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posted by Dadog5
Do আপনি like funny tv shows? Do আপনি like to laugh your head off on a Friday night, at like 10 o'clock? WELL THEN THIS IS THE প্রদর্শনী FOR YOU!
Okay so this প্রদর্শনী is beyond funny! It starts again september 24, check it out! So it's about these two cops, Detective Jack Bailey, and Dan Stark. Dan stark is this old seventy's dude, and is way funny!
Jack Bailey is আরো younger cop, who can't get over his break-up with Liz, who works also there at the police station in Dallas.
There has been some conflict between the two of 'em, but I know in the end they both will like each other again.
Any way this is not your normal cop show!
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