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(Update!! Yay!!! Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!)

"Agh!" I opened my heavy eyelids to Trent's screaming. Then I realized why he was screaming. We were free falling from the plan! Again! I joined his screaming then everyone else realized what was happening. Apparently Chris and Chef had dragged us into the cargo hold and then dropped us.

"Hey kids! আপনি better get into your paddle boats!" Chris shouted at us. I saw two রাজহাঁস boats falling with us. Duncan, Alejandro, Heather, and I grabbed onto one of them, while Trent and Cody grabbed onto the other one. Then we hit the water,...
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(If u don't like fluffy-ness, Go Away!! Extra fluffy chapter rite here! Full credit goes to alternatactress on Fanfiction.)

I sobbed into my knees while I sat alone in the warehouse. How could Duncan cheat on me? And after he told me I was the only one. Huh. "Only one" my ass. I thought while I stood up and wiped my eyes. I looked down at my hands. Black makeup was now smudged all over them. And I don't even want to think about what my eyes look like. Bet আপনি the million I looked like a raccoon. I was about to give up on my খুঁজুন for working artifacts, when I found a small blinking box. I picked...
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(Duncan's P.O.V.)
Well, Area 51 was quite the episode, wasn't it? I kissed Gwen twice in the same episode. Man, those "DxG" অনুরাগী will be hysterical. Isn't that right?

neonwalflower, summerjoy11, xRainbowNinjax, gwuncanfan, TaintedArtist: HELL YEAH!!

I just broke the fourth wall, heh.
Well, I woke up to a snoring Owen, a pacing Alejandro, who was muttering in Spanish to himself, a camera in my face, and the loud, scratchy, warn-out hum of the plane's engine. I opened one eye, and snorted, "Thinking of a way to make out with Heather without the cameras seeing, Al?" He cringed when I called him "Al"....
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This is my first ever DxG fanfic ever and my stories useally are in script mode

*with Duncan*
Duncan's dad: yes it is Duncan আপনি broke the law once again!
Duncan's dad: i don't care আপনি live under my roof my house my rules!
Duncan: নমস্কার i thought they were laws becuase আপনি decided to TAKE OVER MY LIFE!!
Duncan's dad: do i have to remind আপনি what আপনি did last night!
Duncan's dad: OK আপনি AND YOUR বন্ধু WENT INTO A 21 অথবা OLDER BAR!!!
Duncan: SO i didn't drink anything!...
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“So he died basically?” Duncan says as him, Cody, Gwen, and Lillyth sit in front of a coffee shop.

“Yes! It was like, out of nowhere.” Lillyth says holding her head as she leans against the coffee table. Cody holds his chin nervously sitting back on his chair.

“And I’ve heard everyone around school talking about some girl that died at Chris’s party too. I don’t know it may be just a coincidence.” Lillyth says as she takes a sip of coffee and sighs as the wind blows দ্বারা several leaves from the ground.

Suddenly a loud whirring noise is heard making Gwen jump as she turns around...
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Could we be more? (chapter 4)

It broke my হৃদয় to write part of this chapter. Extra points if আপনি can guess which part. Sorry it took me so long to update, but আপনি know, family stuff. Anyway, I hope আপনি like this. It’s got some DxG, but not NEARLY as much as I want the পরবর্তি chapter to have. So please ENJOY!

    I was getting ready for my তারিখ with Duncan. GAH! I mean- not my date- my…um…movie night… with my best friend. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Hehe.

    Anyway, I was getting ready, when a knock came at my door. “Come...
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