I'm sad to see the summer go. Is anyone else feeling the same thing?

Summer is almost over. :( I kind of dread how harsh the winter is. Thankfully I live where summer is so hot and winter not harsh. I don't care if many people complain about the weather being hot, I get tired of being the same. I প্রণয় all weather, but winter is so gloomy. I feel like missing these summer temps. The days are shortening. In central California it's no harsh winter, and I don't envy a lot of weather from other places. Summer is fun. I only dislike a very few things about summer, with wildfires and mosquitoes being the most. I feel like one is lazier in the other seasons. I don't really want to live where it's typically cooler. I don't mind, as long as it's not where a hurricane অথবা tornado normally hits, but winters there are hard. Now comes the gloom. I প্রণয় fall too, but summer is so cool. No matter what others say about the weather, I প্রণয় it. I প্রণয় school too. There's not much I like about the winter, much less প্রণয় about it. I prefer it lighter outside. Then it's so joyful and active. আপনি can do so much. That means longer days. In the winter আপনি can't do much and it's so hard to go out. Bye bye summer. I can't wait until summer 2015. :) I will miss আপনি summer. :/
 jarellano1992 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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