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Everytime I see আপনি I smile
I’ve ব্যক্ত it hundreds of times you’re the প্রণয় of my life
In the world of lies, my burdened soul
I only believe in you
Sometimes আপনি get anxious that my হৃদয় will change
I smiled and ব্যক্ত nothing like that would happen
A never ending path, my empty heart
The only path I’ll take is yours
Sometimes I hate myself when I সেকেন্ড guess myself
Today I wipe আপনি away from my life again

Even if I cheat, dont ever cheat baby
Even if I forget you, dont ever forget me lady
Sometimes when I dont call and drink alcohol
দ্বারা chance if I ever meet eyes with another...
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[OSEN=이혜린 기자] In the midst of the sensational wave brought on দ্বারা BIGBANG’s TAEYANG with his solo choreography video of ‘Ringa Linga,’ YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk extolled his artist দ্বারা commenting, “I watched this video আরো than a hundred times.”

Yang delivered this মতামত to OSEN on Nov 9, “The video is just so awesome that I watch it over and over again every single day.”

Such মতামত is drawing huge attention because it comes from Yang Hyun Suk, who had been dubbed the ‘dancer of the era’ in the 1990’s and the core player who choreographed every সরানো for...
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Tired of being alone sick of being a single
I think I need me a girl, I need a girl like…

Saenggak eobneun maltu eorin aedeul malgu nal gamssa anajul yeah
Shimshim handdae gaggeum noneun yeoja malgu naman saranghaejul
Gaman isseodo namja nomdeul jeonhwagil naemiljiman
Jarang seoreopge nae sajineul ggeonae bo-ineun geureon girl

Girl I need a girl mweol haedo ippeun mommaedo ippeun
Girl I need a girl baby I need আপনি girl আপনি need me too

Chimaboda cheongbajiga deo jal eo-ollineun geureon yeoja
Kimchibokkeum bapeun naega jal mandeureo daeshin jal meokeul su itneun yeoja
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With the MV delayed, অনুরাগী have been easing the wait watching the dance performance clip for Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" over and over again. Well it turns out, it's not just অনুরাগী who have the clip on repeat as Yang Hyun Suk has revealed he can't help himself from replaying the clip over and over either!

Yang Hyun Suk revealed his fondness for the dance performance clip, mentioning, "I've replayed the clip several hundred times... I think the clip is so cool, so even nowadays, I replay it so many times each day."

If আপনি didn't know already, the dance clip was actually filmed in Southern California...
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As expected, Taeyang is dominating real time সঙ্গীত charts with his pre-release "RINGA LINGA"!

After its release at midnight of November 8th, the song rose to the শীর্ষ of সঙ্গীত charts, taking #1 on Olleh, Naver Music, Bugs, Soribada, Mnet, Cyworld Music, and Genie.


As if that wasn't enough, "RINGA LINGA" also claimed the #1 spot of the iTunes শীর্ষ Singles chart of 5 countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Macau.

Congrats to Taeyang! And remember, the excitement isn't over yet as Taeyang will release the actual MV for the song at midnight!

Source: YG-Life.com via allkpop.com
Photographer: HongJangHyun
Stylist: GeeEun
Fashion Editor: ChoiSoonYoung
Editor: MinYongJun

How was the shoot with ELLE?
I liked it. And the concept was good too.

You are going to release a new album.
I ended up preparing this album for a long time. I wasn't inspired enough to make another album after my solo album 3 years ago.

You mean your last album, <Solar>?
Yes. I had a very difficult time during the making of that album, and maybe because of that, I thought I would not do it again until I could really enjoy it অথবা really wanted the পরবর্তি one. I didn’t even think about making an album...
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Some say it is not over ’til it’s over
But I guess it is really over now
There’s something I gotta say before I let আপনি go

Can’t believe what’s going wrong
Gonna keep my cool, be calm
When I heard আপনি and he was screaming out of control
All I can think about is no, no, no, he won’t
Her tone don’t like it for so long, long, had enough
I know we’re running now, it’s none of my concern but how
Can it be wide enough from all of we’ve seen going now
Just makes me feel that what we have was real
Could it be অথবা say to lay oh oh baby

Baby listen to your heart, won’t...
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It's been on my mind for a while
Got to get this of chest
Before... it's too late

(I can't let আপনি go
আপনি got to let him go
I can't let আপনি go
আপনি got to... listen)
Haruedo myeot beonssik neol bomyeo useo nan
Su baek beon malhaetjanha you're the প্রণয় of my life
Geojitdoen sesang sok buranhan nae mamsok
Ojik na mitneun geon neo hana ppunirago
Gakkeum nae mam byeonhalkka bwa buranhaehal ttaemyeon
Useumyeo malhaetjanha geureol il eopdago
Kkeuteomneun banghwang sok teong bin nae gaseumsok
Naega gidael goseun neo hanappun ijiman
Gakkeumssik heundeullineun nae jasini miwo
Oneuldo nan isesange...
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son deureora gwangbog
doen geot cheoreom
ttwieo bwara balmog
ppil geot cheoreom
baljag on deushi heundeureo
da gati noraereul bulleo

My name is T to the A to the E (to the)
Y to theA N G(hot tteugeowo)
eonjena bulgge ta oreuji oreuji (kkeurheo)
yeojadeureun nae mome nae noraee (ureo)
Slow জ্যাম animyeon Dance neon geunyang
ne momeul matgimyeon dwae
geobnaeji mara nun garimyeon dwae
Wanna get high nae jjagimyeon dwae
oneul bam urin ta rolleo koseuteo Ride
anjeon belteuneun eobseo nan geunyang
nae yeop jarimyeon dwae

meomchujima Baby don’t kill my vibe
idaeroga jigeum joheu nikka
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Put your hands up, like আপনি got your country back*
Jump up, like আপনি would sprain your ankle
Shake, like আপনি have a seizure
Sing a song together everyone

My name is T to the A to the E (to the)
Y to the A N G (hot, It’s hot)
I’m always burning up red, up (boil)
Girls, at my body at my song (cry)
Slow জ্যাম অথবা dance, আপনি just have to let your body go
Don’t be afraid, cover your eyes, wanna get high, be my partner
Tonight we ride a roller coaster, ride
There’s no set belt, I just need to sit পরবর্তি to you

Don’t stop, baby don’t kill my vibe
It’s nice just like this
To the left to the right, follow...
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Some say it’s not over ‘till it’s over
Guess this is really over now
There’s something I gotta say before I let আপনি go, listen

Niga geuwa datugo ttaeron geu ttaeme ulgo himdeureo hal ttaemyeon nan huimangeul neukkigo
Amudo moreuge mam a-a-apeugo nijageun misomyeon tto damdamhaejigo
Niga hoksina nae maeumeul alge doelkkabwa arabeorimyeon uri meoreojige doelkkabwa
Nan sumeul jug yeo tto ipsureul kkaemureo jebal geureul tteona naege ogil

Baby jebal geuui soneul japjima cause আপনি should be my lady
Oraen sigan gidaryeo on nal dorabwajwo noraega ullimyeon ije neoneun
Geuwa pyeongsaengeul...
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One that speaks without thinking
Not a little child, but one that will embrace me
Not a girl that plays around sometimes when she’s bored
But one that will only প্রণয় me
Even if she stays still and guys hand her their phone
That kind of girl that will proudly take out and প্রদর্শনী my picture

Girl, I need a girl, pretty no matter what she does, a pretty body, too
Girl, I need a girl baby I need you, girl আপনি need me too

A kind of girl that looks better in jeans than a skirt
A girl that will eat the kimchi fried ধান that I make instead
A girl who looks young even though she’s old
I like...
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posted by Nalu-love
Stage Name: TaeYang (태양); Sol

Real Name: Dong YoungBae (동영배)

Position: Main Vocals, Main Dancer

Birthdate: May 18, 1988

Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Height: 174cm

Weight: 58kg

Blood Type: AB

Religion: Christian

Language/s: Korean (fluent), Japanese (conversational), English (conversational)

Hobbies: listening to music, watching TV, singing, dancing, gardening

Sibling/s: HyunBae (older brother)

Years Active: 2001 – present

School: Daejin বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় (Theater & Film – 2008)


- Became ‘interested’ in সঙ্গীত after hearing Brian McKnight’s first album when he was...
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I-I’ll be I-I’ll be I-I’ll be there girl [x3]
Girl girl girl

We’ve been through ups and downs no doubt
So many times we’ve had it out
Some foolish things we’ve realized
Think back and have to laugh it out
But that’s what makes us so strong
Lo-lo-lovin’ so strong
We roll deep in every way
De-de-de-deeper baby-babe
I got your back believe me
আপনি got my back it’s either way
When good অথবা bad comes along
Just keep your faith in me
আপনি were so beautiful beautiful
Wo-wo-wonderful wonderful
See my dream of আপনি and me
Began the দিন we met yeah

Some people give up what they have, they...
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Exciting news for all আপনি Big Bang অনুরাগী out there!

YG Entertainment told VIP earlier this week that Missy Elliot would be featuring in G-Dragon's solo album and hinted that Taeyang's would be coming soon. The agency just released আরো details about G-Dragon's solo promotions as well as Taeyang's সেকেন্ড album!

SEE ALSO: G-Dragon to release a new solo album with a featuring দ্বারা Missy Elliott!

It looks like Taeyang's album is scheduled for an early-September release.

Check out the full post on YG LIFE below!

What are the plans for G-DRAGON's solo concert?

G-DRAGON is scheduled to hold a solo concert...
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