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Try saying my শিরোনাম five times fast. I DARE YOU.
I did, and failed.
The Shakespearean Perspective of Percabeth
The Shakespearean Persphefctive of Pershabetsh.

See? Epic fail.

Moving on...

Like my exceptionally intriguing title? What stinks is that I failed spelling almost every single word in that sentence except “Percabeth” but that is why we have spellcheck- for those poor demigods out there that are hopeless on spelling.

I had an exceptionally strange thought today while পাঠ করা Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’- how different is that from the idea of Percabeth? And for Percabeth fans, that resemblance just plain sucks!
Why? Oh, no major spoiler, but Romeo and Juliet both die. Haha, sucks to be them.

All jokes aside, this is serious chiz. And chiz is a word since...now. ANYWAYS, I was thinking about this- The Capulets are just a group of people hating the Montagues and the feeling between them is mutual- which is just plain black hate. So how is that any different than Athena and Poseidon? They practically HATE each other (well, they just DO) and I have never thought of them really getting along.

But, we are dealing with Rick Riordan and Percabeth. I see in the বই there is a LOT of foreshadowing there. So I’ve wondered- maybe Percabeth itself IS a foreshadow both Percy/ and/ অথবা Annabeth end up dying at the end of the series.

Poseidon and Athena don’t get along very well, and Athena herself made it very clear she does not like Percy with her daughter (In the Titan’s Curse) and would be very unhappy to find them still together even after the war.

To Athena- Stop trolling Percabeth...Thank You- Percabeth Fans

So will in the new series Percy and Annabeth become no more? অথবা will Rick just be a troller and keep us hanging until the last book...aghhh.

So this sounds very Anti-Percabeth to me- I mean, THIS MEANS THEY DIE. So I’ll assume the Percabeth অনুরাগী are going: noo universal how could আপনি dare প্রদর্শনী us this resemblance!
Anti-Percabeth fans- YES! NOW PERLIA CAN START AND MAKE BABIES! (Why thanks for that Joy...)

So also the Mark of Athena/ the prophecy is a foreshadow too- but for what, I ask? Wisdom’s daughter is walking...somewhere. To the Doors of Death perhaps? Haha, I need to learn better puns from Shakespeare...ehehe.

So I’m gonna put this in perspective- a Shakespearean perspective (hehe) to be exact. So let’s say Shakespeare suddenly travels a few hundred years অগ্রবর্তী in time and decides to read this amazing series...well as one of the greatest literary geniuses of all time, what do আপনি think he would say?

Well, in my crazy whacked up mind of everything random, awesome, cliffhanger-ish অথবা bubbly I think it would go like:

‘Will someone doth telleth me what an ‘IPod’ iseth?’




Hm, maybe he will answer after I প্রদর্শনী him the magic of the toilet- OH LOOK IT FLUSHES! Haha. He’s got a lot to catch up with...

So, seriously, guys. Leave a মতামত and tell me what আপনি think Shakespeare would think of Percabeth! And funny মতামত are allowed, with all the ‘doth’s and ‘eths’ and ‘thee’s and old English ye language.

Hm. I should consult Zoe and ask her how exactly I say this stuff..NO! WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE MY আইপড IS NOT A LOLLIPOP!

Later guys, Universal signing out. Ciao! AHHH! MY IPOD!


***Leave a comment! Lemme see what আপনি think Shakespeare thinks about Percabeth! Is Percy x Annabeth doomed for fatal death? অথবা is my overactive imagination catching too much foreshadowing and not seeing the big picture? We’ll have to see...***
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Chapter 1
The Wand

    “No, Dad, please!” I screamed into my hands, my eyes full of tears. Hogwarts wasn’t a normal school, not that my family was normal, but I didn’t want to have any part in it. First we had to সরানো all the way from New York to England, then a letter came telling me I’d been accepted at a school “for witchcraft and wizardry,” a boarding school, none the less.
    My dad held me on his lap. Being eleven, I was a bit old for that, but he’d let me anyway, “just this once,” he’d said.
    “I know...
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This is just the regular,you know,I'm crazy about HOO,and this is my first fanfic.Please review!

Reyna Torious-Daughter of Mars
Hazel Levesque-Daughter of Ceres
Percy Jackson-Son of Poseidon
Frank Zhang-Son of Apollo
Jason Grace-Son of Jupiter
Piper McLean-Daughter of Aphrodite
Leo Valdez-Son of Hephaestus
Annabeth Chase-Daughter of Athena
Gwendolyn Cerridise-Daughter of Venus
Ella-A Harpy
Octavian-Son of Minerva
Bobby Minasque-Son of Trivia
Dakota Widows-Daughter of Pluto
Emily Popularity-Daughter of Jupiter
Amanda Cerena-Daughter of Venus
Caitlin Peters-Daughter of Trivia
Clive Demanste-Son of Apollo
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 The আন্ডারওয়ার্ল্ড
The Underworld
I'm bored again.
This has a few things to do with my fanfiction, but আপনি don't need to read it to understand this.

Title: Carmen's Judgement
By: partypony
Sypnosis: This is about Carmen's judgement in the Underworld.

I ব্যক্ত my last words to Percy, and died.
I was in a room filled with spirits.
I have enough sense to know I was dead.
I scanned the area, and found a guy in an Italian suit in a raised podium, so I have to look up to him. Charon.
I approached, and said, "I would like a ride across the River Styx."
Charon looked up from his newspaper, and grunted, "Eh? আপনি dead?"
I nodded.
"Gotta pay first....
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Ok, so the first thing I thought of when I read the sample chapters was the Argonautica. It seemed to be an easy connection because the hero was Jason and the main character of The হারিয়ে গেছে Hero is a Jason. Is the connection between The নায়ক of Olympus and the Argonautica just superficial? I think not!

Let start with who was on the mission. There may be more, but these are the people that everyone agrees were there.

Acastus, son of King Pelias
Actor, son of Deion the Phocian
Admetus, prince of Pherae
Amphiaraus, the Argive seer
Great Ancaeus of Tegea, son of Poseidon
Little Ancaeus, the Lelegian of...
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1. This is a spot for all Percy Jackson lovers. All gods, goddesses, demigods, titans, monsters and mortals are welcome.
2. This spot is dedicated to The নায়ক of Olympus series. Only discuss the series here, and spam as little as আপনি can.
3. Please no fights অথবা rude মতামত if আপনি don't agree with somebody. Try to be polite, since all gods, titans, monsters and demigods are related and we are all a big happy family.
4. Please no movie videos/posters/reviews/information/criticism on this spot. First, it is totally off topic. Second, we all have different opinions about the movie, and I don't...
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