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 Mick and Mara
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This The House of Anubis অনুরাগীদের শিল্প contains ব্যবসা উপযোগী. There might also be প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and চতুর.

Anubis House (dinning room)
(Fabian and Joy are together on one couch, Patricia is on the পালঙ্ক across, Trudy is in the রান্নাঘর doing the dishes, and Mara and Jerome are on another পালঙ্ক with Jerome's arm over Mara)
Fabian: So how was your Christmas, Joy?
Joy: Good. You?
Fabian: Good.
Patricia: Did আপনি talk to Nina over Christmas.
Fabian: yeah.
Mara: Where is Nina?
Fabian: She should be here anytime now.
Joy (side মতামত and sarcasm): oh joy.
(Alfie and Amber enter dinning room)
Amber: Alber is here!
Mara: hi guys.
Alfie: (walks over to Jerome and Mara and sits in the middle of them) What's up...
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Anubis House (Amber's and Joy's room)
Patricia: What's going on?
Amber: Look the doll house!
(angle on a swirl forming in the doll house from there king tut comes out)
Alfie: Cool! মহাকাশ man! What planet to আপনি come from?
Fabian: who are you?
King Tut: My name is King Tutincommon.
Amber: King Tut?
King Tut: Sure…
Joy: why are আপনি in here.
King Tut: Now that Senkhara is gone, I now can come to get my treasures.
Patricia: Well, hate to break it to you, but we don't have your treasures.
King Tut: The Frobisher-Smiths গাউন my things from my tomb in 1922 and brought them back here. Now I've come to get...
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Airport (bathroom)
Nina: Mom?
Nina's Mom: Hello Nina.
Nina: what are আপনি doing here?
Nina's Mom: I came to tell আপনি to hurry and get back to the house.
Nina: Why?
Nina's Mom: The Raven wants the cup of Ank-
Nina: Victor?
Nina's Mom: and the king wants his stuff back অথবা he will kill everyone.
Nina: what king?
Nina's Mom: You'll find out when আপনি get to the house.
Nina: But I can't, the snow storm-
Nina's Mom: Well… when it is over come. Bye Nina. (disappears)
Nina: Wait! Mom!

Anubis House (Alfie's and Jerome's room)
Alfie: are আপনি ready bud-
Jerome (on phone) yes, please come dad. I want you. (waits for...
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 Willow Jenks
Willow Jenks
I cannot wait for s3!! So I start making my own অনুরাগী fiction! Please read and leave a comment.

Fabian enters the house. He saw Amber, Alfie and Joy, arriving earlier than him. "I'm a little late," Fabian sighs. "Well, not that late," says Amber. "Me and Amber arrives 10 মিনিট earlier before the school was open, so we wait outside, and then 5 মিনিট later Joy came along," tells Alfie.

Then, after several মিনিট everyone arrived, and of everyone but Nina. "Where's Nina?" asks Fabian. "I don't know. Maybe she is late?" উত্তর Amber curiously. The ঘণ্টা rang. "I guess it means we should get to...
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So Nina was black mailed দ্বারা an unknown spirit that is not Sankara. The Sibunas are trying to cure her দ্বারা asking Sara. What will happen next?
Patricia : We need to find a cure for her!
Sankara : *laughs evilly* Cure? আপনি don't even know how to heal her!
Amber : We need Sara!
Sankara : You'll never heal her..
Nina : Help.... me. *cries*
Fabian : Alright! Sankara, আপনি better cure her অথবা we won't let আপনি get what আপনি wanted!
Sankara : Do আপনি really want...
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