowerpaw has taught me most of what I know, and she's like a hunting prodigy. ~ Cloudpaw

Well, that's what they say, anyway. And Hushpool is up there in age so maybe now it's too late for them to have more, if we're lucky. ~ Shiverwind

So I've noticed. *scents the air* I'm excited to interrogate-- I mean, polietly inquire of her new relationship. ~ Berryfrost

*flicks her ears* Yeah, it was nice. Darkmist is really sweet. There just wasn't... I don't know, it felt like hanging out with Tanglewhisker. Nice but not exciting. But I guess that's probably best if I'm in heat. *clears her throat again, still refusing to look Frecklenose in the eye* Scent anything? ~ Ambershade

*winds herself around her mate* Pounce on me now? ~ Mistybreeze
বছরখানেক আগে TeamPeeta649 said…
Sunflowerpaw taught you huh? Well I have a feeling that she's going to be very impressive at the hunting assessment then. How confident do you feel in catching birds with her training? -Treetail

I hope Starclan hears our prayers. *stalks after the scent of a squirrel* -Creedstorm

*purrs and nudges her* I'm sure she'll be more than happy to spill all the details. Duskstorm is her dream tom and speaking from experience, landing your dream tom means gushing about it is a given. -Sweetbriar

Mm a rabbit. I'd love to show my sister up and catch one of those. *drops into her crouch and slinks forward after the scent* -Frecklenose