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Melanie left Jake for a reason which was he was drunk and did not pay attention to her. She needed someone to প্রণয় her and treat her like a কুইন and that someone was Andrew. Andrew loved Melanie and Melanie loved Andrew. Even though Andrew's mother disapproved of their relationship, Andrew and Melanie truly loved each other. Melanie deserved to be with Andrew because Andrew would have never hurt her the way Jake did. Melanie ending up with Andrew would have made me so much happier. In her heart, I think Melanie was scared to প্রণয় Andrew because she was afraid that he would hurt her the same way Jake hurt her. Andrew is the one Melanie should have ended up with Jake.
sweet প্রথমপাতা alabama
Reese Witherspoon stars in this frothy romantic comedy also starring McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey). The movie is about a young woman named Melanie who is in প্রণয় with another man named Andrew(Patrick Dempsey from Enchanted) who proposes to her . Of course she ends up going back to Alabama to file a divorce from her ex husband named Jake(Josh Lucas) whom she still has feelings for. So who will she choose??. This movie was a sweet rom and it can sometimes be a bit predictable and rather annoying but having ব্যক্ত it was alright. I felt sorry for Dempsey here who is ‘the king of rom coms’ with his sexy smile, his Sean Penn looks and his cute accent because he tries to be the perfect man and tries to be cocky at the same time.

I’ll give this film a 6/10
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The scene where Mel 'breaks' into Jakes house with the spare key Thanks to amandovski from ইউটিউব
sweet প্রথমপাতা alabama
josh lucas
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