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Okay, "the sisterhood of TDI" is mainly about Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette and Roxi(new character). They have been best বন্ধু since they were 7 years old at Camp Wanananka, even though Bridgette and Courtney go to completely different schools and they are all the most unlikely people to become বন্ধু but they are বন্ধু til the end. This is also about there lovelifes with Duncan, Trent, Geoff and Shane(also a new character). The drama they each deal with at প্রথমপাতা and ofcourse highschool.

Tell me what u think about it and let me know if its a good idea
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A tribute to all the TDI couples
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This is what happened to my শীর্ষ 3 fav couples after TDM.
(Least fav from the শীর্ষ to bottom)
Gwen & Trent*
Gwen got into Art collage and became a pop art artist.
Trent record his first no. one hit and is now tour Europe.
Trent and Gwen got back together after setting some misunderstandings, now she tours with Trent, Trent asked Gwen to marry him when his band was in France, she accpted and They are still in tough with most of the total drama cast.
Gwen and Courtney became close বন্ধু and Duncan and Trent still don't like each other but they protend to get along.

Geoff & Bridgette*

continue reading...
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