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Everything was a nice day, at the খুঁজুন Guard Successor Foundation, and Natsuki was touching buttons on inventions, as she was told not to. Then, she was getting bored, and left the room,
Later, when Masumi and the gang entered, They were shocked/appalled.

Masumi: what happened???!!!
Sakura: (sigh) Natsuki, happened.
All: NATSUKI!!!!!

Later That Day,
A new invention arrived,
Mr Voice: Everyone, gather around behold the new personality changer, it can change any personality, দ্বারা pressing the blue button. and when আপনি press the button, it sprays a person.
Souta: So can it work on anyone, including Natsuki....
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NoB & Masaaki Endoh - Boukenger! GO ON FIGHTING!! (Live in TV - Anipara Ongakukan - 2006)
masaaki endoh
anipara ongakukan
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