Stormclan Tanglepaw & Nightpaw r ready to b warriors!!!!!!!!

Moonstorm100 posted on Jun 27, 2010 at 04:23AM
Stormstar lays n center of clearing watching clan's growth with proud green eyes. Then Fireheart approches and i rise to my paws.
"Greeting's Stormstar" he meowed, dipping his head in respect, "I believe my apprentace, Tanglepaw, is ready to become a warrior."
My emerald eyes are unreadable, so he continues, "I no my apprentace is younger then some of the other apprentaces but I think-"
I raised my tail for silence.
"Indeed Fireheart, Tanglepaw is more then ready." I promised him.
For a heartbeat i thought i noticed a flicker of surprise in Firehearts green eyes, that i had agreed to easily, but it ddnt last long and he just dipped his head.
Fireheart began to walk away wen i stopped him in his tracks. "Oh and by the way, tell Skyheart that her apprentace Nightpaw, will be a warrior to."
Fireheart glanced back at me, and as if i read his thoughts i reminded him, "dont forget, Skyhearts out on the mid-day patrol."
Fireheart nodded and asked, "wen shall we hold the cerimony?"
I matched his eyes as i answered, "at dusk, Tanglepaw and Nightpaw will be warrior at Dusk."
He nodded and trotted off leaving me to glance towards the nursery and watch the kits including, Foxkit, Lichenkit, and Sandkit play in peace.

At dusk i called the clan together and began the cerimony. "Tanglepaw and Nightpaw, do you both promise to uphold the warrior code? To protect and defend this clan even at the cost of your own lives?" I asked.
"I do!" both apprentaces said eagerly.
"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names! Tanglepaw, from now on you will be called Tanglescar, StarClan honors your loyalty and cleverness! And Nightpaw will now and forever be known as Nightfright, StarClan welcomes your commitment and dedication! StarClan welcomes you both as full warriors of StormClan!
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