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I প্রণয় the Beatles (big surprise! *lol*) and they've done lots of songs that I adore but don't much attention. So, here's my তালিকা of পছন্দ underrated Beatles songs. Feel free to make your own list. প্রণয় to know what's yours looks like!

50. আপনি Like Me Too Much
49. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/You Never Give Me Your Money
48. Don't Let Me Down
47. Bungalow Bill
46. Long, Long, Long
45. Run For Your Life
44. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
43. Misery
42. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
41. Tomorrow Never Knows
40. Fixing A Hole
39. Lovely Rita
38. Within You, Within Out You
37. Don't Bother Me
36. She...
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This is my take on Kirsten's তালিকা of Beatles songs that, in my opinion, don't get much attention. Enjoy!

50. নমস্কার Bulldog

49. Across The Universe

48. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

47. Here, There, and Everywhere

46. Rain

45. Yes, It Is

44. Because

43. Golden Slumbers

42. It's All Too Much

41. Getting Better

40. She ব্যক্ত She Said

39. Tell Me What আপনি See

38. Mr. Moonlight

37. I'll Be Back

36. I Wanna Be Your Man

35. Baby It's You

34. P.S. I প্রণয় You

33. Do আপনি Want To Know a Secret

32. All I've Got To Do

31. Not a সেকেন্ড Time

30. There's a Place

29. Soldier of Love

28. Don't Ever Change

27. Every Little Thing...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
George and Laura relaxed in the snow-covered ঘাস near the pond after exploring most of the Gardens. As they watched the clouds, George said, "Y'know, darling, this has been one of my পছন্দ pastimes ever since I was a wee lad." Laura replied, "That's nice, daddy George. Yes, watching the clouds is very soothing." George smiled and remarked, "It truly is." A couple of মিনিট later, Laura said, "I think I'm going to play with my skipping rope for a while." George replied, "Sure, love. But just stay close to where I can see you, okay?" Laura responded, "Okie dokie! I will." And that's just...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
January 1965

One snowy day, George and Laura were dancing merrily along the streets of Knightsbridge. They had just finished eating lunch and were on their way to spend the afternoon at Kensington Gardens. George remarked on his daughter's outfit, "You look lovely in your টুপিবিশেষ and গিটার necklace, Laura, darling." Laura replied, "Thanks, daddy George. I'm very excited to see what this বছর has in store for us, too." George responded, "So am I, dear. This outing is a great way to start it." "Indeed!", exclaimed Laura. Before long, they reached the gates of the Palace, and George gave Laura a shoulder ride as they went in.

posted by kkbeatles
A fiendish thingy!

~Basic Info:
Name: Caitlyn
Middle Name: louise
Last name of a Beatle আপনি wish to Marry: Starkey
Birthday: July 1

Beatle: Ringo
Song: are আপনি seriously gonna make me pick? D:
Album/Albums: Magical Mystery Tour,Beatles for sale,Rubber Soul,A Hard Day's Night
Period: Mop-tops
Accent: Ringo/George
Movie: A Hard Day's Night

You & The Beatles
Has your current favourite Beatle always been your fave?: Yes

Which song are আপনি currently real into?: Right now I'm into Magical Mystery Tour

Do আপনি think আপনি know everything about the fab four?: Alot, could learn more!
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Paul - “Y/N is such a ditz (60s slang for idiot) she doesn’t deserve Paul at all, if anything, we should marry him!” the অনুরাগী girls all chanted outside your window. আপনি could hear everything they were saying and আপনি began feeling increasingly bad about yourself. আপনি heard someone sighing behind আপনি and as আপনি spun around আপনি noticed it was Paul. He placed his hands on your shoulders and led আপনি away from the window and the audible criticisms. He then made his way back to the window, and poked his head out. Screams erupted but quietened down as Paul shook his head “Girls, I know that...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
Shortly after paying for their lunch, George had a fun idea. He asked his brothers, "Say, would আপনি like to go on a joyride around downtown লন্ডন with me and Laura?" Peter said, "Ooh, that sounds exciting! Sure!" Harry added, "Yes! We'll be using your car, eh?" George replied, "That's right! You're going to have a blast while riding it. Me daughter and mates always do." Laura added, "Indeed, daddy George!" John, Paul, and Ringo nodded in agreement. Peter remarked, "How splendid!" "And with that big victory আপনি had against that Terence coward, I think we ought to call আপনি 'George the Great'!",...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
With the দিন of the fight in full force, a surge of adrenaline was felt দ্বারা George as he wore his boxing gear, drank a bottle of কমলা energy water, and marched out of the locker room to face off with his bully. He waved at his daughter and mates while they cheered for him as passionately as they could. Terence, on the other hand, was feeling confident in himself at first. However, this didn't last for long when he saw George's brothers again. He thought, "Uh, oh. This boxing match must have been disguised as a trap." Once they were both inside the ring, Peter stood up and said, "All right!...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
"Hey there, Geo!", ব্যক্ত John as the three Beatles woke up from their naps. George replied, "Hullo, me mates! Did আপনি all have a good snooze?" John responded, "You bet we did! How was your training for the boxing match?" George remarked, "It went veddy well from start to finish, and I'm all set for the fight!" Paul replied, "Splendid, mate! We know আপনি can win this." "What he said!", added Ringo. George said, "Thank আপনি indeed! Of course, my training wouldn't have been a success without the help of me brothers." Harry and Peter smiled and waved in response. John said, "Oh, for sure! I'm glad...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
Back at the gym, George had just finished his training and was ready for the fight. Harry gave him a pat on the back and remarked, "You did very well, little brother!" George replied, "Thanks, Harry! I feel stronger, too." Peter said, "You certainly are! Terence the Terrible is in for the ultimate shock!" "Heh, heh! That's correct!", laughed George. Harry said, "So, shall we go back now?" George responded, "Why, yes! My daughter and mates will be excited about this." Peter nodded in agreement. The Harrison lads then returned to Kinfauns, and George knocked on the door. Since John, Paul, and...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
In the following morning, George decided to call his brothers after preparing breakfast. He first dialed Harry's number, and in a few seconds, he answered it. George said, "Hello, Harry! How are ye doing?" He replied, "Hello there, little brother! I'm doing very well. How about yourself?" George responded, "I'm doing well, too. Thanks!" Harry remarked, "Jolly good! So, what brought আপনি to give me a call?" George replied, "I met Terence the Terrible again while at Kensington Gardens with me daughter yesterday, and I'm going to challenge him to a boxing match. Perhaps you'd like to be my coach...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
Laura and her uncles were having a blast during their bonding time together. After doing a little জ্যাম session, they went out to play in the snow and eat lunch. While their order was being prepared, John said, "Hey, Laura, shall we exchange some retorts for fun again?" She replied, "Sure, uncle John!" Paul added, "Bring it on, ye master of retorts!" Sparkie made a noise that sounded like he was saying "Yes!". And so, they commenced. Paul and Ringo couldn't stop laughing all throughout their exchange. It soon caught the attention of the customers behind them, and they released a hearty chuckle as well. John and Laura finished at the same time their খাবার was served. One customer remarked, "That was bloody hilarious, chap!" John winked and replied, "Thanks a lot, mate! I'm veddy glad আপনি think so." The customer gave him a thumbs up in return. They then began chowing down.

posted by 80smusiclover1
Everything went smoothly on the first দিন of training, and to টুপি it off, the four went to buy some take-out for their dinner. While walking back home, Harry asked George, "How are your bandmates, little brother?" He replied, "The last time we were with them, they were great. We had a lot of fun adventures last year." Harry remarked, "Glad to hear it!" Peter said, "I hope they'll be able to watch the fight!" George replied, "I'm veddy sure about that, Pete! They've always been supportive of me." Laura nodded in agreement. Peter remarked, "Jolly good!" They started and enjoyed their meal shortly...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
George's brothers arrived at Kinfauns at around 1:00 pm. They were also happy to see Laura again and greeted her with warm hugs. After getting settled, George asked them, "Would আপনি like to have some চা before we go to the gym? I just got the kettle ready." Harry replied, "Certainly, little brother!" Peter added, "Yes, please!" George remarked, "All right!" He proceeded to prepare three cups with an extra one for Laura. They then discussed some আরো about the boxing match while sipping on their tea. Laura said, "I'm glad you're both available to help daddy George in bringing down that awful...
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posted by 80smusiclover1
About an ঘন্টা later, Laura finished playing with her skipping rope and returned to George's side. He asked, "Did আপনি have fun, darling?" She replied, "Absolutely, daddy George! I'm getting the hang of mastering this now." George remarked, "Splendid, my dear! I'm veddy proud of you." Laura smiled in return. She then asked, "I saw আপনি talking with someone earlier. Who was that?" George replied, "Oh, that was me bully from elementary school. I call him Terence the Terrible. He has done nothing but give me and my brothers a hard time during class. Thankfully, they always kept me নিরাপদ and stood...
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posted by Rubyrings
Today was the big day. The দিন John, George, and Ringo were flying to লন্ডন to find the portal. Actually it opened tomorrow, but they had made sure to time things so that they would already be there when that happened. They were taking no chances on missing it. That was unthinkable.
The three বন্ধু had packed their things, John had kissed his wife and son good-bye, and then it was off to the airport. The three বন্ধু felt a mixture of excited and nervous. Excited, because they would soon have Paul back, and all four Beatles would be together again. None of them considered that, once they...
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posted by Rubyrings
A short while later, a train set out from the station. The underground had been almost completely deserted, and it did seem that whoever was supposed to be driving the train had stayed প্রথমপাতা from work that day. When the train left, it had only three passengers - John, Paul, and George. Ringo was driving.
The Beatles had made only one stop on their way to the station - they had gone back to the theatre they had performed in the other day, and had picked up their two guitars, left-handed bass, and small drum kit. They had no real reason for doing this - just that they felt a lot better with their...
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posted by ChiliPepperLuv
The পরবর্তি night, John was signing autographs. One person in the crowd was Mark David Chapman. He thanked John and left. Little did John know, Chapman had a sinister plan, to kill him. After signing autographs, he met up with Paul and Yoko. The three of them were talking, Mark David Chapman lurked in the shadows. He came out of the shadows and shouted, "Mr. Lennon!" He had a gun. John said, "I had a feeling this would happen sooner অথবা later." অভিনয় quickly, Paul cried, "No, not on MY watch!" He pushed John out of the way. As the two fell to the ground, shots rang out. Witnesses were horrified....
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Here is a তালিকা of all my পছন্দ songs from each album released during the early years. Enjoy!

Please Please Me - "Anna (Go to Him)", "Ask Me Why", "Do আপনি Want to Know a Secret", "Twist and Shout", "There's a Place", "Please Please Me", "I Saw Her Standing There", "P.S. I প্রণয় You", "Love Me Do", "A Taste of Honey", and "Boys".

With The Beatles - "It Won't Be Long", "All I've Got to Do", "All My Loving", "Till There Was You", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Don't Bother Me", and "Not a সেকেন্ড Time".

A Hard Day's Night - "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You", "Any Time at All", "Can't Buy Me Love", "If...
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Paul was depressed.
He had come back to Liverpool with his father, who thought that Paul was being silly and unreasonable in not wanting to leave those unsavoury boys and come প্রথমপাতা with him. He thought Paul would be happy again once things were back to normal, and had set about trying to make Paul's life the way it had been before he'd left. After আরো than a মাস of concerts with his band, Paul found this mundane and unsatisfying, and having to attend school and do homework and chores after being so close to becoming famous was torture.
Paul was late starting high school, but the other people...
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