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posted by kaylarey011
Hello ST community as আপনি probably know in the teaser of Stranger Things season four in the upside down, with the words “We aren’t in Hawkins anymore”. I do not know why it was in the upside down but I do have a theory, so if আপনি were thinking that the clock was familiar আপনি are right, if আপনি go back to season 2 Chapter four: Will the wise, আপনি will see police chief Jim Hopper digging into Merrill’s কুমড়া farm, Hopper makes his way though into the tunnels where then it goes upside down. Then right before the credits আপনি hear the clock strike. My theory is what if that clock was a symbol that it would be only a matter of time until Hawkins would be taken over? Let me know what y’all think ?
 Stranger Things 2
Stranger Things 2
Yes, I’m a অনুরাগী of the hugely জনপ্রিয় Netflix Original Stranger Things. If this seems out of character compared to mostly everything else I love, it totally is, since the only reason I watched it in the first place was pressure from the male members of my family who had binged it and loved it. Anyway, so a few months ago, I wanted to watch something with my dad….who would only stay up with me….if I tried the first episode of Stranger Things. I wasn’t even sold after that (don't judge) and it took a couple আরো forced episodes to really get into it, but after the finale of Season 1, I...
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When I first started watching Stranger Things, I took a liking to Jonathan the first time we met him, and my প্রণয় for him grew each time we saw a little আরো of him. Even in season 2, where he had a smaller role.

I know a lot of people are pretty neutral towards him, অথবা don't like him, অথবা just plain stopped liking him after season 2. Which is completely fine, not everyone likes the same characters, and that's normal. But I felt like sharing my personal reasons why I প্রণয় this character so much.

The first thing that needs to be ব্যক্ত is that I প্রণয় fiction. I watch so many চলচ্চিত্র and series....
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