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posted by partypony
Whoops. Sorry. I made a topic about this in the forum, but I probably should have put it here. I don't know how to মোছা a topic (if I can), so I'm just gonna leave it there. So here's an exact copy of the other one:

This is a new series. Kinda like the extension of the 39 clues. The sort-of prologue book is called Vespers Rising দ্বারা Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, and Jude Watson. It's like a transition between the 39 clues series and the Cahills vs. Vespers series. Here's a তালিকা of the authors of the upcoming বই of the new series:

Book 1- Gordon Korman

Book 2- Jude Watson

Book 3- Peter Lerangis

Book 4- Roland Smith

Book 5- Linda Sue Park

Book 6- David Baldacci

So yeah. Can't wait for the new series. Remember when Fiske Cahill mentioned another family wanting Cahill powers? Well, you're looking at 'em. আরো info about the Vespers is in the Black Book of Buried Secrets দ্বারা Rick Riordan.

Can't wait!!!!!!
posted by skynite
I have a theory as to where one of the clues is. it's probably wrong, but what the heck.

When Abraham Lincon went down the Mississippi river, he wasn't just touring, he was looking for a clue.
Later, Napoleon sold Thedore Roosevelt the Luosiana purchase so he could have the money to look for clues in ইউরোপ and Africa. What he didn't know was that he was also selling him a clue. Roosevelt suspected that there was a clue hidden in the Mississippi,so he asked for আরো land than Napoleon offered for a higher price. Napoleon agreed. The প্রশ্ন was how was he going to look for it while still...
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"WHAT DID আপনি DO" Ian awoke hearing his sister scream this." I I I UM I DIDNT DO NOTHING DUDE I MEAN WELL I MEAN IAN ian WAKE UP" he heard dan scream "is he breathing" he heard the প্রণয় of his life say. He opened his eyes slowly " well I believe that if um everybody is done talking about this certain subject i believe that i am going to go get something to eat is everyone okay with that" Ian ব্যক্ত properly standing up dusting himself off. "Ian what did that evil orphan boy do to you" Natalie ব্যক্ত giving Dan a mean look and in reply Dan acted innocent then stuck his tongue out at natalie " Natalie...
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Ian turned white as Natalie asked him the প্রশ্ন he hoped he would never have to answer. "What is sex" Natalie asked with curiosity "" Ian ব্যক্ত scratching the back of his head thinking of what he should say when he came up with an idea.
Meanwhile at the Cahill's house
*ringing* "Dan get the phone" Amy screamed from her bedroom. "Yellow who is it" Dan ব্যক্ত paying attention to his handheld game "um um um Dan is Amy there" Ian ব্যক্ত sounding horrified " Amy its your boyfriend" "He is not my boyfriend"!"What do আপনি want Ian" Amy sighed "can আপনি both come over I'm scared" "of what" "Natalie...
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posted by pebbles7092
Chapter One: The Orphanage and Adoption

It was a stormy November morning the দিন that the
Dursleys made a choice that would change the

fate of the world. Mrs. পিটুনিয়া Dursley had, as

usual, went out to get the mornings দুধ bottles

when she found her sisters dratted son on her

front porch. "I'm not

keeping him Vernon" she hissed at her overweight

husband, who was starring fixedly at the toddler

sleeping on his রান্নাঘর table. "Of course not" he

agreed, I won't have him endangering our

Dudders". "You're taking him to St. Elizabeth's

Orphanage; it's the only

one far enough away from here". Vernon...
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