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posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Hinata shintani

Age :16

Class :2-1

তারিখ of birth :?

Height :177cm

Weight :58kg

Special skills :eating and basket ball

Favourite hobby :eating

Hinata is a childhood friend of Misaki.When they were young Misaki helped him so much.He loved eating so he was a fat pig.But afterwards he became slim and not to mention he is a handsome guy.He is so childish.He is in প্রণয় with Misaki but after wards he got that Misaki is অভিনয় like she hate Takumi but actually she প্রণয় him.He got this when he saw Misaki blushing when Takumi coverd her with his শার্ট when she was wet.
posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Takumi usui

Age :17

Class :3-1

তারিখ of birth :april 27

Height :186cm

Weight :?

Blood type :O+ve

Special skills :cooking,violin,chess,table
etiquette and appearing out of
now where

Favourite hobby :observing people and staking

Meaning of 'Takumi':artisan

Takumi is the hottest and the coolest guy in seika high.Not to mention he is horrobly rich.
posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Misaki ayusawa

Age :16

Class :2-1

তারিখ of birth :september 29

Height :165cm

Weight :49kg

Blood type :B+ve

Special skills :aikido

পছন্দ hobby :working hard

Meaning of 'misaki': beauty blood

Misaki is a high school student.She is not any high school student she is the student council president,as a part time job she is working as a 'maid'