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আপনি might be the best artist, অথবা athlete, অথবা student in your class, but আপনি won't be for ,long if আপনি don't keep finding ways to improve. How good a golfer would Tiger woods be if he didn't learn news অথবা develop his skills? sure, he's have his basic talent, but he'd never know how good he could be if he didn't strive to learn, to grow, to improve.

আপনি have a room to grow, too. Write down all the things you're good at:Maybe you're a fast reader, অথবা a talented artist, অথবা a good বাস্কেটবল player, অথবা a funny joke teller. First congratulate yourself on your talents-they belong to আপনি and no one can ever take them away. Then look at your list: Challenge yourself to get to the পরবর্তি level. Can আপনি read one extra book? Draw a new animal? Catch আরো fly balls? Learn three new jokes?

Create new goal for yourself. Dare yourself to take the পরবর্তি step. How good can আপনি be? That's up to you, isn't it?