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Justin Bieber has made good on his promise to take a DNA test to prove that he’s not the father of Mariah Yeater‘s 4-month old son, as she has claimed in a lawsuit against the pop star.

TMZ reports that Bieber took the DNA test on Friday at a laboratory in New Jersey, and that there’s been a tight watch on who’s been handling the test to avoid any possible arguments from Yeater’s team as to the validity of the results. There’s no word as to when the results might be released.

From the beginning, Bieber has insisted that he is not the father of Yeater’s baby, and has made several public statements stating his case. During an interview on Today, Bieber took a stand, saying to Matt Lauer: “I’d just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true … I know I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim.”
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Danielle Jonas is red hot on the red carpet with husband Kevin as she arrives at the 2011 UNICEF Snowflake Ball held at Ciprani 42nd রাস্তা in New York City on Tuesday night (November 29).

Held annually in the Big Apple, the UNICEF Snowflake Ball has raised over $14 Million for UNICEF’s life-saving programs since its debut in 2004. The evening is a one-of-a-kind celebration of UNICEF’s work in over 150 countries, as well as a tribute to the outstanding humanitarian leaders who make our work possible.

Over the weekend, Kevin and Danielle started getting their প্রথমপাতা into the holiday spirit — with lights!

Head on over the Kevin’s Twitter to see the finished product!
Justin Bieber অনুরাগী are still in a trance for alleged claims Mariah Yeater, to which he is the father of her three-month son. While they were in disbelief, and Justin's management is trying to deal with all, Mariah uses newfound fame.

After the স্ক্যান্ডাল became public, Yeater gave his first টেলিভিশন interview. 20-year-old girl appeared to be quite modest, and even the tears released during his confession. She explained that Bieber was aggressive during their 30-second romance in the toilet after his concert. The boy was born three months ago, and claimed that the ফলমূল on her unprotected sex...
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Miley Cyrus keeps it chic as she leaves Barney’s New York in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (November 1).

The 18-year-old actress — who turns 19 in just a few weeks — picked up a few new things with good friend and photographer Vijat Mohindra.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miley Cyrus

Miley is also pictured at Maroon 5’s হ্যালোইন Bash on Monday night with JustJared’s Jared Eng as Cruella de Vil.

Psst — JJJ has some cool news about Miley coming up TODAY — so stay tuned!
Justin Bieber peaks his head out of a private dining area while out with girlfriend Selena Gomez at a Paris restaurant on Tuesday night (November 8).

Selena, 19, joined Justin on his promo trail for Under The Mistletoe, following her hosting duties at the 2011 এমটিভি EMAs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

Earlier yesterday, Justin and Selena both stopped দ্বারা NRJ Radio for a quick interview before heading out to enjoy the City of Lights.

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Bella Thorne took to Twitter yesterday to let her অনুরাগী know that she wasn’t having the best দিন – but that her বন্ধু Zendaya Coleman and Kenton Duty were able to make it better! Here’s what Bella পোষ্ট হয়েছে along with the funny video below:

So here’s the thing..my দিন was like ech. i was feeling blue. my besties z and kenton came thru & said..u could do betta.

Bella Thorne And Zendaya Coleman On The Set Of “Shake It Up” November 2011

Here is a ছবি of Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman on the set of their ডিজনি Channel Original Series “Shake It Up” this month! @DisneyChannelPR পোষ্ট হয়েছে the picture along with Tweeting:

@bellathorne & @Zendaya96 between scenes while filming this Sunday’s SHAKE IT UP episode ‘Double Pegasus It Up’

We প্রণয় these girls!
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Miley Cyrus likes to keep things casual when she runs errands, but it looks like she mixed and matched cozy with cute.

The 19-year-old singer was seen grabbing some take out from California পিজা রান্নাঘর in Studio City on Thursday, and was wearing a comfy sweater, but was sporting a short dress and tights underneath.

Do আপনি like that MC is matching casual with dressy? Cast your vote in the poll!

Miley also confirmed that she’ll be presenting at the upcoming American Giving Awards! She tweeted:

“I will be presenting at the #GivingAwards! Tune in Dec 10 @ 8pm on @NBC :)”
Justin Bieber was in great spirits during his visit to The Late প্রদর্শনী With David Letterman Wednesday evening, during which he poked fun at some of his questionable wax figures, discussed his paternity স্ক্যান্ডাল with Mariah Yeater and tried to name all seven continents.

The 17-year-old pop sensation, who was there to promote his new CD, Under the Mistletoe, provided some pretty awesome running commentary as Letterman showed him some pictures of his infamous wax figures. “I don’t know what they were thinking,” Bieber quipped.

“It doesn’t look like me at all,” he ব্যক্ত of one in particular....
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Justin Bieber has been everywhere today spreading the holiday spirit in promotion of his new album, Under the Misteltoe. Following two show-stopping performances on Today and The View, the Biebs gave his অনুরাগী another surprise. On Twitter, Bieber revealed:

“Today just keeps getting better..now my NEW সঙ্গীত VIDEO with @boyzIImen for #FALALA is OUT!!”

Check out the new holiday video above and let us know what আপনি think.

Earlier today, Justin hit the stage in Rockefeller Center and performed for thousands of his অনুরাগী — who have been camped out for days!

Bieber’s first tune for the crows was his hit “Never Say Never.” He later sang a few of his holiday tracks and was joined দ্বারা mentor, Usher! Check out the Video below:

All of young Hollywood came out to the গুগুল & T-Mobile Launch Event for গুগুল সঙ্গীত Wednesday night in LA. It couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth strolled in around 11 pm. They didn’t go overboard with the PDA, but it was clear they were together.

Miley rocked out really hard and danced up a storm when Adam Levine took the stage with Maroon 5 and gave Liam some attention, getting a little touchy feely at times. Hemsworth for the most part just enjoyed the সঙ্গীত sans dancing. Being the good boyfriend he is, he held Cyrus’ টাকার থলি as she got ready to go.

The Hunger Games তারকা and popstar...
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