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R: Starts crying
T: whats wrong
T: don't worry I'll find him
R: sniffles really
T: sure
R: thanks hugs him
T: to himself how am I supposed to find it
D: নমস্কার dude
T: can আপনি do me a favor
D: sure what is it
T: help me find Mr. Fluff
D: what no way
T: why
D: I don't like Rochelle
T: fine what do আপনি want then
D: a তারিখ with abby
A: that is never going to happen
T: where did আপনি come from
A: I've been here the whole time
K: so have I
A: so wheres Rochelle
T: Dunno
D: looking for mr. Fluff
K: figures
A: she always loses him
T: In the same place
A: yup
T: where...
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 থালিয়া as a teen
Thalia as a teen
Annabeth: Man থালিয়া takes forever.
Percy: Yeah *sarcasticly* like আপনি take short showers.
Annabeth: You're right.
Alexis: *shivering*
Percy: You're freezing you're butt off arn't you?
Alexis: Uh huh.
Thalia: আপনি guys ready to go?
Annabeth: what took আপনি so long.
Thalia: Oh lets see the fact that I was covered in mud.
Annabeth: Ok lets get going.
Alexis: থালিয়া I want to stay here.
Thalia: No swettie আপনি have to come with.
Alexis: why?
Thalia: I can't leave আপনি here alone.
Alexis: fine.
Annabeth: Come on we have to go like NOW!
Thalia: whats the hurry?
Annabeth: We have a train to catch.
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In Rochelles dream
G: wakes up Rochelle are আপনি ok
R: huh yeah I'm fine
G: nightmares huh
R: yeah
T: whats going on I heard screaming
R: nightmare
T: again
R: yeah
T: you're sweaty why don't আপনি get a bath to get rid of the stink
R: good idea
T: আপনি better get to it
R: I'm going I'm going
T: I'm starting to get a little concerned
B: yawns why
T: shes been doing this for the past week
G: yeah and she keeps waking us up
T: We have to do something about this
B: yeah
L: want me to gine her a spa sech
T: If আপনি think that would help
L: ok
one ঘন্টা later
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O: নমস্কার Trent. নমস্কার Gwen.
T: Scratching নমস্কার Owen.
C: wow they wern't kidding.
O: what about Gwen?
T: she's asleep.
C: ok then.
O: where are আপনি going Trent.
T: um I'm getting a bath.
O: why?
T: It'll stop the itching.
O: oh.
G: Wait up Trent.
T: ok
O: Aw they do like eachother.
C: They always have.
T: this isn't relaxing.
G: I think they are getting worse.
T: ok now they itch less.
G: not mine.
T: sorry to hear that.
G: you're lucky আপনি get to go back to sleep.
T: I know.
O: Are আপনি felling better?
T: sort of.
C: what about Gwen.
T: I don't know.
G: ugh I never want another bath until tommorow....
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Thalia: Annabeth where did he say he was going?
Annabeth: I think to get a ঝরনা অথবা something?
Thalia: you're no help at all.
Alexis: is that him? *points to percy*
Thalia yea thats him.
Annabeth: good job Alexis.
Alexis: thanks.
Thalia: what ever.
Percy: *tiredly yawns* নমস্কার girls.
Alexis: নমস্কার
Thalia: I thought আপনি were getting a shower?
Annabeth: আপনি still stink dude.
Percy: Fine I'll go take one.
Thalia: thankyou.
Percy: what ever.
Alexis: where are we?
Thalia: Oh yeah I forgot welcome to camp half-blood
Alexis: Camp what?
Annabeth: half-blood.
Alexis: oh ok
Thalia: come on lets get আপনি to...
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T: yawns
D: still asleep
G: still asleep
B: still asleep
Ge: still asleep
C: still asleep
c: still asleep
I: still asleep
O: still asleep
H: still asleep
L: still asleep
T: I'm bored what is there to do around here.
B: yawns Thats what I'm wondering
T: when did আপনি get up
B: right now
T: oh
I: where are আপনি two going
T: we don't know
I: well I don't have anything better to do
B: neither do we
c: Trent can I talk to আপনি
T: o.ok what do আপনি want to talk about
B: crawls away
I: crawls away
c: do আপনি প্রণয় Gwen
T: yes why
c: so do I
T: well আপনি can't have her
G: guys quit fighting over me
c: you...
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Gwen:thats the fourth time shes done this -rocks Alexa- Trent:It's getting really Annoying now -car alerm- -Gwen and Trent run to window- -Izzy gets in Courney's car and drive away with it- Gwen:was that Izzy? Trent: I think so -Trent picks up phone and call Courtney on his phone- Courntney:WHAT!?!? did আপনি see who it was? Trent: we think it was Izzy Courtney:OK in the moring we will call -Yawns and hangs up the phone- -Gwen lays Alexa down and Gwen and Trent go to bed- (moring)-pounding at the door- Duncan:Trent open the door! Trent:DUDE! Alexa is sleeping shut up! Duncan:ok fine that was...
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Rochelle comes in
R: নমস্কার guys
T:oh নমস্কার Rochelle
G: when did she get here
T: just now
C: oh নমস্কার Rochelle
c: ROCHELLE goes over and hugs her
R: cody lay off
c: what ever
D: নমস্কার Rochelle
R: hi duncan
Ge: yo Rochelle whats up
R: nothing
B: oh hi Rochelle
R: bridgette how are আপনি
B: fine I guess
R: cool
B: so Rochelle what do আপনি wanna do
R: I'll be right back
D: where are আপনি going
R: to get cleaned up
G: what is that supposed to mean
T: it means take a bath
R: finally some one knows
T: cool
R: ahh this is the life
D: laughs
R: splashes Duncan
D: নমস্কার
R: then go away
D: what ever
C: why are আপনি soaked...
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Duncan:I want to slap her across the face so hard now Mark:calm down daddy! Gwen:ill call Bridge -Trent and Duncan are be hidding behind the house talking- Trent:-snickers- Duncan:What? Trent:Calm down daddy -laughs so hard- Duncan:-holds up fist- আপনি want to go there Trent?Trent:no sorry dude -Gwen Brigette and Counrtney with Brigette's kids- Courtney:Hey Bridge -Brigette puts down Stella and Keegan- Brigette:im so sorry about what happened Court -Stella and Keegan go দ্বারা Mark,Megan,and Alexa- Stella and Keegan:Hey everyone Mark:Hello Meegan:Hey girl Alexa:H-hi K-keegan -blushes- Keegan:ooook...
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