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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1

*New Wind City, California*

Roy Lent: *Walks into the Warriors Against Venomaxian Invasion, অথবা WAVI building*

Lady Cheetah: *A anthro cheetah girl with an outfit similar to a Pan Am stewardess* Roy! You're late!

Roy Lent: Yeah, yeah, I know...

Lady Cheetah: Gosh! আপনি don't take your job seriously!

Roy Lent: Yeah I do! I beat a group of Cog Mogs today!

Lady Cheetah: *Sighs* I still can't believe that the Venomaxes are still fighting humans...

Roy Lent: Better late than never, right?

Lady Cheetah: I guess so...

Roy Lent: what?

*Venomax Dimension*

King Scorpion: *Has the appearance of a...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

*New Gust City, California*

Roy Lent: *Driving his blue and black motorcycle down the street* Gosh! I hope I'm not late again!

*Suddenly, a group of Cog Mogs appear and jump at Roy Lent*

Cog Mogs: *Have a black body, a normal sized Nagitanas, have cog-shaped shoulder pads, and creepy large lips with purple lipstick*

Roy Lent: *Stops* আপনি guys again! Jeez আপনি guys never let up! *Pulls out the Shift Gauntlet, a blue and silver gauntlet that has a Flash Ramp and a Transform Wheel, and attaches it to his arm*

Cog Mogs: *Charge at Roy Lent*

Roy Lent: *Pulls out a blue and white Flash Car called...
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