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posted by Whitestorm
The Dog House is a book that I am currently writing.
It's about a family of five who have a pet kelpie named Hunter. Relatives of the family have a very pampered চিহুয়াহুয়া named ফুল who fancies herself. Hunter hates Flower, and is even আরো upset when his owners make a giant decision. They are going to set up a business, in which they look after সারমেয় when their owners are on holiday/can't care for them. As আরো and আরো সারমেয় come to live with his owners, Hunter becomes আরো and আরো frustrated and tries all sorts of things to get attention, normally resulting in chaos. But throughout the book, Hunter learns that sometimes আপনি have to put up with things আপনি don't like, and he makes great বন্ধু in the other dogs.
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