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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts দ্বারা Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is দ্বারা me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope আপনি enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality প্রদর্শনী that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his...
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Gwen's POV

"Um, what about dinner?" I asked. Was he not just here ten মিনিট পূর্বে telling us not to bother him until then?

"My baby back ribs won't be for for give অথবা take another hour, so I thought we should get started." He announced.

"You mean আপনি weren't talking about our dinner?" Bridgette asked. Chris just laughed. "Chef won't be here until tomorrow." He informed us.

"So wait, you're not going to feed us until tomorrow?" Heather asked.

"I'm pretty sure that's illegal." Alejandro added.

"Chillax already! I'm going to feed আপনি after the challenge! Fair?" He asked.

"I'm all for it, yo!" Ezekiel...
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