The Bad Era What Do আপনি প্রণয় About Mj

journeemj posted on Jun 12, 2011 at 05:29AM

is it his smile, his eyes, his carenss about the world and children, his music, his sexyess

What ever it is I would like to here it from you
what's your favorite thing that you love about michael :)

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বছরখানেক আগে droberson1104 said…
I love the LOVE that he has for his friends and family, his fans, the planet and the World!!! He is such a caring soul!!! Love you MJ and I miss you!!!
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বছরখানেক আগে droberson1104 said…
OK. Since I've given the totally PC and sensitive answer. Oh, I am very sincere when I say I love his heart. But I must add that I LOOOOVE his body as well. He is such a sex symbol. He makes me hot!!! And yeah, I loooooove his GOLD PANTS. OK, that's all!!!
বছরখানেক আগে natasajackson said…
i love everything for him!!!!!!he is so sweet,sensitive for the world ,the children,the planet,the nature and he is such a great humanitarian,he has a big,gold heart ,he wants to help people and even when his sister ,latoya betrayed him ,he forgave her!!!!he is such a great,amazing ,unique ,incredible,unbelievable,wonderful,honest,­swe­et,­bea­uti­ful­,ca­rin­g,l­ovi­ng man!!!!!!!!!he had such an amazing talent,omg i 'm wondering somtimes "how he can do that???!!!" but he is michael jackson :D :D,he has the amazing voice and the most gorgeous and sweet voice when he speaks(i think i'm gonna melt!!!)omg ,i'm not lying,mj is the most beautiful,gorgeous,stunning,handsome man in the world!!!! even from the time he was borned,he was the cuttiest ,adorable boy that i 've ever seen!!!!he was the most beautiful and gorgeous afroamerican and he was always beautiful,i don't care about the plastic surgeries he was beautiful from 1958-2009.And especially for his eyes,,oooh his eyes make me melt!!!!i mean these beautifulmcholate,brown,sexy,angelic eyes *_**faints* aaaaah........❤_❤and his sexy❤ ❤lips.....omg....❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!❤!!!!!and in the jackson 5,in the jacksons,the destiny tour,the victory tour,the bad tour(my fav),the dangerous tour,the history tour,the invincible era and in the '00s, he was the most beautiful man!!!And the fact that some people find him weird,bizarre and unusual,and "wacko"(all this thing about the wacko jacko makes crazy!!!!!>:O>:O),all this thing is sick ,in my opinion!! why can't people accept a person who is different??? and when i 'm saying different i mean more gentle,most sweet,more caring,more perfect(it's true, in many parts),that he loved so much children more than any person in this world!!!it's really very bad from the people to be so rasist about the others and believe me i hate rasism >:(,it's just so mean and unfair to judge people like this!! anyway,michael was one of the people who wouldn't judge the others by their appearance and maybe he is the only one...michael is the most wondersul,amzing ,beautiful angel in the world ,in the planet ,in the universe!<3<3<3<3i love him with all my heart and i will never ,never ,never,ever,ever,ever love someone so so so so much!!!!!he is my life,my daytime ,my nightime,my world,my sweetheart,my sweet ange;,my beatuiful prince....the words can't describe my love for michael....MICHAEL I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND I WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER love you !!!!! i miss you so much......:'( :'( :'( :'( :'(:'(
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 i প্রণয় everything for him!!!!!!he is so sweet,sensitive for the world ,the children,the planet,the na
বছরখানেক আগে natasajackson said…
well that was the one the second ,to be fair ;) he is also,there's no doubt about it..............THE SEXIEST,THE HOTTIEST MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:­D:D­:D:­D:D­(oo­h it's hot in here or is it just him?:p)i love his sexy chest(really ,i always look for photos with the ripped shirt,i cant resist :O),he has really sexy arms and that seems in the video in the know in the video ,they didn't have to put naomi cambpell(i hate her!!!!!!),michael is so sexy and naomi campbell, i have many names for her >:( >:(///anyway.......also in come together....O_O OMG OMG SO SEXY!!!!! with the leather pants,the ripped shirt and the yellow one....oooh yeah he is sure........O_O O_O i can't stop staringO_Oi know that many girs are crazy for the gold pants in the history tour(ooh yeah he is too hot ,too hot omg),but i;m so so crazy for the leather pants......OMG HE IS A GOD !!!!!!! AND FOR HIS BODY AND THE FACE FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he has a body.....O_O lord have mercy!!!!!!!!! and i know that many girls notice his....uuum "little michael* lol .....okay girl,it's sure that some here can't resist.....but i'm not overeacting.......i mean i don't like looking :p but i sure like his.....behind you know!!!!!!!!!!i have no words,no comment :P (lord have mercy again!!).....well that 's for sure michael was a god in everything!!!!!!!!!;) :)
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 well that was the one the সেকেন্ড ,to be fair ;) he is also,there's no doubt about it......
বছরখানেক আগে MJlover2012 said…
What I love about MJ? Wow! Um, everything!
বছরখানেক আগে MJhisgirl234 said…
বছরখানেক আগে journeemj said…
i agree with you so much natasa :) you gave the most true answer ... lol 2 ur secound reply yep nobody can't resist mj eyes .. so sexy and it is true mj was beautiful inside and out and very,very sexy :)
বছরখানেক আগে maria201212 said…
this is Difficult baecous i love obaut him everything