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okay so this is my new series starring :Dexi,Darxy,Dexter,Blossom,Baily and আরো so enjoy অথবা become into mad scientist syndrome!
weird but deal with it!


It was a rainy দিন boring nothing to do but sit in school and listen to a lesson that I had studied in k-5 I saw ডেক্সটার and Dexi and even Blossom doing the exact same thing Bella and Buttercup had fallen asleep I looked over at Sally okay since this is my diary I guess it's নিরাপদ to say I kinda sorta lik him but not half as much as Dexi still had a thing for Susan everyone with a superior intellect like my own had their eyes on the three...
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1:Darxy is Dexi's counterpart
2:Darxy's fav color is pink
3:She has footballaphobia
4:Her সঙ্গীত style is country
5:she loves dodge ball(mostly 2 hit Dexi in the face and not get in trouble)
6:She has a brother
7:She secretly has a crush on Manwell
8:Her full name is Draxterina susanne mulleb
9:Her brothers name is Demi
10:She won't admit it but she looks a lot like Dexi

to take up আরো মহাকাশ I will do how I made her okay so I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about a ton of stuff like plots!or Baily not that Baily was getting boring it was just I was thinking how cool Dexi was it must be fun to create...
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