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Sierra and Noah are fighting
sierra: NO U DIE!
cody: STOP IT
sierra and noah: yes sir!
cody: O.o
cody: noah im not gay so plz dont চুম্বন me, sierra ur a werido leave me alone!
noah runs off
cody: noah i didnt mean i didnt want to be friends
everyone: hes gay
-------------- with noah and cody ----------------
cody: noah i like u as a friend u have to understand that!
noah: i know but it was like so-
cody kisses noah
noah: u ব্যক্ত ur not gay
cody: i was cheering u up now come in partys on!
noah thinking: i প্রণয় u 2
-------------- at night --------------------------
They had a party and noah went to বিছানা in codys bed(they are roommates)
cody: noah?
noah didnt wae up
cody: noah?!?
cody: ok then
cody gets in বিছানা with noah
হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ
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